Friday, November 30, 2012

Friday Flashy Fun

Mom is in her sun/crafty room painting and creating today so we are keeping her company. We have to watch she doesn't sit in one too long but why she had to get the flashy beast out we do not know - I mean to say if she needed a break she could of just of given us some treats or had a game of tug with us - better still she could of taken us for walkies!

Thursday, November 29, 2012


WHAT is this you say - Reilly PLAYING with a stick - NEVER! This stick of AWESOMENESS is no ORDINARY stick though - it is actually 3 feet of dried Venison !!!!  Yes - you heard it right - 3 foot of tasty little Santa's Reindeer - 3 foot of Bambi - 3 foot of YUM!

Not only that  we also got a 3 foot of Donald and Minnie, 3 foot of Daffy!!!! (duck).   Oh my dogness - do I start at this end or that?

Note from Mom - these cost $4 for the stick and you just snap off the size you want to give them - and NO - Reilly didn't get the whole stick !!! although he did try taking the whole thing out the doggie door.  Thankfully I grabbed it just as he turned it sideways - he is very clever at figuring such things out :)  Oh - we got these at our local pet store Hollywood Feed - I will check out what brand they are and let everyone know tomorrow. They are all natural too - no icky stuff - just dried meat.


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The smallest Cowspotdog!!!

No more can I just be called a Dweeb - today I became the Smallest Cowspotdog member thanks to "other-mommy".  Look at my stylin new coat - it has COWSPOTS on it - how super cute is that!!!!

Don't you think I look just like Reilly and Denny now?   [Reilly - not a hope dweeb - you are and always will be a DWEEB and your spots will come off - ours don't!]

The other side has little paw prints on it - but I am going to keep my spots showing no matter what that BIG dog says!!!

Reilly says he is going to buy me a coat for Christmas - he says it is an invisible coat and when I put it on I will disappear.  But if I disappear no-one will be able to see me.  [Reilly - yep that is the idea DWEEB - we won't have to see all your yucky cuteness anymore]

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Big Stinky Dog Contest

Okay furries - buddy Mason is a bit disappointed he hasn't had any entries for his competition and he is giving away cool prizes. So get those peeps off their butts and enter.  It is easy - here is the link to his contest  

*Yo doggehz and Kittehz*
Have you heard of dog shaming? Well why sha'll we be shamed?! I say we need to send those humans of ours a reminder that we are excellent! So instead of 'dog shaming' lets do some 'dog faming'!
So here is how it is gonna work my furends:

  • You take a photo wherever and with whomever (if you so chose to let someone else in the photo) you want. 
  • Have your pawrent write a sign about ONE good thing you (or more than one of you together) did in your day, week, month, year, lifetime! 
  • Email it to Mason's mommy at organism18(@)gmail(.)com
  • leave out the parenthesis when you email 
  • This will only be open until December 1st of 2012
 Here is my entry - Today I kept my ego in check! 

On their way

Hi fellow furbies that we are doing the Christmas gift exchange with - (Cinnamon, Mason and Wallace) we just wanted to let you know that your gift boxes are on their way. (we have sent emails to let you know too)

We saw on the news last night that there are mean people around stealing mail deliveries so please keep those doggie senses tingling for when the mail person arrives. (Chuckles - we think anyone who steals these boxes would be in for a surprise because we are sure it would not be what they are expecting !!!)

Monday, November 26, 2012

Quirky little Denny

One of Denny's favorite quirky things is to share some breakfast yogurt with me each morning. He is always so proud of his little container and carries it around until he has made sure every last bit of yogurt has been removed - and then he chomps the container up!

It is breakfast and a toy in one and he loves making it crunch and crackle! He thinks he is extra special because he is the ONLY one to get a container each morning (mainly because I only have one yoghurt for breakfast :)

He would of told you all about it himself but as you can see - it's a bit hard to woof when you have something in your mouth.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

It was a cold and wintery day.....

