Thursday, October 31, 2013

Ticket To Ride - Happy Halloween In Dogville

Mom has finally finished Dogville - we tried to show all the places we have dedicated to our buddies - we did miss a couple though. The video is quite long as we tried to show everything and mom apologizes for the occasional swooshing around.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Winners of the Kong Treats

Okay - Drum Roll please.........................................we entered all the correct winners into  and the numbers it gave us are:
3 - Lassie & Benji
7 - Frankie and Ernie
9 - Chewy & Oreo

If you guys can send me an email with your mailing addies in it we will forward it to wonderful Miss Kelli who will get the treats sent out you via fed-ex asap.  You are so going to love these....we would love to hear weather you nibble the soft jerky off the outside first and then crunch the middle (like the Dweeb did) - or just chomp the whole thing ( like I did).  You will find our email link over there on the right hand side ----------------------------->

Monday, October 28, 2013

Some not good news

On Saturday night Mom was starting to feel some pain in her left side and by Sunday a red area of infection could clearly be seen. Dad rang Mom's doctor who thankfully is always there for her no matter what day or time and explained what he was seeing. The doctor rang a prescription for antibiotics through straight a way and dad went and got them. He has strict instructions to bring Mom to the surgery at 8.00 am Monday morning. The infection had turned into an abscess but thankfully it is BELOW where she just had surgery and touch wood - it doesn't look like the mesh is involved.  The doctor thinks one the drains Mom had caused the infection and subsequent abscess. He drained the abscess and put  tape in it to keep in it draining and we have all fingers, toes and paws crossed that the infection doesn't spread any further. Both Mom and Dad were so scared at the thought of having this go wrong again and we were worried too - we have been staying by Mom's side all day staying to scare any bad 'things' away.

Kong Aussie Sticks Review & Giveaway

 28th October 2013

Today thanks Jakks we are reviewing  the brand new Kong Aussie Sticks - which are jerky coated chew sticks and are actually made in Australia.  Now if you haven't checked out the Kong line of products you should - they have a huge variety choose from and gosh are not only delicious but you can have fun with them too! We have a giveaway of these yummies too so keep reading.

Here's the basics
  • Ingredients - Rawhide, Lamb (Beef), Soy Grits, Soy Flour, Lupin Grits, Lupin Flour, Tapioca Starch, Humectant, Mineral Salts, Sugar, Salt, Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Preservative, Colour, Vegetable Oil, Natural Antioxidant.
  • They are made in Australia
  • Company website :
  • Treats Page
  • The treats are about 6"  long and chewy on the outside crunchy on the inside

Taste Test
  • They are the perfect size for chomping on

  • Made in Australia
  • No Wheat or Corn. No Harmful Preservatives or Colorants. Made with Real Meat

Negatives - Kind of - Sort of - Maybe - Not Really
  • Not a one - they are totally pawsome! Mom hoped they would last us a little bit - well 2 minutes was a little but to us - we CHOMPED though them

  • Without a doubt - we give this our 5 paws rating.

The  Giveaway : Now for the best part - we have some of these yummies to give away!!!!!  The lovely peeps at Kong will send 3 lucky doggies a packet each of the lamb and the beef treats. (Sorry - they will only send within the USA) Now to enter the give away you just have to answer one question - "Where do these yummy treats come from?"  The answer in the review :)  Leave your answer in the comments section and please remember to check back tomorrow to see if you are a winner.

Disclaimer : Jakks sent us a packet each of Kong Aussie Sticks - Lamb and Beef   in return for an honest review.  We were not paid or compensated for our review in any other way and our opinion is  purely our own.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Sunday Walkies

The Mom still can't walk very far but we went to the park and Dad came with us so we got to have a good sniff, read the latest pee mail, left some pee mail and generally had a great time. It's funny - no matter how Mom feels she still seems to manage to have the flashy beast handy.

If you were wondering what we were watching so intently it was the ducks - there was lots of the them there today but Dad said we couldn't chase them or bark at them.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Benny has wings

We were so very saddened to read that our little buddy Benny had crossed the rainbow bridge. He fought so bravely and we all fought and cheered along with him. Special big hugs to his Mom and Lilly who must be missing him so much.

One things we do know for sure is that  Mr Pip was there waiting for him over the rainbow bridge with a nice pair of shiny new wings and that the two of them are now buzzing around and no doubt getting into as much mischief as they can. Fly free Pip and Benny

Now we also have a thank you to send to Molly the Wally who asked the other Mollie's Mom to make us some nice new scarves as a thank you for the paintings we did for her.  Of coarse ME being the big HE dog I am and with so much fur it wasn't quite long enough so Mom being the clever person she is - made it into a bow tie for me. Dweebs did fit as a scarf but needless to say he was terrified of it.....that boy is scared of his own shadow !!!  After many treats and reassurance he finally said it was okay to wear.  Thank you to both of the Mollies Moms - we love them and they will perfect come Christmas time.

