Sunday, February 3, 2013

Pip and Puddles Bucket Tour

Warning - some content may alarm readers!!!

Welcome to Arkansas Pip and Puddles

You do know you are NOT meant to stop on the Bridge like that don't you! Never ones to miss a photo op - those two just had a do a wheelie and block all the traffic going from Tennessee to Arkansas!!! Thankfully the police let them off with a warning!

We are sad to report that on the way to our town - Puddles who was driving at the time veered off the road and aimed for hit a squirrel. She quickly jumped out the car and tried to eat it - give it mouth to mouth  but alas it didn't make it. Puddles refused to let it go - mumbling something about 'waste not want not"

Of coarse it didn't bother us boys one bit when they turned up at the house and Puddles showed us her prize - it kind of freaked Mom out though and she said if you guys want to eat that you had better take Pip and Puddles to the "Road Kill Cafe" because there was NO WAY she was going to cook that thing!

We decided that the quickest way to get there was in our offroader and gave Pip the honor of driving - trust me - for such a little dude he sure knows how to handle the big wheels. I sure hope our insurance will cover that shed he ran over, the grain bins, the tractor and that stupid little prius car!!!!!

We arrived at the Cafe and checked out the Menu - dog oh dog - there was so much good stuff to choose from! Of coarse Puddles had the Squashed Squirrel, Pip went for the Rack of Coon, I (Reilly) had the Armidillo in the Halfshell and Denny went for the Rigor Mortis Rabbit!

After lunch we decided to do little exploring and ended up taking  this monster water walker through the Bayou we discovered the other day Dog oh Dog - I was hanging on for grim death - especially as the Dweeb was driving with Puddles riding shotgun. I was on the front shouting out directions - TREEEEEE left......TREEEE Rright........LOGGGGGG - thump. Poor Pip was sitting in the back seat hanging on for grim death.

By time we got home Denny and I were pretty tired - but Mr Pip and Puddles said there was something they HAD to do - we were a bit worried about letting them go off their own - but they said they were going to check some "art work" so we figured they couldn't get into trouble doing that!!!! Yeah Right!!!

When they got back to our house they joined in the party for Mom's Birthday today and as we were all resting up and watching the News on TV there was a story came on about these weird crop circles that had appeared in the rice fields near us.  The story was over pretty fast but I am pretty sure I recognized those faces in the crop circles. Pip and Puddles mumbled something about "the aliens did it".

Thanks for visiting us guys - hope you had a great time here in Arkansas - and try staying out of trouble where ever you go next!


  1. Happy Barkday Cowspot Mom.

    Essex, Sherman & Dog Dad

  2. I bet it was a dream come true to go to the Road Kill Cafe. I would of stayed there all day long. I knew PIP would be a master at driven that big off roader. I mean all this tour he has watched Puddles rollin' round off road. He had to pick up some tips.
    Happy Birthday to your mom, I bet having Pip and Puddles come by was the bestest of gifts she got.

  3. Pawsome tour and we loved the road-kill cafe. Brilliant menu. Glad you survived Thelma and Louise opps Puddles and Pips great adventure. Have a serene Sunday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Well, first and foremost, Happy Birthday to your Mom!!! I brought her home a little of my rack of raccoon! My mom is deathly afraid of raccoons, but I am thinking your mom is probably braver than mine!

    The Roadkill Cafe was a DREAM come true for Puddles and me. Maybe we ought start a chain of that place across the country! Never a shortage of roadkill that's for sure! We could all become millionaires and then hit the Vegas strip and make even MORE MONEY!

  5. Oh, and THANK GOODNESS I finally got to drive! Puddles never lets me drive, but you are right I can handle the BIG WHEELS like nobody's business!

  6. P.S: Hope we didn't take out too many trees on the way home ...

  7. Happy Birthday to your mom!!!

    Hope she gets a lot of kisses and licks from you guys; a big celebration and many many pressies and treats too.

    Denny and Reilly
    Mom and I are cracking up. This was definitely a 'wish we were there moment'. Armadillo on the half shell sounds delish 'cause I am watching my girlish figure ? I always try to eat 1/2 portions.

    Happy birthday to your very creative assistant
    Madi and mom

  9. Roadkill cafe? I think you have confirmed just about every preconception us Brits have about Arkansas.
    Toodle pip!

  10. I still can't figures out furs da life of me why your mom wouldn't lets me use her kitchen to clean up my squirrel I accidently deaded...hehehehe.


    Here has some of my squirrel, it's my gift to you.


  12. FURST We would like to say Happy HAPPY Birfday to your MOM... It will be one she will NEVER EVER FURGET..

    It is really grrrreat to see you at the Sledding Hill yesterday.

    NOW THEN... about the INVASION of the DOUBLE P's... (Pip and Puddles)...
    I can see that they didn't EVEN make it into your STATE without a run in with the PoPo. THAT is so typical.
    Oh MY... they wrecked some poor farmers field making crop circles?? That is Trespassing and Agricultural terrorism..
    At least you all had a NICE meal at the Road Kill Cafe.

  13. Woof woof!
    You had a real dangerous time there!
    They are such dare devils aren't they!
    Happy Birthday to Mum, hope she had a brilliant day!
    Pip :)

  14. Boy, that was really quite the adventure! Arkansas sure is a fun place!

  15. How will any of the other stops along the tour be able to compete with this! Deaded squirrel...Road Kill Cafe! I'd say this was just about the perfect visit. Well done!

