Monday, May 13, 2019

Hello dear is me the Denny. I haven’t been very well lately and could use some power of
the paw to help me get better. Last year I was diagnosed with kidney disease and I already had a bit of a thyroid problem too. I have to eat special food and takes lots of pills but I have been doing okay until the last 6 weeks. Mom noticed I was just nibbling at my food and I have been whimpering a lot. So off we went to see vet because mom though maybe I had a bad toofie. He couldn’t find anything wrong with my toofies or jaw so he ordered some blood tests and they showed my thyroid numbers, kidney function and liver function were all skwiffy. On top of that ...even though I haven’t been eating much I put on weight...but we won’t talk about that !!!!!!!

Anyway .....all those wacky numbers made my vet worry so he sent me off to see an oncologist vet. Thankfully there are no signs of any cancer or tumors but I do have an enlarged liver, my kidneys have a couple of cysts in them (which is normal with my type of kidney Disease) and I have very thick bile in my gall bladder. Now the problem I have is my special food for my kidneys has a high fat content and low protein but to control my gall bladder issue I need a low fat food with higher protein. You can see the do we treat both when they require the total opposite thing! 

My new lady vet is going to consult with a nutritionist vet to see if they can come up with a good diet for me. In the mean time they have added more pills ...that means I now have to take 11 a day. So some power of the paw prayers would be much appreciated and hopefully the pills and diet work so I won’t have to take so many of those yucky things mom tries to disguise as treats!