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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Whats New in Dogville this week #1

For those that are new to our blog - ME and Mom - sorry Mom - "Mom and I" have our own model train layout and each week we are going to share what is new in our "Dog Inspired Town" that we have called Dogville. We have and still are - naming many of our buildings and other things after our dog blogging buddies and everything we add to our town we try to make doggie related - so here we go for this week. Make sure you click on the pictures so you can see the details!

The first thing is Miss Asta's Gazebo - and you can see - we have added Miss Asta to it - isn't she cute! Miss Asta still needs our 'power of the paws prayers' while she waits for her test results to come back. We will add her markings later - Mom has a cold at the moment and is sneezing to much to paint such a teeny tiny thing. We also have a new B&B&B (bark, bed and breakfast) which we don't have a name for yet. Suggestions are welcome.

Next we have added a dock and a boat to Lake Misty Shores (named after Miss Sara's Angel girl Misty). There is actually a doggie on the dock -can you see him? You can also see Angel Maggies swans and ducks on the lake.  And FINALLY - gee Mom thanks!!! Something named after me! O'Reilly's Hotel - the MOST pet friendly hotel you will ever find - we are taking bookings now and our restaurant and room service caters just for us - plus there is Pip's Roadkill Cafe just down the road.

After MUCH hunting online we have found as many doggies as we could to include in our layout (we continue to look too) We are trying to find ones that remind us of our buddies.  As you can see from the penny - they are SMALL! And yes you see right - that dog is peeing on the fire hydrant!  Next we found this awesome truck that reminded us of Bert and Sugar - their pictures are on each side!

We also wanted to honor 9/11 which is when Mom actually arrived in the States, became an American Citizen on - and has special meaning to everyone so when we saw this truck - we had to have it. And what town wouldn't be complete without a KFC. Mom has fond memories of KFC as it was the 1st American fast food place to build in her small town back home in Australia and she loved it! She doesn't like the American KFC though - it is too peppery.

Lastly we had to include this Nestle carriage for Dad as he works for Nestle.  And of coarse - when we saw this Milk-Bone carriage  or hopper as they call them - it was also a must have. Oh, we also added some BIGDOGS (horses) - you can see them in the background. Mom almost forgot about them!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Musing on Monday #10

Adrenaline, Will Power, Stoicness - call it what you will -  is an amazing thing you know.

Take for example this scenario - Poor ME - (Reilly) injured his leggie on Saturday which as you know resulted in me getting a car ride to the VET after I was ABANDONED by Mom and Dad when they went antiquing without ME. Now some of you suggested this was payback - as if moi would EVER do such a thing - for being left alone to baby sit the Dweeb!

But it was a BAD and EXCRUCIATING strain - let me tell you - I couldn't even put my foot on the floor - except when that darn dog that lives behind came to close to MY fence and I had to race outside as fast as my 4 feet could carry me - to tell it off. Then I would see Mom watching me and limp back inside on 3 feet. It was the pumped up adrenaline that allowed me to do this of coarse - I HAD to protect MY fence line and MY Mom and Dad of coarse.

And yesterday - when Mom and Dad took us to the park - NOT for a walk but just to let us sniff - the sheer JOY of being out dulled my immense pain and allowed me to walk around on all 4 feet and sniff to my hearts content - until Mom and Dad said 'let's go home now' and then I had to limp my way back to the car and wait for Dad to pick me up and put me in MY back seat.

Now some of you implied I should "milk" my injury for all is is worth - but would I do that - REALLY?  Would YOU do that?  (heck YES) NEVER!  I am after all an educated dog - a dog of integrity and I would NEVER take an opportunity such as this to get extra treats, attention and pampering. If you believe that - I also have this awesome swamp to sell ya - perfect for building a city on!

{Note From Mom} Reilly's leg is much better today - he still has a bit of a limp but at least he can walk on all fours now - as long as thinks I am not watching him :)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Earthquake !!!!

The earth shook, the windows rattled, the dweeb got all nervous and worried, Dad noticed Mom and me didn't.

