Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Art Of Sunpuddling - Refresher

It is me Jacccccckkkkeeeeee and I am here to give a refresher course in my Art of Sunpuddling. Are you ready ?

Step 1 - Find a sundpuddle
Step 2 - Place head in sunpuddle and check the temperature is JUST right
Step 3 - Wiggle and squirm until whole body is the puddle - make sure you look ubba cute while doing this.
Step 4 - Do a few Doga stretching exercises so you are totally relaxed
Step 5 - Close your  eyes, take some deep sighing breaths and drift off to dogland where you can dream of all sorts of wonderful things.
Step 6 - Practice sunpuddling daily to ensure you maintain optimal training performance.
Step 7 - Remember that the true art and state of sunpuddling is only achieved when sleepy little snores, woofs, growls and twitches are observed by others.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Goodbye Big Dude

It is with heavy heavy hearts we say goodbye to the "Big Dude" today. Mango, you made us laugh and cheered us constantly. Our heart goes out to your Momma - she will miss her big baby boy more then words can say.

Rest in peace big guy and give em hell over the rainbow bridge!

Missing you so much
Reilly and The Dweebs

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Before and After

Mom scored a free set of prints at Walmart so was looking through some pictures to get printed. Her eyes got all watery when she suddenly looked at me just before we moved to Arkansas and me now.  I rested my head on her knee and told her I am still the same boy - just not as hairy.  Mom gave me an extra big cuddle (yuk Mom!) and said she knows that - but that is so sad she can't do anything to help me not be so itchy scratchy.

We want to thank everyone for all their suggestions on my itchies. They say the first frost will help alleviate a lot of allergens in the air - so roll on winter!  Mom says she might have to get me a  coat  like Dweeb #1 wears to keep me warm - I think I would freeze Mom!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Bald Spot

As many of you know I have some severe allergies going on and Mom and Dad have tried EVERYTHING they and the vets can think of to help me. We have done diet elimination, de-allergerizing the house as much as doggily and humanly possible, allergy testing and shots that cost 1000's of those green things, prednisone, allergy medications, natural remedies - every kind of shampoo and itch treatment and the list goes on - all to no avail and my hairs is still getting thinner and thinner.  Mom is even more worried now that I have a huge bald spot on my back. My skin has been checked for mites, bacteria, infections and so on - and nothing. Apart from moving to another state (which wouldn't be at all easy) we just don't know what to do. Mom says she could cope with a bald me or even a short haired me - but she wants me to be happy and not scratching all the time and she just wants something - anything that could help control that.  (Mom - the more Reilly scratches the more he risks his skin getting infected and he has already had to be on a couple doses of antibiotics already because of that). If anyone has any more ideas - please leave us a message.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mommy update

A mommy update.

I must say I am bit confused. Weilly said Mommy had to go hospital so she would get all better but since she came home all she has done is sleep and stay in bed - that is not my idea of a better Mommy.  I want my old Mommy back - the one that plays with me and takes care of me. And what about my bedtime cookie -  I haven't had one in days even though Mommy seems to think it is bedtime all the time.

Mommy did manage to get out of bed this morning for a while and I did get a nice cuddle but I told her she isn't allowed to go to that hospital place again cause I don't like this 'getting better' business.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Doing fine

Dad is doing just fine, surgery went really well and she is able to get up and move around already. Not sure if they will let her home today will find out when the doctor sees her.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Fresh air

It is the MOST perfect day today - slightly chilly with clear blue skies. It is the first time in months that Mom has had to wear a sweater outside!

Anyway - we decided she needed to fill her lungs with nice fresh air before going to that hospital place tomorrow so we took her to MY park. We walked really slowly, sat on the grass for a long time and just enjoyed the sun and the breeze and breathed in lots of fresh clean air.

We encouraged Mom to do lots of sniffing around the bushes and such but she mumbled something about NOT wanting to read the latest pee mail - errrmmm Mom - may I remind you that that is the BEST part about going to the park!