The sun was shining, the sky was a clear blue and it was FREEZING outside. Of  coarse silly Mom and Dad didn't realize just how cold it was until we got to the park. They braved it just for us though - although we have to admit it was a pretty short walk.  The temperature was 38 degrees and it felt even colder with the wind blowing off the lake. Needless to woof - it didn't bother us at all with our nice hairy coats - well except for the smallest dweeb who had to keep his second coat on.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Thanksgiving lunch

Oh - we wanted to let every furbody know - we didn't miss out on our Thanksgiving turkey yesterday - we had it today instead. Mmmmm Mom gave us each turkey, mashed potato, stuffing and gravy - and trust us - we "gobbled" it down it soooo fast - it was sooooo good! Dad had buttered Brussel sprouts with his dinner - but we told Mom we would pass on those "little green bombs of yuckiness".

And for those who asked about our car decal - they are available from and you can personalize them too - they are available for all breeds of dogs and cats, other animals and businesses too

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Our NEW thansgiving tradition

We decided to break with tradition and do something different today.

Check out our smilebox to see what.

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Happy Thanksgiving

We give thanks every day for ALL our blogging buddies who make us laugh and cry and share a little of their daily lives with us. We give thanks that we have a wonderful forever home and we are loved more then words can say and we wish everyone and every furbaby could feel the same. Remember to take a few moments to actually give thanks on this thanksgiving day.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Shame on you Mom!

So Mom was cleaning up the cupboard and was sorting through the "junk" box she keeps on the counter - it where all the odds and bits end up.  Well low and behold - what did she find at the bottom of it - MY BIRTHDAY COOKIE - from back in July!!!!  You mean to say I have had this wonderful birthday treat just going to waste at the bottom on the junk box????


After making Mom feel terribly guilty she decided we could each have a slice of the cookie instead of our normal dinner. Personally I think she was ripping us off a dinner but why I HAD to share MY birthday cookie with those Dweebs is beyond words!!!!!!

Look at that Dweeb #2 (Denny) drooling over MY cookie. You may think it was a bit old - but it was all dried out even when we got it so it didn't really taste any different now - apart from being soooooooo good.  Sometimes you just have to wonder about these peeps and how responsible they are for making sure we get ALL our noms!

We can all testify it was still worth waiting for - even if I did have to share it with theose darn dweebs and we I did get some revenge on the Mom - she had to get the vacumm out and clean up all the crumbs after we finished - gawoof gawoof!!

Jackie's New Coat

Hello - it is MEEEEEEE JACKIEEEEEEEEEEEEE and today I am going to be showing off the stylish new coats(s) my 'other-mommy' made for me.  See I have a bit of a problem when it comes to coats ....I only need a small in size around the tummy but a medium/large for the length and they just don't make coats in that size.

So 'other-mommy' made up a pattern and then got some nice soft fully washable fleece and made me this ubba cool reversible coat. I can wear it either with the Big Red Dogs on the outside for when I am feeling my "BIG don't mess with me self" or I can wear it on the Sock Monkey side for when I am feeling my normal "sweet playful and cute me" self.  This pattern from cutting out and sewing up only takes 1 hour - can you believe that!  "Other-mommy" has made me four new coats so far and they only take 1 yard of material (1/2 yard of each color for a reversible coat).  I am one stylin little dude - but hey check out my video and see for yourself!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Are you ready to drool??????

Mom was out early doing our Christmas shopping for us (the Christmas Gift Exchange), we gave her our list with what to buy and what not buy - some of our exchange buddies have allergies like me so we have to be careful. Anyway - on the way home she stopped in a Krogers and did she ever score BIG for us - just look at this booty!!!!  BIG pork shank bones and BIG beef neck bones - are you drooling yet.

Mom was so happy she even called over the butcher guy and thanked him for actually putting the bones out and he told her any time she needs bones for us.... she can just ask for them.  DID YOU GET THAT PEEPS - you can ask your Kroger butcher for bones!!!  Of coarse you have to have  a Krogers or Bakers grocery near you (they are the same company he told us) - which we do - so yippee!!!!! Check me out keeping a guard on ALL MY bones.

Do you hear that Dweebs - MY BONES
Yeah yeah - I know - you are thinking that Reilly isn't being very nice and is going to end up on Santa's naughty list - well do I care????. I HAVE BONES!  Mom was actually a bit mean though - she put these in the freezer because we already have some from yesterday left over but at least there isn't going to be a bone shortage around here any time soon. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

The exploding spud!

