Sunday, November 4, 2012

Me and My Mommy

I don't get to blog very much - being the youngest I get left out a bit and being a bit shy and scared of everything I tend to keep pretty much to myself.  Dad has even taken to calling me his CAT dog - he says I have more of a cats personality than a dogs.

But the other day me and Mommy had some special time ...she always makes time for special time with me everyday just me and her - she says it is helping build up my confidence........and she took some photos and LOOK - do you notice something???????

Our furs is the same color!  Mommy has no idea how she managed to get these photos with the all black background and she says they kind of artistic - either way I know I love having my special time with my Mommy - so long as I get to keep to keep my feets on the ground. Mommy says that is one of my quirky traits - I will only have cuddles if I keep my footies on the ground and I don't like being picked up or held.  Like a cat - I will also only have cuddles when I want them and the rest of the time I am pretty aloof.

Oh we wanted to let ever furbody know too - the cortisone shot I had in my knee has done wonders - I haven't limped at all this week.  This isn't a cure but it has eased my pain a lot and will help until we can we can get my weight down a bit so we will have the best results when I have my surgery.  Mom says she had to fight with the vets for them to do this but she knew how well it worked on her angel sheltie  Beezy who lived to be 18 years old. She had arthritis and would get shots in her knees about every six months and they always helped her too.  We know we rely and trust in our vets - but sometimes you just have to fight for what you think is best too - never be afraid to do that Mom and Dad's.


  1. We think the photos of you and your mom are beautiful. Special time with your mom is the best time of all. My dad tries to pick us up sometimes but we all run away - except me of course. We're glad that you are feeling a bit better after your shot. Wishing you all well.

  2. Your photos are beautiful and reflect the special bond between you and your Mom.


  3. Those are really sweet photos. I sure hope your leggie is getting better. It sounds like mom is doing everything she can to help you.


    P.S. Momma looked really closely at my harness lead while I was walking and even pulling a little and she said the pressure was on my chest and not my neck, so all in all it is an improvement over my gack collar or sports bra.

  4. These are great photos of you and your mom Denny! I love them! Glad your shot helped! :)

  5. Those are lovely portraits of you and your Mom.

    I used to call Ceilidh my cat too, she didn't like to be picked up and her idea of a cuddle was just to rest her chin on my lap and get some petting.

  6. Denny, your photos with your mom are beautiful! We're also glad that your knee is feeling better. And we're glad your mom is using her social work advocacy skilz on behalf of you!!

    The other day our mom left a comment about our grandpawrent's shelty named Princess. Well, she was a rescue and her original name was Breezy! She was an angel doggie and watched over our mom's dad when he was very sick and then kept our mom's stepmom company and gave her love after he went to the Bridge.

  7. Oh Denny, you are truly special, and these are beautiful photos.

    Glad to hear you're not in so much pain, thanks to the shot. Yuur mom is right, our dogs can't speak, so we must be their advocates.

  8. SHE had that needle in HER shoulder and SHE's much better.

    Special only dog time with your mum is fun. We love your pictures.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  9. Those photos are so beautiful. And I know what you mean about just you and mom time. I love it too. I guess I am extra lucky cuz I don't have to share mine. Super glad the shot has made you feel better.

  10. What gorgeous photos of you and your mom, Denny! They deserve to be framed!
    We are so happy to hear that your knee is feeling better!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  11. Great Photos during a special time with Mom.

    Your Furiends
    Susie & Bites

  12. I'm glad you get special time Denny. Sometimes with all the people and dogs around a shy little dog gets overlooked, but not at your house! Glad the shot worked too!

  13. We love how the light is shining on your very special Mom in those photos. We hope you can lose that weight, Denny, and have your legs not hurting.

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  14. What special photos and yes they are artistic too. I am glad you get one on one time. I have a hard time getting that here cause of all the doggys that come and take up My Vickies time, but she still stops whenever I come up to her and hugs me and pets me plus we get to go on lots of hikes and stuff.
    Have a nice day tomorrow.


  15. Wonderful pics. They look professional. Whatever you did with the camera, keep it up!


  16. Lovely photos! Glad you're feeling better.

  17. The photos of you and your mom are so sweet and beautiful, Denny! They actually melt my mama's heart when she saw them.

    So glad that you're feeling better and we hope you get a speedy recovery.


  18. Great photos! They are pretty artsy! And yes, sometimes our peoples know better than Dr. Vet! Take that Dr. Vet!

  19. Still trying to get your address to send you frosty paws.... Please get in touch!

  20. Love the photos of you two. They look really pawsome!

  21. Bee-yooo-fi-ful photos!

  22. What beautiful pictures of you and your Momma! I'm glad your knee is feeling better. :)


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