Now a bit of update on Mom - she had all her gazillion stitches out on Wednesday and her Doctor was VERY happy - there is no redness or swelling, no sign of infection. He said out of all the surgeries he has done on her - this one is healing the best.  Unfortunately though because the mesh had to be attached to the bits of muscle between her ribs - it is also extremely painful. The first week Mom had a pain pump that was positioned under her skin directly to where it was needed so the pain itself wasn't so bad, but now that has been removed she is really feeling the mesh pulling and has to be extra careful ALL the time to make sure the stitches don't tear the thin bits of muscles.  Even just us pulling on our leads could do that - so we haven't really been doing much. The doctor says it could take up to 3 months for the mesh to bond properly so she has to be extra careful.  But you know our Mom - she worries about us not getting our trips to the park or the pet store and going on adventures. On weekends we get to do stuff with our Dad and Mom has been taking us to places where we can walk off leash - so we are are getting little adventures at least.  Please keep our paws crossed for our Mom as she still has some weeks to go before they know for sure her body isn't going to reject the mesh.

So there is the roundup of our week - but we want to ask everyone to do one special thing this weekend - we want everyone to spend some extra special time with their furbabies -  Please give them extra cuddles, extra walkies, extra play time, extra treats and extra loving.  Why you ask?  Why not we say :)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

We have a winner

We entered all the correct answers from yesterday  Tuckers Chicken trip giveaway into and it picked #8 - which is the OP Pack.  Could you email us with your addy and we will get them in the mail for you. The link to our email is over there on the right hand side ------------------ >

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Review - Tuckers All American Chicken Breast and Giveaway

23 October 2013 - Review of Tuckers Chicken Breast Jerky

Today thanks to The Natural Pet Warehouse we are reviewing  Tuckers Chicken Breast Jerky. Now if you haven't checked out  The Natural Pet Warehouse you should as they  have a HUGE variety of products to choose from - not just for dogs, but cats , birdies and all other creatures great and small.

Here's the basics
Tuckers Klassic Kellis American Chicken Breast Jerky for Dogs - 5 oz bag (also available in 16 oz bags) These American Jerky Dog Treats are made in the USA and sourced from the USA or Canada.

Each strip is individually wrapped to keep them fresh. These treats contain NO Grain, Gluten, or By Products. All Natural and Fresh. Handmade in Wisconsin in facility under UDDA oversight. Feel confident that your dog is getting the best with Tuckers...They are made with Human Grade Ingredients.
  • USA/Canada Meat
  • Only 1 Ingredient
  • Human Grade
  • Grain Free
  • Made in the USA
  • Cost - On sale $8.99 - Normally $10.99

Taste Test
  • Seriously WE TOTALLY LOVED THEM - these are some of the yummiest treats EVER!!!
  • Each chicken strip is INDIVIDUALLY wrapped so it is perfectly moist and fresh
  • We loved them being soft and chewy and Mom says they smell just like roast chicken. 
Note - as many of you know there has been quite a scare over chicken from China - these are human grade chicken strips from the USA/Canada and perfectly safe.

    • Made in USA from USA/Candian Chicken
    • All natural ingredients - No meat by-products, wheat, corn or soy. No artificial colors of flavors.
    • Well priced for the quality of the product.

    Negatives - Kind of - Sort of - Maybe - Not Really
    • Not a one - they are totally pawsome! These are big thick strips so you might want to chop them into pieces like our Mom did rather than giving jut a whole strip.

    • Without a doubt - we give this our 5 paws rating.
    The Giveaway :  The Natural Pet Warehouse sent us an extra 6 oz bag of these delicious treats and to be in the giveaway - simply answer one question "What GRADE of food is this" - the answer is up there is the review. Just leave us your answer in your comments and remember to check back to see if you are the winner.

    Disclaimer : The Natural Pet Warehouse sent us a packet  of Tuckers Chicken Breast Jerky in return for an honest review.  We were not paid or compensated for our review in any other way and our opinion is  purely our own.

    Saturday, October 19, 2013

    For Pip

    Our tiniest and cutest little buddy left us today and we will miss him so terrbibly much. We all had leaky leaky eyes reading about his last day. But then Mom said we need to remember the cheerful crazy little guy he was and remember him that way - like when he came to visit us and we took the big wheel buggy through the bayou.

    We hear he is having the biggest ever cheeseburger welcome party over the rainbow bridge tonight and that there will be many old friend there waiting there to show him around.

    Something NEW

    Mom has added Gift Certificates to our store for her paintings. These can be emailed or posted to the recipient.

    Gift Certificates we have available are for the below sizes and the shipping (within the USA) is included in the price.