See this little bench - that is Mom's favorite spot to sit - from here she can see both up and down the lake. Mom was VERY happy we took her to the park and got to enjoy this gorgeous day with us - we will back soon - hope you have a wonderful day too where ever you are.

Later in the day..........

Mr Lazy Bones Jackie (he normally sleeps in with HIS Mom until 11.00 am) missed going to the park when we took MY Mom earlier and MY Mom being the soft touch she is - took him over for a run later.

Now Dweeb #1 loves nothing better then hanging his nose out the window and having the wind blow his ears gawoof gawoof - the wind actually blows in one and right out the other!!!

(Oh...Mom says he is quite safe when he does this and is buckled in so he can't jump out and she only lets him do this at the park where the speed limit is really low) Need I remind him he a mere dweeb and that it is still MY park and I AM KING of it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Having a break ....

We are going to have a break for the next week or two - we will be very busy looking after the Mom as she is having surgery on Wednesday. (Yes - they are still trying to fix the problems they caused from when she spent the year in hospital) Hopefully this will be last surgery (Mom has hoped that for the last three surgeries but maybe fourth time will be lucky) I don't like it AT ALL when Mom goes into hospital but at least the Dweebs are here for me to annoy and that will keep my mind occupied until she is home again. Please send some power of the paw thoughts her way and hopefully we will be back real soon.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

The perfect picture

Mom - like so many Mom's and Dad's is always on the quest for the PERFECT picture. ALWAYS sticking that flashy beast THING in our faces and trying to get us to look at it. Well now she has sunk to a new low found a new way to do it. She sets her camera on continuous shot so it takes MULTIPLE photos one after another. She says the odds are getting that one perfect shot are so much better - hmmmmm wonder how that is working out for you Mom??? Here is an example from our walk in the park.

Got all my ducks in a row

I was on VERY official business today - checking that MY park was all in order and remains C.A.T free. We started off by wandering down the path were the dreaded C.A.T's have been seen before - I am pleased to report that there was not a one in sight! We did A LOT of sniffing just to make sure though - those sneaky critters like to hide - hmmm squirrel smell but no C.A.T.

Once we were sure MY park was secure we could relax and enjoy the shade and the scenery. And check out this totally weird mushroom we found - Mom says it looks like a pepper! Remember you can click on the photos to see them bigger. Personally I have no idea what a mushroom or a pepper is - but we will amuse the Mom and say 'yes' it is interesting. PS: Mom did a bit of research and she thinks this is a Amarinta Redcap Mushroom

Okay Mom - seriously ! Another boring ummmm interesting mushroom I mean. What is it about you peeps and mushrooms??????? After a thorough inspection of MY park I lined all MY guard ducks up in a row and told them to keep up the good work and to sound the alarm if they see any dreaded C.A.T.s lurking around. Those guys really quack me up with their diligence!!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A day to remember

A day to remember -

Mom first came to the United States on the 9th of September - just two days before terrorists attacked the World Trade Towers. It was not quite how she thought her first visit here would be and like everyone she remembers every moment of that day - watching it all unfold - being glued to the TV and that terrible devastating feeling everyone had. She remembers how Detroit (where Mom and Dad were at the time) suddenly became a "ghost town" as everything shut down and Dad coming home and just hugging and hugging her. The memories of that day and all the lives that were lost is something she will never forget.

But September 11th now has an added meaning for her because today she became an American citizen! WAY TO GO MOM! Mom thought she was just going to do the citizenship test today (which she passed easily and got all the questions correct) but then they told her the ceremony would be this afternoon and she would be getting her citizenship papers right there and then! Here are some pictures of Mom getting her citizenship - they make everyone double check all the spelling and details are right on the certificate. Mom said the only thing missing was us boys but we were there in a way - see Mom sat there plucking dog hair off her skirt while she was waiting BOL!

