Friday, July 29, 2011

Too many toys

Three little boys
Had too many toys
What was the Mom to say

Throw them away
No doggies would play
Or save them for a rainy day

{MOM} - This is what I came home too after I had just gone to the shop for a few minutes to get the boys some duck jerky (we had been hearing about it from the Woo's and Jackie who hasn't been eating much lately - loves it). I am actually happy they emptied the toy box and left everything else alone - this was a Denny and Jackie test to see if they would get into any mischief and I am pleased to say they didn't.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

To funny not to share

I guess that sums up "IT" thoughts on having his photo taken !!! You can almost hear the raspberry sound !!!!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

It's Jackson Day

It's tough having to share MY blog with all these 'others' but Mom said I have to be fair so today is just about "IT".

Like any good "IT" he doesn't like having his photo taken (glad something I taught him stuck in that pea-brain) He will pretend to be looking at something "over there" or taking a great interest at something on the ground. "IT" has even be known to sample some grass as an excuse not to look at the camera. Okay - I have to give him credit - he knows how to avoid the 'flashy thing'.

And when all else fails and he can't find anything else to pretend to look at - then and only then will he just close his eyes and take a nap - all the while leaving the Mom muttering strange things about unco-operative doggies.


The sneak attack

Weily is such a good bigz brudder - he be showin me how to do sneaky attacks. Wile Jackie is lucking at my mommy Ize cum in from the side - getting closer and closer........... just like we shepdogs are suphosed to do

Then wam - loks at my teefies - do I luks all meen and viscuz! Got ya Jackies - Izs nipped you on the neck. Thanku Weily

Luv Denny


Sunday, July 24, 2011

Oh Oh

Oh dear - what a mess ! I wonder who did this????? I had better check inside this pot for evidence.

Hhhhmmmm I am sure I smell the scent of a little trouble making 'garden monster' Maybe if I move some of the dirt I can find it ! I sure wish we could catch him because Mommy doesn't seem to happy with his little escapades.

Maybe if I check over here at that other pot? Oh !!! Urrrmmm hello Mommy - I didn't see you standing there.

What??? No of coarse it wasn't me that made that mess.

I am way to cute and innocent looking to make a big old mess like that and how could little ole me pull over such a big pot??


Blogger troubles

It must be my turn for the blogger issues - the past few days we have been having trouble trying to get buddies pages to load and being able to leave messages. This morning was better and we did get to leave some responses on about 3/4 of your pages. Please know I am visiting you when you post something - I just can't always leave a response. I am nothing but persistent though - so I just keep trying and I have learned that eventually blogger tends to resolve itself.

Like so many places - we are sweltering too - actually we have been sweltering since about March! Mom misses our nice green lawn - even though she waters it daily and so do I - not that I go outside much now - it's just to hot for me. (This is an older photo of when our lawn was still green)

I am pleased to say the antibiotics and baby powder has done wonders for my hot spot and for my itching. I still scratch occasionally but nothing like I was doing. And I smell baby fresh all the time now !!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Learning to walk on the treadmill

Many of you have asked how I learned to walk on my treadmill. Mom is going to explain it all for you - it was easy but it does take a couple of weeks - over to Mom now

The first step is just to make this fun and a game.

With the treadmill turned OFF - I started by just getting Reilly to jump up on the treadmill (you can use treats as a reward or for Reilly it was favorite squeaky ball) This gets them use to feel of the mat. If you have walked on a treadmill in bare feet - you will know that it has an unusual feel to it.

Once he felt comfortable with jumping on it, I then got him to do a sit and wait on it - each time making the wait a little longer. I also added a lay down on it as I wanted him to feel comfortable getting up from the mat too.

Next - I got just a short 5 foot lead and tied the lead to one side of the treadmill. I attached the lead to Reilly too and had him do a sit and wait at the side of the treadmill (not on it). I then turned the treadmill on - giving lots of praise and encouragement until he got use to the sound of it. I did this a couple of times.

The game then became one where he would sit on the treadmill (while it was turned off) and sit beside it (while it was turned on) Remember, lots of encouragement, praise, happy voices and rewards.

Next step is to attach the five foot lead to the middle of the treadmill (if you don't have somewhere to attach it in the middle you can actually just hold the lead) it can help to have two people doing this - one holding the lead and one being able to turn the treadmill on and off.

When they are comfortable with the sound of it - Then have them stand on the treadmill and turn it on the lowest speed. Don't worry if they seem scared or nervous - that is normal. Lots of praise and encouragement - keep them focused on you. Give it a few seconds and turn off the treadmill - then straight away go back into the game of sitting on the treadmill (while it is turned off)- sitting by the side of it (while turned on). Keep repeating this until they feel comfortable on the moving mat at a low speed.

