Monday, April 23, 2018

Down the lazy river

When Aunty Dawn and Katie came to visits - she and Mom went out one day to do some exploring and Mom found a new park we hadn't been too - so yesterday she took me over to it so I could claim it and add it to bark ranger patrol. Now this is only a tiny park with mainly a picnic area, boat ramp and a small walking path - but what it does have is about a mile of river front that we can walk along. The river is actually the St Johns river and it where are all the big ships go through to reach the Port of Jacksonville.  Across from the park there is also BAE Systems - this is a ship yard that does retro fitting for a lot of the military ships and also private ones too. Check out that Yacht behind us (actually there were two - one in the water and one behind it in dry dock) - Mom says either one would be perfect for us to cruise around the world on - dream on Mom - dream on !

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A date with my girlfriend

Guess what - MY beautiful princess Katie came all the way to Florida to visit me again !!!  Is that pawsome or what!  Now sadly due to arthritis in my feet I can't really take her and show her many of the sights but yesterday was a good day so our moms decided to take us the Arboretum and Gardens. I was able to walk with her about half way and than the Mom picked me up and put in my walking wagon. We had such a wonderful time - although we REALLY didn't need that dweeb brother of mine being there as a chaperone. 
Smile Everyone (Left to Right - Katie, Reilly Denny)
Good Grief -they want more pictures
Katies Mom - she loves me !
My Mom- she loves me and loves Katie too
Me in my wagon
Comeon Mom - we gotta get up that hill.