Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fun in the sun

The weather is finally starting to warm up again - not that it has been bad for me as I enjoy the cooler temperatures but the Mom is not so fond of it - she says it makes her old bones ache. Personally I enjoy a good gnawing bone than an achy bone! Anyway - off in the yard we went where I coarse I had to endure yet another "sit pretty Reilly" photo but then the fun stuff started. "YES - Mom toss that stuffy in the air - woo hoo I can catch it" We played for such a long time and it was so much fun.

It has been awhile since I mentioned the "IT" and his Mom doesn't seem to want to blog about his antics so I guess I will OCCASIONALLY share some space with "IT" Here "IT" is in his new raincoat complete with fur trimmed hood. "IT" will play happily outside in the rain if "IT" has a coat on - but won't step foot outside without one. My Mom actually got him this coat - she found it at Walmart for $4.50 and thought it was a bargain. And what did she buy me - nothing! She did make up for it later when she went to the Pet store (without me I may add) and bought me a "snooter" and some fish treats. Mom has been reading up on my allergies and saw that they recommend omega 3 in the diet to help. She found some fish and veggie treats - high in omega 3 and with no wheat or corn products - she says they smell terrible -but I think they are great. She also bought me some medicated shampoo recommended by my vet - are you crazy Mom ??? - that means a BATH!!! Okay - I am off for another round of playing.


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Cards and other things

As most of you know Mom is opening a new blog to sell her cards and other pet related things that she makes. Here is a sample of some of the cards she has made this week (don't forget you can click on the photos to see them bigger) Mom will be donating ALL the money from the sales to the Elephant Sanctuary and also the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) Don't forget to vote for the new blog name ----------------->

Mom also loves making unusual animals such as this pig. Mom made the pattern herself, the material is calico and it is stuffed with 100% fiber fill. She then hand painted the entire pig using the Australian Dot Style - she used fabric paint so it is actually washable. Each animal she make is totally unique - she couldn't duplicate a pattern if she tried! This little pot belly pig is about 12" long and stands 10" high and is super cute.

In other news I went to my vets yesterday and I had another shot for my allergies (so far it hasn't helped) He recommended trying a different type of allergy medication. He couldn't find any redness on my nose but my chest was very red and he was rather concerned about my scratching at that and possibly causing a skin infection. Mom says she will put booties on my feet to stop me scratching so much - ppppppllllleeeaaassse -Booties - REALLY Mom !!!! We have stopped the prednisone and he says that should help with the feeling hungry all the time.


Monday, March 28, 2011

I Am So Sorry Mom

When we moved to Arkansas my allergies went crazy and my new vet has been giving me shots, prednisone and anti-histamine tablets to try and control it. Mom was really worried about the prednisone as she has been on it for years for her arthritis and knows what terrible side affects it can have - like making one irritable, terribly hungry all the time and putting on weight. All of these have happened to me and when you add "IT" into the equation I have become what Mom calls "extremely food aggressive" - something I have NEVER been before. I snap at food as if I haven't had anything to eat in a month - which is how I feel!!!!!!

Mom has been been working with me on this and we use the "take it gently" command and usually this works - but this morning when Mom went to give me my charcoal cookie I snapped at it (even though she told me to take it gently) and I caught her fingernail and pulled it back. Poor Mom's finger bled and bled and I feel so BAD. I am so sorry Mom - I didn't mean to hurt you but I just can't control it. We are going back to the vets to see if there is something else they can give me for my allergies as I am still scratching like crazy even with this medication. Does anyone have any other suggestions - a natural remedy would be really good if you know of any? We don't have a holistic vet here - Mom already called around.

Mom also asked me to tell you about "Socks For Japan" - I am sure you all know what happened over there and for the people who lost EVERYTHING - even the simple gift of a pair of warm socks can make a huge difference. You can see the details here - Mom and I have already sent 6 pairs of socks.