You also want to make sure they stay in the center of the mat - length ways as you don't want them getting to close to the end - if they are then it is probably going to fast for them. Weaving from side to side is normal as dogs have a different way of balancing then we do. Have a treat or squeaky toy in your hand to keep them focused on YOU.

Do this daily for about a week making sure to slowly increase the amount of time they spend on the moving mat. About 10-15 minutes of this "game" is good to start with.

When they feel comfortable just being on the moving treadmill - then SLOWLY start turning up the speed. Keep using the lead until you are sure they have found their balance on the treadmill. I used the lead to keep Reilly's head up and focus on me and slowly began to loosen the lead until he could walk on it with out it.

To find the perfect speed for you dog - they should be able to do a nice easy trot on it and keep pretty much in the center (length ways). Reilly's optimum speed is 2.5 - 2.8 depending on his mood :) Each machine varies though so you will have to find what works best for your doggie.

Remember this is a new exercise - so just like us they will need to build up stamina. Reilly started off with just 5 minutes for the first week of walking by himself on the treadmill, then 10 minutes the second week, then 15 minutes the third week. He now does his mile in 12 minutes - but he's been using the treadmill for three years now. Also remember NEVER just stop the treadmill while they they are on it - like us they need to cool down - so gradually slowly the speed down over a few minutes until coming to a stop.

Key things to remember :
1. Make it a fun game with of encouragement, praise and treats.
2. Keep them focused on you (using either a treat or their favorite toy)
3. Be in a calm happy mood - if they can feel you are worried - they will be worried!!!
3. Use a lead to keep them on the treadmill until they feel comfortable just being on it by themselves
4. NEVER NEVER NEVER - leave them unattended - not even for a second! Stay by them at all times. I had a chair nearby so I could sit and watch him.
5. Never have them flat out running !!! They just need a nice steady trot to get a good workout.
6. You can put a doggie bed at the end of the treadmill just encase they do slide off it. It happens sometimes when they get distracted by a noise or something.
7. NEVER put you doggie on the treadmill just after they have eaten. Exercise can encourage a bowel movement and trust me - poop flying off the back of the treadmill is not fun!!! (we learned that one by accident and poor Reilly was sooooo embarrassed)

It does take time for them to feel comfortable on a moving machine. I think I probably spent at least 2-3 weeks making sure Reilly felt comfortable on it. Now as soon as I say "treadmill" he races over to it and jumps on - waiting for me to turn it on.

Okay, I think that is everything. Feel free to ask any questions.


Oh MOM !!!! Did you really have to tell them about the poop incident - I am soooo embarrassed now !!!!


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Oh dog - a birthday surprise !!!

"HEY MOM - THERE'S SOMEONE AT THE DOOR !!!" Oh my dogness - it's the mail-lady and she bought me a present - she even gave me a pat on the head !

It's a VERY big box and it is from my buddies Maggie and Mitch. I wonder what is inside?

Come on Mom - hurry up and open it already! Okay what do we have here and why is "the honey badger" checking out MY pressies????? Let's see - a water bottle toy monkey. Can I get a drink from that Mom??? {Mom} "No Reilly, you put an empty water bottle inside so when you play with it make scrunchy noises - same as it does when you play with a water bottle - but much nicer". Okay - that will be fun, what else is there. I see treats - yum pumpkin and apple flavor. A bone - yum! and a bone toy {Mom} "that will be good for cleaning your teeth." What else is there, oh a big tough toy, yep we can put that to good use in the garden and look at the cute card my buddies sent me. Will you put that in my scrap book Mom, you know I like to keep my cards. {Mom} "Yes Reilly"

Okay - what is going on here - why does "the honey badger" have MY bone and MY toy? Give those back you little "THING" they are MY birthday presents !!!!!

{Mom} "here you go Reilly - try some of your cookies"
- Mmmmm these are good - keep them coming Mom.

I think I should have a birthday like this EVERY day. Thank you Maggie and Mitch. I LOVE everything and so does "THING - Denny" and "IT - Jackson". Last we saw of "IT" he had MY bone in his mouth and he was heading out the doggie door to his favorite hiding place - under the deck (he knows I won't fit under there - not fair) so we couldn't get a picture of him.

Mmmm these cookies are really good, really really good!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Not So Great Birthday

So here we were getting ready to go to the pet store and Mom just HAS to give me a quick brush before we go. She notices the fur on my chest and neck feels kinda damp and moves it apart to look. Where I have been scratching it is BRIGHT red and kinda oozy. Mom calls the vets straight away but we have to wait until our appointment that afternoon - - - but but but --- what about the pet store????? "Later Reilly" she says "I am not putting a collar on you with your neck so sore looking." Hhmmmmmfffffff - I grumbled as I flopped down dejected on the floor!