    11" x 14" (canvas panel) $40.99 each
    12" x 16" (canvas panel or stretched canvas) $43.99 each
    16" x 20" (canvas panel or stretched canvas) $45.99 each 

    Canvas panels are canvas on a backing board and need to be framed. Stretched canvas is on a backing frame and ready to hang as is.

    Gift certificates can be purchased right there on the page.

    Thursday, October 17, 2013

    Outside - Inside - The Cricket Pitch

    Did you know we have our own cricket pitch - that is what Mom says it reminds her of. You see we have a HUGE back yard but there is on outside fence that runs along the boundaries of MY yard and then there is another fence that makes a smaller back yard. Weird - we know - but that is how it was when we came here.  Mom says one day when they have lots of those greenie money things - they will just get rid of the inside fence and then I will have MY whole yard to run in.

    Now for some reason we think it is a special treat when we get to run along our outside backyard and the Dweeb loves to play 'fetch' on the cricket pitch. We only recently discovered he loves playing fetch with a tennis ball - who knew!!!   Mom is trying to build up her strength  so we have been doing "the laps" as she calls it. We get to run all the way around our outside fence a couple of times a day.


    Wednesday, October 16, 2013

    Christmas Card Exchange List

    Oh - we were soooooo happy to read Jazzi and her Mom will be doing the pawsome Christmas Card Exchange list again this year - thank you - thank you - thank you. We know it takes a lot of time and effort and we so appreciate them for doing this.

    There is nothing better then popping down to the letter box each day in December and finding a wonderful card from a special buddy.  And there is nothing better than collecting all those cards and turning them into something wonderful. For the past couple of years we have made ours into a pawsome photo book.  So what you waiting for - head on over to Jazzi and her Mom's page and sign up

    Tuesday, October 15, 2013

    Rain rain

    What - you want to go for a walk Mom - you had better let me check the weather.  Ummmm I HATE to say this Mom (heck I can't believe I am saying this !!!!!) but no Mom - you can not go for a walk today - you are not ready or well enough yet...and besides I might get WET and you know I hate water !!!!

    Use an umbrella - are you crazy woman!  Keep that door open I am coming back in ..........ekkkkk wet.....ekkkkk double wet. Help....I  am shrinking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Monday, October 14, 2013

    Another update

    The Mom's itchy scratching has been getting worse and spreading so she called her doctor and he told her to come straight in and see him. He thinks she is is having an allergic reaction to the pain medication she is on so they gave her a shot in the butt and more pills to take.

    Over all he is really happy with the surgery...... he even showed her the photo's he took while he was doing her surgery and showed her how big the area was and the mesh going in. For some reason Mom wasn't all that impressed seeing her insides like that ......... but she was REALLY happy when he took the drains out today which made her super happy as the one thing she really really hates more than anything is those drains.

    We on the other paw have been the devoted, loyal, loving puppies we should be. (Did I also mention we are also totally BORED !!!!!)  We wait patiently by Mom's bed for HOURS on end - with only the occasional scratch on the head and the drop of a cookie to nourish us. We follow Mom when ever she moves and we eat all the foodibles she leaves so dad doesn't see she isn't eating much is tough job but someone has to do it.  We give her our best sad pleading eyes ..not to make her feel guilty about not taking us for walkies but to encourage her to get better quick so she can take us walkies and adventuring again.  It is a tough job being a care giver for a human....but we are experts at it now.

    Saturday, October 12, 2013

    Doing well

    Mom is still doing well. She is very tired but we are staying right next to the bed to make sure she doesn't overdo things. We do make sure she gets a bit of exercise though - by getting up to give us giving us treats :) Now the Mom has been wearing a binder for the last few years to support her thin skin - she now has this big heavy one until the wound all heals and then will go back to the thin one for at least another 6 months. One thing Mom isn't happy with is that she always makes sure to tell them she has a latex allergy...and they used those little round monitor pads that must have had latex in them cause now she has big round patches that are covered in itchy red blisters. Gosh she had been some words we haven't heard before when she is trying not to scratch at them

    Friday, October 11, 2013

    An update

    Moms surgery went well and she is home now. The stress of it has caused her lupus to flare up but overall she is doing okay. Thankfully there was just enough tissue in the sides to attach the mesh too. If there hadn't been they would of have had to have drilled holes in her ribs to attach it too them. We are busy helping out...even dweeb who seems to be very worried and has spent a lot of time by her side ....doing his "oh oh" crying. We will try to keep you informed as things happen. Thank you all for the power of the paw....we know it helped.

    Tuesday, October 8, 2013

    Catching up and some news

    Do you know about Pets Move?  It is a cool site where you can log your dogs activity and keep a track of their weight and what they are eating. There is also different groups you can join with ideas on exercising with dogs through agility, geocaching, training and dogs with disabilities. We have been tracking all our activities there and found it really encourages us to get out and about. It is free to join and you can even win stuff - so what you waiting for. Head on over and check it out.