Monday, September 10, 2012

REALLY MOM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe MY MOM said I am getting to be "a grumpy old dog" Yes I am a bit grumpy but I am NOT old!!!!! Does this look like the face of a grumpy old dog? (Yeah - so I was thinking please someone get that Dweeb away from me - but hey he was invading my personal space!)

Mom also said she thinks she need I need to share my BLOG with the Dweebs "on what planet do you think that is going to happen MOM?"

Then she said that "if you want to continue being the official dog cookie taster for her doggie recipe cookbook then you had better learn to share". Hmmm what a dilemma - share my blog with the Dweebs or tasting cookies?

Dare I say the cookies won - so okay I am sharing - "look up" to the new header I created.

For some unknown reason Mom wasn't impressed - she doesn't think I should call them Dweebs - but what else would I call them - that IS what they are!!!!

Hey Mom - just to make you happy I will share a photo with Dweeb #2. Make sure you spray him down with cootie spray before you let him near me though.

Tomorrow Mom is off to Memphis to take her citizenship test so she can be an American like me..........please keep your paws crossed BECAUSE she is REALLY REALLY OLD and her memory isn't so great. She has all the dates figured out - she just gets confused on the wording ......having an aged parent can be such a draw back sometimes - goodness knows what she would do if I wasn't here to remind her of things!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dweeb Free Zone

Enough is enough!!! This is MY blog - the BIG DOG, the one the only original Cowspotdog - the Dad's Boy- Dog, The Oldest Dog, The MOST Handsome Dog, The Smartest Dog, the one the Mom adores and the one who started this BLOG.

I hereby declare this a DWEEB FREE ZONE!

Who do those dweebs think they are coming on MY blog and asking if they are cute or wanting sympathy for an ouchie leg?

Do I come on here bragging how I am the protector of the house and MY family, how I am Mom's special boy who lets her know when the phone is ringing or someone is at the door or when Dad comes home. Do I rave about how I patrol the fence to keep unwanted types out - how I make sure the tornado's sirens are on the right key every Thursday by singing along with them, how I make sure Mom gets plenty of exercise by taking her walkies to MY park - how I protect MY park from the invasion of the evil C.A.T.S. Do I rant about how I keep Mom amused by letting her think she is teaching me all these cute tricks or that I am the official taste tester for all the weird and wacky dog cookie recipes she tries.

NOOOOOOOO I am an extremely modest and dignified dog who also happens to be handsome, intelligent and well educated. So when I put my paw down you KNOW I mean business and the ground shakes with the thud! I AM PUTTING MY PAW DOWN!

THIS IS NOW A DWEEB FREE ZONE - at least until tomorrow !

Friday, September 7, 2012

Mr Limpy

Hello - it is me - Denny or Mr Limpy as Mom calls me now. Can you believe the BIG DOG calls me Mr Wimpy - seriously I wonder about my BIG brother sometimes!!!!!

My left front leg is still ouchie and Mom says like any arthritis it seems worse when in the morning or after I have been napping and it's been resting a bit. Let me tell you something - even though it's ouchie it ain't keeping me down. I still run and bounce and play like crazy with the Jackie. Mom tries to make me be careful but you know "a pup has to do what a pup has to do" - and that is PLAY!

The last few days have been terribly hot again - it was 104 degrees yesterday so what little time we do spend outside is under BIG DOGS tree in the shade.

Mom said she planted his tree just for Weilly - I wonder if she will plant one for me. I think this tree is really mine anyway as the BIG DOG hardly ever sits under it - he only likes sitting under the air conditioner.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ear to the ground

It's meeeeeee Jackkkkkeeeeee!!!!!!!!!! I have dognapped the BIG DOGS bloggie while he is napping) but I have had my ear to the ground and have heard I now have TWO admirers - *blush blush* two peoples actually like me - can you imagine that! Does that mean I have my own groupies?

BIG DOG says I am just a dorky dweeb and the peoples are just saying that because they feel sorry for me but don't you think I am just a little bit cute?