Yes - we had us an earthquake yesterday at 4.30pm. It was only a 3.6 magnitude and was centered about 20 miles south east of us but we still felt it.  We actually live quite close to the New Madrid Fault Line so tremors in this area are not uncommon but this is the first time we have ever felt one. There was no reports of damage of injuries - Mom says Mother Nature was probably having a good stretch after snoozing through winter. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

How To Scare The Mom and Dad

The Mom and Dad decided to do a little antique store looking this morning - so off they went WITHOUT me. I was not to happy being left with the dweeb but Mom did give us both a nice tasty bone to chomp on while they were gone.

When they came back an hour later Mom noticed straight away that I was on 3 feet instead of 4!  I was holding up my back right leg and wouldn't put it on the floor. Mom was all in a panic and called the vet straight away and we headed off to see him, (Yay - I got a car ride!)

Mr Vet checked all my toes and all my joints - he couldn't find anything. He checked my ligaments and muscles and no amount of prodding caused a single response. I am after all the MOST stoic doggie he has EVER met. So after scaring Mom and Dad (that will teach them for leaving me) it appears I may just have strained a muscel - probably from racing off the back deck to fast). I have some anti inflammatory pills and some pain medicine to take and he says if I am still favoring it on Monday to come back.

In the meantime I am just lazing around and enjoying LOTS of extra pampering - MOMMMMM bring me another cookie and add some cheese to it too!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Ice Storm & Pudding Cup Day

It did NOTHING but RAIN, RAIN and more RAIN yesterday - so we were pretty much stuck inside because you know water makes us shrink - you did know that didn't you? There was NO WAY we were going to go and get wet! It was also so cold - the rain froze on the trees and we had icicles everywhere.

Needless to say we were SSSSSOOOOO bored - that was until Mom pulled out the pudding cups and made us some treats.

Quick and simple - 1 Mashed banana, a small container of rice milk yoghurt, (you can use ordinary yogurt if you can handle lactose) 1 tsp honey and 1/2 cup cooked rice. Mix altogether and pop in the freezer for 1/2 an hour - then let the slurping begin!

I hate to admit it - but Dweeb has the advantage when slurping pudding cups - he has a pointy snoot and it makes it easier for him to reach the bottom - of coarse that gives me a good chuckle every time he gets the cup stuck on his nose - gawoof gawoof.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Trip To The Pet Store

Yesterday was the official "love your pet day" so Mom treated us to a trip to our local pet stores. Hey Mom - it says you save 50 cents when you buy these! "No Reilly - those are not treats you can have" But they are on special Mom - and you KNOW you love a bargain !!!!  "No Reilly - come on - there are lots more treats over there - just follow Denny" Follow the Dweeb - you've got to be kidding - the ONLY things he wants do is LEAVE - he is such a wuzster!

I don't see any treats down this aisle MOM -  just boring old dog food and this isn't even the kind I eat!!!  Wait a minute - is that some kibble I see on the floor over there. "NO REILLY - you don't eat food off the floor!"  Awwwww Mom - you spoil all the fun!   

Sometimes taking Mom shopping can be a real downer - but she did eventually come through and find me some treats we could have - gawoof gawoof - at the other pet store.

Dweeb in all his wisdom doesn't LIKE the big chain we went to our smaller local one where the girls LOVE us! That is where we found our treats - all made in the USA, no nasty additives, chemicals or hormones.

Yes - we were one one pair of happy puppers when we got home and I can tell you and that bison jerky definitely has my "paws up" of approval! Yep - it official - our Mom LOVES us :)

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sssshhhh I have a surprise for Mom

It is me - the one and only Denneeeeeeee. Do you know I have my own special spot 'under the table' and even my own special mat. This is a memory foam mat and it is nice and cool to lay on - and you can see I have left 'my mark' on it (yes -  I chewed a piece out of it but I told Mom the Monsters did it)

Anyhoo - now I am getting to be a big grown up boy and can do all clever things like the BIG DOG (Reilly) does. I can blog for myself and cruise around online looking at lots of interesting things.