  16. That was some welcome and some darn good time!!! Happy Birthday to your Mom!

  17. Happy Birthday to Mom!! I've been following this adventure and this one had me rolling on the floor. Dead squirrels, off roading, road kill cafe--what more could dogs ask for!!
    Maybe a beer or two :)

  18. That was a great adventure. Happy Birthday Cowspotdog Mom!!!

  19. First, HAPPY BIRTHDAY COWSPOT MOM, may you have 87 more. Second, can't believe you guys got off so easy with Puddles & Pip, most place are never the same! Did look like lots of fun.

    Your Pals
    Sus & Bites

  20. Hahaha! Oh my gosh! Never a dull moment with those two! I just finished cleaning up the yard from their visit with us yesterday.
    I'll bet Puddles was in seventh heaven at the Roadkill Cafe!
    I always knew Pip would be an awesome driver and I can see he handled that offroader wonderfully. Nobody fell out I take it?
    What a great time you all had! Hey, say Happy Birthday to your mom for us!

  21. DARN Pip is a MUCH better driver than PUDDLES is.. I think he should do ALL the driving from now on.

    WE are still DROOLING over the R.K. Cafe's MENU... Wish they would add some pickled Squirrel Feet and Eggs to their list though... Maybe they have them on the SPECIALS Board on Wednesdays.


    Puddles: Way to GO gurl!! Oh, um, sorry abouts your 'incident' with the poor forrest furry....
    I bets it tasted DELISH!! Oh, my mouth is waterin' just THINKIN' abouts it!
    I'm so glad you finally gots to drive Pip!! So, what's a few farm structures demolished anyhu?! I'm sure the insurance will cover it! BOL
    Don't worry guys, the PoPo has no idea where you are...there has been no updates on AMW today!

  23. Boy are you two the best kind of hosts ever. What a time you all had. I don't know about the crops circles, I think Pip and Puddles might have had a little something, when they left here we had a report of wierd snow circles out by the lake. Unexplained? I think not.


  24. That monster water walker looks like fun! How the heck did you get way up there?
    Happy Birthday to your mom, Reilly and Denny!

    Love ya lots
    Mitch and Molly

  25. How long did it take you to choose what you wanted from the Roadkill Cafe menu? We're droolin' over all the choices!

    What a fantastic time you showed Puddles and Pip. Bet that's a highlight of their trip.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  26. happy Birthday Bree!
    Who knew crop circles beed dogs in off roaders all this time? What a great adventure.
    ~Lickies, Ludo

  27. Oh pee ess: mum agrees there be too much enphasis on colour when it should be more about conformation and temperament. Just the other day Mum read an argument about parti coloured poodles. Not allowed in the breed standard, can be shown but some judges just would not place them. Yet, poodles come naturally in parti colours and is shown in really old paintings like it, till someone decided they should only be whole colours.

  28. You are so very lucky that the only thing Pip and Puddles deaded was the squirrel in the road. Well, we mean other than all the trees, the Prius, the shed, grain bin etc.

    And just check out that pawsome Roadkill Cafe! Heaven I tell ya! Their menu sounds so yummy.

    Aliens, crop circles, lions and tigers and bears oh my!

    We are so glad you all had a great time together. You'll remember this for a long, long time to come.

    Lily Belle & Muffin

    And a VERY Happy Birthday to you Mom! It pleased us to see Pip and Puddles joining in on the party.

  29. Happy Birthday Cowspot Mom..

    Oh my stars that was some road kill.

    xo Cinnamon

  30. Who's ready for seconds at the Road Kill Cafe??? I'll drive!

    Hope you had a wonderful birthday! Thank you so much for such a fun post!

  31. Firstly, Happy Barkday to your mom!

    Secondly...*BBBBOL* what a grrreat visit!! We would LOVE to eat at the Road Kill Cafe - that menu sounds beyond pawsome!!

    Wally & Sammy

  32. Well it looks like fun for us doggies but mom feels bad for that squirrel, the sucker

    urban hounds

  33. Happy Barkday to your Mom, that Roadkill Cafe looks like our type of place.

  34. OMD you gave me some great ideas for my pizza truck. "Toadalamode", that was incredible. I am going to have to steal some recipes. Crop circles!!! What will they do next, they are certainly leaving their mark every where they go.

    Loveys Sasha

  35. Wow, what an adventure! We are coming to your house, so we can go to that cafe too. That is our kind of cuisine!

    Wyatt and Stanzie

  36. Happy Birthday Bree! Those two crazy dogs, Pip and Puddles, making those crop circles, I always knew they were aliens for sure.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  37. Now those are some fancy crop circles!

    Love the roadkill cafe menu. :)


    P.S. Happy belated B-day!

  38. Catching up on some older posts -- we agree Aliens made the crop circles! You know those Aliens destroy everything at our place too -- it must have been the aliens.

    Again, Happy Birthday Cowspot Dog mom -- wow our mom's share the same birthday Feb 3rd! Our mom's must be twins :)

  39. Wow, what a fabulous Bucket Tour stop! Road kill, a cool ride, crop circles...what more could you ask for. Super-fun post and that must have been a great visit!
    Grr and Woof,
    Sarge, COP


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