Monday, July 20, 2009

Some Birthday Pics

I thought I would start with all the good stuff first -THE FOOD. One of my presents was a big bag of my yummy favorite vanilla pretzel cookies. Mom was a bit mean and said I could only have a few - you would think on my birthday that I would be allowed to eat ALL OF THEM. But that is okay because later in the day mom had another surprise for me. She made me my own birthday cake. It was a carrot and carob chip cake with carob melted on top (carob is safe for doggies to have) Below is me eating it. Mom broke pieces off and was giving it to me but I got greedy and grabbed the whole thing to eat. Don't worry - mom took it back and didn't let me eat the whole thing, she said too much of a good thing isn't good for me. I think on my birthday I should be the judge of that mom!!!!! At least when she combed the crumbs out of my fur I got to eat those!!! It was a very good cake and I got to eat the rest of it the next day.


  1. OMG, your cake looks delicious, Reilly! We're glad you saved some for the next day! Celebrating your birthday for more than one day is more fun!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Pawsome pictures. It sure looks like you are having a pawsome time.

    Essex & Deacon

  3. Happy Birthday Reilly. Was that a RABBIT on top of your special cake?


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