Sunday, March 27, 2011

How Boring

Yawn Yawn - Mom and Dad have been so busy this weekend. Being home owners now - they seem to be spending a lot of time doing "around the house" things. Like putting in solar lights along to path leading to the house (YAWN), planting a tree in the front yard (YAWN) finally emptying the last of the moving boxes (YAWN) cleaning up the garage (YAWN). Mom seemed quite happy though as she found her missing pasta machine maker and her old fashioned typewriter and some more of her crafty stuff (YAWN). And what was I doing this whole time - dogervising, which got a bit old after a while and then Mom remembered she had some bones in the freezer so she got one out and I spent the afternoon happily chomping on that. Did I get to go for a walk today - NO, did I get to go the pet store today - NO - what kind of weekend is this for a dog I ask you? A YAWN weekend I think !!


Friday, March 25, 2011

For the love of elephants

My Mom loves not only me and my Dad - but also elephants and she is a constant visitor to the Elephant Sanctuary Web Site (the sanctuary is in Tennessee). Mom has decided to donate ALL - yes ALL the money she earns from her cards to the elephants. In particular she would like all my blog buddies to read about Tarra the elephant and Bella the Labrador Mix. They are best buddies - YES and elephant and a doggie - how cool is that! You can visit the website here (this link is specifically about the two) and read all about Tarra and Bella and all the other Elephants too. There is a TV special coming up on Dateline soon that is all about Tarra and Bella. It was supposed to be on last week but the crisis in Japan took precedence. Also spend some time reading about Shirley - she injured her leg when younger and it never healed. We have been watching her this morning on the live Ele-cam - which is so cool !

And don't forget to vote for the blog name - over on the right ------------------------>


Thursday, March 24, 2011

A voting poll

Okay - we have had some pawsome names suggested for our new doggie cards blog (we will have ones for kitties too) and we have decided to have a poll to see which one every doggie thinks is the best. You will see it on the right hand side of the page.

Yesterday we went to the park again and this time we saw 3 turtles all trying to get on one stick and around the corner we saw 5 all trying to get on a stick. Driving to the park we also saw in the middle of the road a huge Snapping Turtle that had been run over. Mom says Snapping Turtles are not very nice but she was sad to see it like that. We also saw this tree in flower - Mom thinks it is a Dogwood, it was very highly perfumed but kind of a sickly sweet smell, she didn't like it very much, but it did look pretty. Remember you can click on the photo's to see them bigger.

"IT" also came to the park with us and decided to investigate the hollowed out area at the base of a tree, "IT" stuck it's head in then promptly backed out as quick as "IT" could - followed by some angry bees. You have never seen 10 feet move so fast in the opposite direction (Mom's, mine and IT's)


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sunday, March 20, 2011

I'm a pooped puppy!

I have been so busy this weekend, getting my paws dirty and dogervising the construction of Mom's raised garden. Dad's daughter also helped as Mom isn't allowed to do any lifting yet. As you can see it is all finished now, we still have some plants to put in it but the MOST important thing - the PEST (otherwise known as the "IT" fence) is in place. In the other picture I am doing my dogervising about how we are going to fix our back fence, one of the posts has broken off at ground level and we need to replace it. Dad also had his brand new Red Beastie (lawn mower) out today so my lawn actually looks pretty good. I forgot to mention that after all that work I had a bath so I am all handsome again.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

A new contest - sort of

For some time my Mom has been thinking selling her cards and quite a few hoomans have suggested it too -so here is our contest - we need a name for the card blog.

So everyone get those thinking caps on, we need something that is not too long and sort of catchy. Mom thought of Canine Cards and Doggie Greeting Cards but they seemed a bit boring.

What is the prize : Mom will send the winner a set of 10 - yes ten of her cards (with envelopes) Mom is also happy to do 5 pet card and 5 hooman cards - the winner can choose what they want. Here is an example of the cards for Hoomans and Pets. Mom donated all these cards to an Autism group to help them raise money but don't worry - she makes a couple everyday so she has plenty to spare.

We will have the competition open until the 31st of March 2011 and you can enter as many names as you can think of and everyone can enter.

Have a great weekend every doggie - oh, remember you can click on the pictures to see them bigger.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Turtles turtles everywhere!