Well yesterday I was on ebay checking out 'doggie related stuff' when I came across this. You will have to click on the picture to see it bigger.  It is a whole agility set for Mom's train layout. How super cool is that!!!!   Now this is a collectors set originally from Germany (someone in New York is selling it) - and I checked ALL over the internet to see if there were any more available (at a better price) - but I couldn't find a single one. So I went back and put a bid on it (Reilly said it would be okay this once and that I wasn't allowed to do it without his approval) . We have to wait 4 whole days to see if we get it - we sure have our paws crossed. I think Mom is going to LOVE it.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Musing On Monday #9

Mean Spirited Peoples don't sit well with us - so for those who 'complained' about MY mom's train stuff being on MY blog - guess what "we don't care!" And no - we didn't even bother putting your comments up for others to read!

ANYTHING my Mom does includes us and even if she is working on her train stuff she always stops and gives us pats and cuddles, slips us a cookie and she always make time to take us walkies. Heck - I have even decided 'life next to the table" instead of under it - is pretty darn good. For some reason I like watching those silly things go round and round.

So if you don't like OUR train stuff - to bad because it is here to stay. Our doggie lives are made up of our Mom & Dad's lives and what ever interests them interests us too.

Now of coarse even Mom knows this is MY blog - and that I will OCCASIONALLY share a spot with her ...but there is no way I would let her go crazy on it - for it is after all MY blog and is all about ME (and occasionally the Dweeb)  She has in fact got her own blog called Dogville USA which you can check out here if you want to see the process she went through to make Dogville and some of the tips and tricks she used.

You can check out the video to see all the things we have made to honor our dog blog buddies and see better close up photos of all the buildings here. We have also named the Gazebo after our Sweet Miss Asta - we still have our paws crossed that she get good results back on her tests.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Playing at the playground

We went back to the park today - it was still bright and sunny but only 40 degrees today - 20 degrees colder then yesterday. Poor Mom had to double rug up with thermals and sweats plus a coat, mittens and a hat and even then she was still cold! We keep telling her she just needs to grow a furry coat all over like we have and she would be toasty warm.We followed the lake edge for awhile saying hello to the turtles and ducks and then  decided to check out the playground.

It was very quiet ....certainly no rug-rats (they were all in school) and no other people for that matter. I guess they had all decided to stay home in the warm. Mom was thinking that is where we should be but we told her we could get out of the chilly wind - if we went and checked out the castle. But NO Mom - we are NOT going to climb the mountain just so you can take silly flashy beast pictures. Sometimes you just have to brave the elements to enjoy them :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

Turtles don't lie

We think it is official - the turtles have come out of hibernation at the lake and are out sunning themselves - which means spring must be just around the corner. Maybe Punxsutawney Phil got it right this year!  With only a 34% accuracy the odds were not in his favor - but the turtles - now that is another story and we all know turtles don't lie - right! 

We guess the turtles are still a little cold though because this guy didn't move even when Mom got within 3 feet of him - normally they dive in the water if you so much as look at them from 30 feet away!

Yesterday was a wonderful 60 degrees and it was a bright and sunny - perfect for a wander in the park which is what we did - heck we even thought it was a little too warm for us - we worked up quite a pant!!!!   It still looks pretty bleak - all brown a dead looking but we did find this nice bed of green moss to rest on. Oh - moss also means spring !!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentines Day

We want to wish every furbody and their peeps a Happy Valentines Day
We especially want to send special messages to our two favorite girls - Miss Katie (from Reilly) and Miss Eva (From Denny)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wordless Wednesday

Do you see them?

My point has been made - The Dweeb and now totally WEIRD Denny was scratching at the bathroom tiles this morning and when Mom went to see what he was doing she noticed you see them? Mom says they look like a medieval Nun and Monk.  Hey Mom - didn't you just have your eyes tested a few weeks back?  It was a bit weird why Denny was scratching at the floor though - maybe it is a spooky doggie six sense at work.

Click on the picture to see them better -Mom outlined one to make it easier to see.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Musing On Monday #8

Today I am pondering on the human need for hobbies - of which personally I think we dogs should be the ONLY thing that really interests them.

Never the less - humans seem to like doing 'other' things apart for patting us, taking us walkies, taking us to the pet stores, feeding us, playing with us and basically spoiling and pampering us - which could be a life time obsession I would think!  But alas no - they seem to have this 'need' for other 'things'.

Take for instance MY Mom - she is indeed one of those creative types - always doing something, sketching, painting, drawing, creating, sewing, making things, cooking (now cooking I don't mind her doing at all).

