Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Not So Great Birthday

So here we were getting ready to go to the pet store and Mom just HAS to give me a quick brush before we go. She notices the fur on my chest and neck feels kinda damp and moves it apart to look. Where I have been scratching it is BRIGHT red and kinda oozy. Mom calls the vets straight away but we have to wait until our appointment that afternoon - - - but but but --- what about the pet store????? "Later Reilly" she says "I am not putting a collar on you with your neck so sore looking." Hhmmmmmfffffff - I grumbled as I flopped down dejected on the floor!

So in the afternoon, off we go to the vets - no fun. He moves my fur around, pokes and prods and says YES - that is definitely infected. We need to shave that area so we can put some powder on it and then we have to keep it dry. Mom says she will do the shaving (as she knows vets don't really care about how something looks). So now twice a day I have antibiotics to take, have the area washed and dried and then powder has to be put on it. He says I have a very large and nasty 'hot spot' on my chest. Some birthday huh!

The Denny also came with us and had his 12 week shot and his rabies shot. That "little honey badger" has put on 2 pounds already !!!

Now as for my present - my Dad bought me a brand new treadmill - which of coarse I will let him use occasionally. I love being on my treadmill and with it being so hot outside this is the perfect way for me to get a good workout. Mom says I REALLY need to work out as she was ummmmm a bit embarrassed when the vet weighed me. I did get a bag of jerky and some treats for my birthday too and Mom says when my chest and neck isn't so sore (and I can wear my collar) we can go to the pet store. - Hey Mom - does that mean I am running naked !!!!



  1. I've been threatening to get a treadmill, if you like it maybe I will get my boys one. I'm sure you'll get a belated birthday shopping trip.

  2. Reilly I am so sorry to hear about your infection and your trip to the v.e.t. on your birthday! What a drag! But you got a really cool present! You are so good at walking on the treadmill. I have never tried one but think it would be awesome! Feel better soon!

  3. What a great birthday present. Sorry to hear about your ouchie.

  4. What a bummer about your hotspot, Reilly and on your birthday too!
    Look at you go on your treadmill! We hope you got a HUGE cookie for walking a whole mile! Nice job!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Wow, you are a good boy agreeing to walk on that thing. Oreo had to do that for 3 months, but underwater! He hated it.

    Sorry that your birthday involved a trip to the vet!

  6. Oh dear, those hot spots can really be nasty and it is so important to get the air at them. Hope yours heals quickly.

    Cool pressie - have you done that before, Reilly? You are so good at it. Mom would love to have us do that too, but she is afraid we would fall off and get hurt.

    Hope your boo boo heals quickly.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  7. Wowser, you were to hot for yourself Reilly. I hope you get plenty of good presents, hugs and kisses for your barkday. Your cyber paw pal.


  8. You go Reilly! Very impressive. (And your tail is cute, too...)


  9. That's impressive! Hope you had a happy birthday and hope you're feeling better real soon. Lay on the guilt real thick so they will take to the pet store and buy you lots of stuff!

  10. Hey Reilly! That is really awesome. Next time can you show us how you get started and how you stop? Momma is thinking one of those would be great for Pea. Lucky for me the only place to put one is the basement. A place where mastiffs NEVER go.

    Sorry about the hot spot. Kind of icky.


  11. Reilly-
    You had to go to the vet and workout on your birthday...bummers!
    Actually you look like a pro on that thing. Dad has one of those, but I want no part of it!
    Happy Birthday, hope you a least get some low fat yogurt..heehee

  12. Awwwwwww, you poor pup. That SUCKS. the Mama says that I need a treadmill. In September, when the weather cools off some, we're going to do a K9 Fitness Bootcamp challengenon our blog. Would you be interested in taking part?

  13. Wow, that WASN'T a great birthday was it! I'm sure your Mom did a better job of the shaving then the vet you still look like a hotie. Very cool present, I am sure Katie would NOT walk on a treadmill...not princess enough for her I'd say. But she'd probably like to watch YOU walk on the treadmill! A mile is totally awesome!

  14. Weilly
    How dissapointing sweet fwiend not what you ow youw Mom ow any of youplanned, but I'm so glad it was discovewed befowe it could tuwn into a hoge ouchy fow you..having youw haiw cut in this heat is not so bad and WOW!!!! you got a tweadmill???
    That is soo cool! I can't go to the wun cause it's so hot . This will be pawfect fow all the bad weathews hot ow wainy ow too cold
    Happy Biwfday aftew all my gowgeous fwiend
    healing smoochie kisses

  15. Wow.. a treadmill for your birthday is really cool. Have a great birthday Reilly.. and hope your booboo goes away soon.

    woofs n licks,

  16. Happy Birthday, Reilly! Sorry to hear about your hot spot. Hope you get better soon.

    We can't believe you stay on that treadmill voluntarily for one lousy cookie. Mama would have to be mainlining us with liver treats to get us to do that. So does your mom also run a mile on the treadmill, to keep up with you?

    Jed & Abby

  17. Hope your hot and itchy spot goes away soon!

    (And your momma's very wise to do the trimming herself.) :)

  18. We have a human treadmill at home. Can it be used for dogs????

    Sorry your birthday wasn't as fun as you expected but they never are!!!! You just have to expect less next time, and it'll be better!!

  19. Ouch! Well, maybe you just got a hot spot cause you're such a hot dog (not like the nomming kinda of hotdog)!! Happy late b'day! Hope it gets much better!

  20. Oh no. I hope you feel better soon.

  21. Hehe, are you practicing your dance moves? Sorry for the vet visit on your birthday... I had some tummy issues on my bday, so we had to postpone it... trust me, trips and treats are just as fun and good even when they're late!

  22. Sorry your birthday included a tough visit to the vet. I am sure Mama will make it up to you.

  23. I LOVE this!! I think I could use one of those myself. teehee!

    Woofs & hugs,

    ~Bailey (Yep, I'm a girl!)


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