We are having wonderful warm weather this week - in the 70's and today we went for another walk in the park and guess what we saw - turtles! There they were just sunning themselves on branches sticking out of the water. We also saw lots of baby fish in the shallow water along the lakes edge. We walked quite a long way today and look what else we came across - this beautiful Magnolia tree in flower and Mom said it smelt heavenly. Personally I think a week old bone smells heavenly, Magnolias smell to much like that girly shampoo she uses. Remember you can click on the photos to see them bigger.

Oh I nearly forget to mention we have been having some trouble leaving comments on some my buddies pages - Asta's in particular. I couldn't leave a comment for 3 days straight, I would just get a white comment box appear and nothing on it. I have had trouble on a couple of other places too but this morning everything seemed okay - hopefully it stays that way.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Not Cute At All !

I am hearing the word "cute" a little to often in reference to "IT" and I can assure you "IT" is not cute at all and I can prove it!

1. "IT" likes to eat it's own poop and then throw it up all over the carpet. Trust me - Mom does not think this is cute!

2. "IT" finds things!!! I mean things that he is not allowed to have, like pens, shoes, socks and basically anything he can reach even it means climbing up on the sofa and across the arms to the side table. His latest was some letters Dad had left there and NO - Dad did not think he was cute either.

3. "IT" torments me, constantly putting toys in my face, jumping on me, pulling my tail, wanting to play ALL the time and "IT" is CONSTANTLY happy. NO - I do not find "IT" cute either.

4. Other traits of UNCUTENESS "IT" has include wanting to go in an out at least 6 times per hour - talk about a small bladder! Wanting cuddles at least 6 times an hour and whining if "IT" doesn't get them. When ever things go "quiet" you know "IT" is up to no good and you can be sure to something torn up - the latest is two rugs that "IT" has been having fun "quietly" unraveling.

Are we getting the picture yet - "IT" is not CUTE. "IT" is a terror in a sausage dog skin !

Monday, March 14, 2011

Another visit to the park

We went for another visit to the park today and Mom and I sat to watch the ducks and geese. I am not sure what kind of goose this one is with the funny warble under his chin but he sure was the BOSS goose. He had been in a pretty nasty fight too by look of him. If you biggify the photo (just click on it) you can see the wound he has on his cheek. Silly Mom made me stay away from them as she says geese can be pretty aggressive. She had taken some bread for them and they gobbled that down - in the top photo you can see Mr BOSS goose has quite a few pieces in his mouth. He was one greedy dude!


Sunday, March 13, 2011

New things in my yard

Yesterday I discovered some new things in my yard. The first one was a big shiny monster that I wasn't at all sure about - Mom called it a "grill". For some odd reason she put food inside it and all of a sudden I couldn't stay away from it - there was all these wonderful smells coming from it. I kept walking around and around it with my nose in the air sniff sniff sniffing. Dog oh dog I have never smelled such a pawtastic monster before. Even better -when Mom took the food out - she gave me a little piece of meat and it was so pawsome!

The other thing that appeared in my yard was a new "IT" containment area - YEAH! But then Mom said no - that is not what it is for, it is a raised vegetable bed. Mom is going to have a veggie garden this year - she hopes. I think it would be much better as an "IT" containment area especially when they put the pest fence around it as we know "IT" is a pest so this is just perfect. Mom says the pest fence is to keep pests out - not keep them in !!! Personally I think Mom has this all backwards.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Windy Walk

Mom and I went for a walk around my new favorite park. Needless to say it was VERY windy today and quite chilly with it blowing across the lake, not that I noticed as I was quite comfortable, but Mom was very cold even in her big coat. And guess what - we even saw a lady walking with two shelties - unfortunately we were on the top of the dam and she was on the road far below so we couldn't say hello. I must admit I was a bit "stumped" as to why Mom wanted me to sit on the tree especially as the wind was doing it's best to blow me off.

She also had me sit on this scary thing called a Merry-G0-Round and when I got on it, it started moving !!! After some more walking and stopping to feed the geese, we finally headed back to MY car. I have missed going rides in MY car and am so glad that Mom is feeling well enough to drive again.