Of coarse her latest 'thing' is the model train - and hence the title of my new research paper - 'Life Under The Table - Dealing With Human Obsessions' to be published later next month in the Journal of Dog Psychology.  Here is what I have had to deal with over the last few weeks.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Facts

Yes - it is me Dennnnnnnnny!!!!! I don't to get to blog as much as the BIG DOG - but sometimes (if he is snoozing) - he will let me.

Today I am going some answer questions we have been asked in the comments.

1. Why no swimming at the lake? - No - it's not because of gators :) It is a combination of things -

a. the Canadian geese poop in the water so much it causes high bacteria levels in the water - not safe for swimming
b. HUGE populations of turtles - including Snapping turtles that love wiggly toes!
c. No resident life guards - therefore it would be an insurance liability
d. Lots of old trees and roots in the water that are dangerous and could snag someone. We are amazed at the number of Christmas trees that end up in the lake after the holidays - people are so lazy - if they can drive to the lake to throw the Christmas tree away - why can't they drive to the trash depot?

2. How is it that Reilly and I walk so nicely next to each other and don't get tangled.
Well - I am a bit of scardy cat, nervous nelly, petrified pupster and cowardly critter (all names Reilly calls me) and when we go walkies I like to stay glued right by his side cause I know he will protect me. When we go to the park I don't sniff, explore, I don't even pee or poop. I just walk - right by Reilly's side - that is all I do.

3. Jaccccckkkkkeeeee - some of you have asked how the little guy is doing. I sure do miss my little buddy - sigh! Well things didn't work out in Nebraska for his Mom so after a week they moved to Wisconsin and are now living with his Mom's sister and Dweeb cousin Max - remember him - the Boxer Mix. We don't really know how they are getting on yet but I sure know Jackie won't be enjoying all that snow. You can see him playing with Max here

Oh - do you notice - I am getting my BIG DOG coat. Mom says it is so thick she can barely get the brush through it and that I have a super fine and fluffy undercoat. One thing I do know - it is very warm and even on the coldest days I am still to be found on the nice cold tiles keeping cool.  

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Adventuring we will go

Mom suddenly decided this morning that it was good day to go adventuring, trust me - we didn't need any encouragement to go. We were out in MY car in the blink of an eye! We went somewhere new today - to a place called Lake Pointsette State Park. Now as parks go this is pretty small and Mom says she was a bit disappointed because this is actually a HUGE lake but the only access to it is right here at the boat ramp - the entire rest of the lake area has all private houses around it and you not allowed along the lakes edge. That is so unfair - how are we to find a nice dead fish to roll on???? It was also a very overcast day today - in fact it started raining just as we got back to the car - so the photos are a little dark.

After a quick look around at what tiny bit of the lake we could see we agreed with this sign 100% - NO swimming!!! Why any doggy would want to get wet is beyond us! Time to head up into the woods - but first we have to cross the balance beam bridge - I think we deserve a perfect 10 for our routine - side by side we go - you don't see many doubles on the balance beam do you!

Next we dragged helped Mom up the hill reminding her to be careful not to trip on any of the tree roots or to slip on the moss. Can you believe she was mumbling to herself about how pretty it looked - like natures steps....blah blah blah - we just wanted to get to the deer do-do we could smell nearby - now that stuff is pretty!

When we reached the end of the trail look what we found - more stuff for Mom to eeeewwww and aaaahhhhh over - we found daffodils in flowers - there were hundreds of them - just growing wild out in the middle of nowhere. And then finally we were back at the beginning of the Great Blue Heron Trail. Yes - we did the whole 1.2 miles - probably more considering we kept dragging Mom down little side trails as we followed our noses. Mom says that she was sad that she could see the lake between the trees but there was no way to get to it. For some reason Mom loves being near water and doesn't understand this concept of people 'owning' lake shores.

Oh we nearly forgot to mention - on the way home - we saw not 1 but 2 REAL LIVE deer - just around the corner from where we live !!! It's only the second time she has seen them in the wild like that. Luckily Mom saw it off to the side and stopped the car as it bounded right in front of us - quickly followed by the second one. We tried telling Mom to give it a nudge with the car (to just hurry it along a little) but she said no - hey you can't blame us for trying - we do love a good bit on venison.