Here I was having a wonderful morning - I had been for a car ride with Mom to the bank where she deposited a piece of paper and we got a dog cookie in return.  Then we went to Walgrens Pharmacy where she deposited another piece of paper and we got another dog cookie in return.  I sure do love it when we go to the drive-throughs at the bank and pharmacy. Then we stopped by the store and Mom was so excited to find they had big meaty beef bones today which she got for ME!  I must admit I was a bit disappointed she gave the dweebs one each too - they hadn't been for a car ride to help protect Mom like I had.  She also got some steak and some big potatoes to make dad for his dinner.  Well there we all were chomping away quite happily on our bones when all of a sudden the whole  house shuddered and there was a big explosion!!! It scared the crap ummmm bejeebies out of Mom and I and well you can imagine the Dweebs response - we just saw their tails as they flew out the doggie door to the safety of outdoors.

At first we weren't even sure what the noise was - then Mom began to smell something burning.  She raced to the oven where she had the potato's baking and when she opened the door - one of potatoes had exploded EVERYWHERE. Erk talk about a mess - and YES Mom had pricked them all over before putting them in the oven - so why it exploded we don't know! Thankfully Mom had cooked extra but now we have to wait for the oven to cool down so we can clean it (we meaning Dad and I - he he - won't Dad enjoy that when he gets home!!!!)  (Mom can't do it as she had all her stitches out today and  still has to be really careful about reaching and stretching to far and she still isn't allowed to lift anything - so it looks like a Dad job)  All's I can say - is beware of exploding potatoes although those little crunchy bits sure are tasty!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

A visit to Jacksonport

We went on an adventure today when Mom and Dad decided to try out the new car on the highway. They found a new park for us to visit called Jacksonport State Park - it is about 40 minutes away from where we live and they took all of us. Of coarse Dweeb #1 (Jackson) was convinced it was HIS park because it was named after him.  Stupid Dweeb - doesn't he know ALL parks are MINE - no matter what the name is. Now Jacksonport use to be a thriving city at one time with a population over 25,000 but these days the population is only 2,500. It is the meeting point for the White River, the Black River and they flow into the Jacksonport River which eventually joins the mighty Mississippi. This was a very strategic place at one time as it was where all the big paddle steamers unloaded and put goods onto the smaller paddle steamers so they could go further upstream.

This was also a very important place during the civil war and that is when the population basically started it's decline as so many of the people died during the battles over this city.  Mom loved the old court house and it is pretty neat the way they had done the roof.
Around the town there are also huge levees which were all hand built to protect the the town from flooding. We had to climb up over them to reach the river. Dweeb #1 flew over the top pulling Dad along with him and me and Dweeb #2 (Denny) we helped pull Mom up over the levee.

Once we reached the top we could see where all the rivers meet. It looks kind of calm but it was really flowing quite fast. we saw lots of fish in the water too. Here was Mom and all of us and you can the rivers behind us.

We had the best time walking the entire length of the park and it was wonderful - there were so many new smells and we were the only ones there so we hard the whole park to ourselves. On the way back we stopped by this old civil war canon. Mom said it was the perfect as there was hooks to hang our leads on. All and all - it was the perfect way to spend a Sunday and I must say I enjoyed MY new park so much.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Achy Achy Paw!

Phew - we have been so busy making our Christmas cards over the last few days my paws are aching. Do you have any idea how hard it is to paw all those messages inside the cards + I think I may have developed repetitive paw injury!

But we have finally finished and Mom said the magic words - "Let's go to the park boys - you deserve it!" So we put the doggie seat cover in MY new car and off we went. It was the most perfect day for a walkies - clear blue skies and a nice cool 60 degrees. Even better Dad got to come with us!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

For those that can't get enough of him

It is a totally cute kinda Jackie day.......

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My job

Dawn asked if I had a job in looking after Mommy and we pondered on this bit - Weilly - he makes sure Mommy behave and barks at her if she does something she is not supposed to. Jackie is just a plain old snuggle bunny - Mommy says he makes a great hot water bottle.  And then there is me - what do I do Mom?

