About Us

We are Reilly and Denny -  the Cowspotdogs. We are both Color Headed White Shetland Sheepdogs and registered with the AKC (American Kennel Club) but because we have a white recessive gene (which make us white) we can not be shown even though we have pedigree bloodlines.

A little About Us
Reilly - I was Born on 19th of July 2007. I am the black headed one (also the most handsome one and I started this blog).  I am a 'stoic laid back kind of guy - just happy going with the flow and living in my own happy world" I am rather tall for a sheltie - standing at 18" and have a big deep woof more like a collie"  Mom says I am from "good working stock" what ever that means. I use to do agility but developed this gimpy foot thing ..... so now I am happy just going to the park and wandering. We do this nearly every day and I love that I have a Mom who just loves to walk and walk and walk. I am also a Dad's boy - he is my favorite even though it is the Mom who takes care of me. I am not what you would call a cuddly dog - I like a cuddle when I want it and only from my Dad - and not any other time. I also suffer with severe allergies and and I am probably one of the few..... if not the only sheepdog in the world that is allergic to sheep!

Denny - I was born on the 18th of April 2011. I am the red headed one (also the cutest). I am basically a 'scared weird little dude' as Mom calls me, nervous, shy, scared of anything new or strange.  I had a BAD neurological reaction to some flea medicine when I was but a pup and Mom says it left me quite different to what I use to be. Mom works REALLY hard to try and help me over come my fears but there are ALWAYS new ones lurking so it is an uphill battle. I am kind of a Mommy and Daddy's boy. I have special cuddle time with my Dad at 5.30pm every evening (I like my routines)  I love my Mom and feel safest around her though. I am a lot smaller then Reilly - I am only 15" and my ears stand up and his flop down. I make the funniest "oh-oh" noises when I want something. Reilly calls me the "Velcro Kid" as when we go walking I like to be as close as possible to his side as I can be.  He also calls me the Dweeb!

The origin of "cowspotdog" came about when I - Reilly was just a puppy of about 6 months old. We were at a pet store when a little boy of about 5 tugged his Mom's hand and pointing at me said "look it's a cowspotdog"   It made my Mom smile and as she was just 'helping' to set up my blog at the time we thought it would make for a distinctive name.


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  2. Love you both so much. Your blog is as adorable as you are. Muahs!!

  3. Have loved your blog for years! xoxo


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