So in the afternoon, off we go to the vets - no fun. He moves my fur around, pokes and prods and says YES - that is definitely infected. We need to shave that area so we can put some powder on it and then we have to keep it dry. Mom says she will do the shaving (as she knows vets don't really care about how something looks). So now twice a day I have antibiotics to take, have the area washed and dried and then powder has to be put on it. He says I have a very large and nasty 'hot spot' on my chest. Some birthday huh!

The Denny also came with us and had his 12 week shot and his rabies shot. That "little honey badger" has put on 2 pounds already !!!

Now as for my present - my Dad bought me a brand new treadmill - which of coarse I will let him use occasionally. I love being on my treadmill and with it being so hot outside this is the perfect way for me to get a good workout. Mom says I REALLY need to work out as she was ummmmm a bit embarrassed when the vet weighed me. I did get a bag of jerky and some treats for my birthday too and Mom says when my chest and neck isn't so sore (and I can wear my collar) we can go to the pet store. - Hey Mom - does that mean I am running naked !!!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's My Birthday !!!

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me. I am a big 4 years old today and Mom has a fun filled day planned for me - I will share pics of my day later and show you what my Dad got me. And look - my Mom had a postage stamp made in honor of my birthday - how cool!


Monday, July 18, 2011

The Garden Monster - Uncovered

The Mom put a soaker hose on my tree this evening to make sure sure it got a really good drink as we are heading for temps in the 100+ all week and guess who appeared - that naughty little garden monster. Caught red pawed he was, happily digging in the softed ground. He dug himself quite a hole and seemed to enjoy it even more as it filled up with water. You can biggify the last photo to see what a little mess he made of his face. And YES - the Honey Badger is growing !!!!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Tornado Sing-A-Long

Every Thursday at 12.01pm on the dot - I just have to race outside and have my sing-a-long. How kind it is of the city to do this regular tornado siren check just for me. It is so nice to have some background accompaniment so that EVERYONE in the neighborhood can hear my wonderful singing voice (glares at Mom who is laughing in the background) Yes, I admit I haven't quite got the howling down part yet - but I am getting there. A few more weeks of practice and I will sound like a wolf baying at the moon! I will do my ancestors proud ! Denny as you will note was paying careful attention and I am sure I can teach him to sing too.

PS - It's going to be my birthday in 4 days and I will be 4 years old - where has the time gone. Tomorrow I will show you what my Dad got me for my birthday!


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Those Pesky Monsters!

Hmmm what happened over I wonder..........

Come on Denny "we had better check this out because I don't think the Mom is going to be to happy when she sees what I see!"

Denny thinks it would be better to just stay and look cute on the lawn.

Oh Oh - The Mom is definitely NOT going to be happy when she sees this - Look - those pesky garden monsters have attacked her herb planter!!!!

And look - they have left little paw prints just like ours!!!!

Jackie checked it out carefully and was sure he could detect monster smell.

Yep - those pesky monsters better hide cause the MOM is on the war path. It was bad enough they were digging holes in the lawn but getting up and deck and attacking her planters......oh oh !

Monday, July 11, 2011

What will his ears do today?

eLO ITZ ME DENY - izzz lernin ta bloogg hfgffp;h;fnagfjngghb44uy350

Okay Denny - I think you better let me take over and you can try again in a few weeks. The boy has potential - pitty about the four left feet at the moment though! As you can see 'the thing' I mean Denny (YES MOM - I remember - geesh!!!!) is going through what all we shelties go through - the ear up, the ears down, one ear up, one down, slightly tipped, straight up and so on. This will probably be happening for the next six months. Mom prefers we dogs go "au natural" - which mean our ears will end up being what ever they turn out to be - naturally. The Denny as you can also see is a shade hog and likes sitting under MY tree - the one MY Mom bought for ME. Well it is 104 outside so I guess I can't complain - well I could but Mom would just grumble at me!

As you can also see Denny and "IT" get along just fine. Here was Denny having a nice nap (resting on his paw even) and "IT" had to come over and check on him and wake him up. Denny was caught having a little puppy yawn. Click on the pictures to see them bigger - he does look kind of cute.

Me - I am still happy keeping the youngster at a distance for the moment and letting it pounce all over "IT" with those sharp little teeth. Ahhhhh sweet revenge! The "IT's" Mom will be leaving at the end of this week - heading back to Nebraska and "IT" will be staying here until she finds an apartment. She also has some training to do so the "IT" will probably be here for another month. It will give the Denny something other then me to gnaw on for awhile - gotta love that. Keep cool every furbody if your in the hot zone and make sure the hoomans keep those water dishes filled and the air conditioning up high :)