Mom says I have the most important job - see I always lay right next to Mommies side of the bed so when she gets up she has to be careful not to step on me and that helps her make sure she gets her balance before standing up.  Mommy hasn't been eating well lately and she tends to get a bit of head spin when she stands so I help make sure she doesn't fall.  Mommy also says she loves being able to reach down and pat my softy fur.  You may not know this but I have REALLY soft silky fur - not at all like Weilly's.  And of coarse every day Mommy and me have our special time - even when she doesn't feel well she always manages to make our special time SPECIAL.  Mommy says I am her MOST beautiful baby boy and that helps her more then anything.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Not a lot happening....

It is all quiet here on the resting front. Mom is behaving herself although we are not sure for how much longer - she is starting to get restless. Yesterday the strong winds blew over some of the plant pots on the back deck and I had to WOOF loudly to remind her NOT to pick them up. She is not totally resting though - she is busy working on some Christmas card orders she has but those she can work on at anytime.

Dad says mom has been marked with the mark of Zorro - the incision she has on her abdomen is a big old "Z" - she keeps mumbling something about wishing she could remember Antonio Banderas visiting as she thinks he is pretty darn cute.  

And talking of cute (the small Dweeb) - look who found a sunpuddle right there on there on the bed next to the Mom.  He spends a LOT of time protecting (getting cuddles from) Mom - he says cuddling a dog helps keep blood pressure down - gawoof gawoof - it does for him at least!

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Where is our snow?

We see quite a few furbuddies have that wonderful white stuff called snow this weekend. We are pretty partial to it ourselves but all we have is a bright sunny 70 degree day.  Mom says she doesn't mind the sunshine but we would REALLY like some snow to play in.

Mom spent a few minutes outside in the sun today but she gets tired really easily so we all gathered around the bed making sure she gets plenty of rest. Hope every one has a pawsome weekend.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Some not so good news

The surgeon who took care of mom while her regular surgeon was away really messed up! She completely missed a pocket of fluid/infection (which was clearly visible on the CAT scan mom had done before the surgery) she (the fill in surgeon) said she couldn't find it when she looked - well she didn't look hard enough and it left a pocket almost the size of  a large orange which the surgeon found yesterday. Sadly he had to remove the mesh again as it had become infected and what should of been a small wound the size do a dollar coin is now 6 inches wide and 4 inches in length.  Neither mom dad or  Dr  M (her regular surgeon) are very happy. Dr M is hoping there is enough tissue growth left that Mom won't have a hernia again but he has told her no lifting anything for the next 3 months and that she will only be able to lift really light things after that for another 3 months. He says with luck if she does this and doesn't develop a hernia then she shouldn't need any more surgery.  Please send lots of Power of the Paws vibes Mom way cause she also has to fight off the risk of any more infection too. Mom is home now and is very tired and sore so I will be looking after her for the next few days. Thank you everyone for your means a lot to mom and all of us.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

More surgery

Mom needs some power of the paws again. She goes into hospital today to have the wound closed up that was left open a couple of weeks ago when she had all that fluid build up.  We are hoping that YET AGAIN this will finally be the last surgery she needs. Please send lots of doggie vibes her way for a speedy recovery and no more infections.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

She is here and her name is.......

Mom and Dad went to pick up MY new car and straight away Mom knew it was a girl car and that her name is Kitty - because she purrs softly just like a kitty cat. Mom has been busy reading all the manuals and figuring out what button does what.

The only thing I really care about is getting in it and going to the park - Mom says I have to wait until she puts to doggie seat cover on the back seat - bah humbug I say!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Anna's Spectacular Tongue Contest

We are entering Anna Banana's  3rd Annual Spectacular Tongue Contest you can read all about it HERE.  Here is a tip our Mom found - put a little honey on the end of your dogs nose - have your camera set for continuous high speed burst  and then just  take as many pictures as you can - it worked for us :) We took about 40 shots and got at least 2 good ones :)

Here are our entries - we call this our "booger wipe!" As you can see we have perfected it perfectly. And guess what else - that honey sure does taste good but can you believe that sneaky Mom of ours put the honey right on the top of our noses so we would really have to reach out our tongues to get it!

We hope you have as much fun entering as we did - well what you waiting for - get out there and get that flashy beast snapping - I am sure Anna wouldn't mind if you use some old photos you have too - providing you haven't entered them before.