    Mom has been busy painting and here are a couple she can show. (If they are a surprise present Mom doesn't put on them online). These two are now winging their way across the ocean to England.  The first one is that blonde bombshell - Miss Mollie and the other is the ever clever and witty Miss Molly and her cohort Pip.  Now remember - these paintings will make brilliant Christmas, birthday or any time presents and Mom is going to have A LOT of time in the coming weeks to do nothing but paint - so order now.  Now is also a good time to order your very own personalized Christmas cards too. Did you know Mom can even tun your paintings into cards for you !!!  You can check out her store here


    Now why is Mom going to have so much time to do painting you are wondering - well the Mom is going in for surgery AGAIN tomorrow - this will be like the  6th or 7th time they have tried to fix things. (Sigh - it means we won't be adventuring for awhile).   For those that don't know MY Mom was very sick in 2010 and spent nearly the whole year in hospital and had many many surgeries. Due to those surgeries she doesn't have any muscles over her stomach..... just skin to hold in the intestines and there is a constant threat they could cause the skin to tear and burst out - like they did once before - so they are going to try yet again to put in mesh to  strengthen it. They can't pull the muscles back together because they had to cut to much of it away after she got bad infections in it.  So mesh is the only option. It is a brand new type of mesh and we have our paws crossed that this time Mom's body doesn't decide it doesn't like it. She went a whole month after the last surgery before that happened. We will be busy taking care of her for the next few weeks and will be back soon. If you could spare some Power of The Paw for her - it would be much appreciated too.

    Monday, October 7, 2013

    Chewy.Com Review - Wellness "Wellbites" - Salmon and Lamb Treats

    7th October 2013
    Today thanks to we are reviewing Wellness "WellBites" -Lamb  & Salmon Soft Chewy Treats   Now if you haven't checked out Wellness Products  you should - they have a huge variety of products to choose from and gosh are these delicious!

    Here's the basics

    Taste Test
    • Seriously WE TOTALLY LOVED THEM - these are some of the yummiest treats EVER!!!
    • They are the perfect size for us and great for training.
    • We loved them being soft and chewy. 

    • Made in USA
    • All natural ingredients - No meat by-products, wheat, corn or soy. No artificial colors of flavors.
    • is an online store that offers quick and speedy delivery right to your door and has the whole range of Wellness Products

    Negatives - Kind of - Sort of - Maybe - Not Really
    • Not a one - they are totally pawsome! In fact I couldn't get enough of them and decided to just stick my snozz in the bag and help myself!!

    • Without a doubt - we give this our 5 paws rating.

    Disclaimer : sent us a packet Wellness "Wellbites" - Salmon & Lamb Soft Chewy Treats of the in return for an honest review.  We were not paid or compensated for our review in any other way and our opinion is  purely our own.

    Sunday, October 6, 2013

    Trappers Lake Trail

    We headed off to one of MY far away parks today to hike along the Trappers Lake Trail. A wonderful cold front passed through last night and the temps today have only been in the 70's and it was perfect for us to just wander. Best of all - we had it all to ourselves! Can you believe that - a beautiful cool day and we were the only ones out enjoying the park!

    Saturday, October 5, 2013

    Burning off the Tacos

    Mom said we had to do some extra calorie burning after our Taco treats yesterday - so we headed off to the park where the hit the mountain bike trails. These trails are totally pawsome as they go up and down hills, through creeks, over logs, under branches, through the woods and are just so much fun. There is also the added bonus of the occasional squirrel that I get to chase and yesterday there was an abundance of them! Dog oh dog did I enjoy giving those little tree rats a good fright - it made me sooooooo happy.

    Friday, October 4, 2013

    Special Guest Taco Day !

    Yes furbies it is National Taco Day and we have a very special guest joining us today - it is none other than Miss Jazzi herself complete with her little Scottish hat - isn't she adorable...oh my dog .....we are so honored!

    Now for this extraordinary occasion we had to make some REALLY pawsome Tacos - and came up with the "MEGA Cowspotdog Special". Crunchy taco shells, lettuce, beef hotdogs (kosha) cheetos, cherry tomatos, a dollop of daisy sour cream, cheese and to top it off - a milk bone.

    Dweeb was kind of scarred of Miss Jazzi - I told him she doesn't bite.... but she had been telling him about this strange spider looking thing called a "bagpipe' that made ear piercing sounds that would come after him if her went near HER taco........and that did it........Dweeb ran inside carrying his taco with him.

    Mom said that was once a year special treat and that we needed to burn off some of those calories so we also did a 2 hour hike through MY park - we followed the dirt bike trails and trust us - it was a workout!