Monday, February 25, 2013

Musing on Monday #10

Adrenaline, Will Power, Stoicness - call it what you will -  is an amazing thing you know.

Take for example this scenario - Poor ME - (Reilly) injured his leggie on Saturday which as you know resulted in me getting a car ride to the VET after I was ABANDONED by Mom and Dad when they went antiquing without ME. Now some of you suggested this was payback - as if moi would EVER do such a thing - for being left alone to baby sit the Dweeb!

But it was a BAD and EXCRUCIATING strain - let me tell you - I couldn't even put my foot on the floor - except when that darn dog that lives behind came to close to MY fence and I had to race outside as fast as my 4 feet could carry me - to tell it off. Then I would see Mom watching me and limp back inside on 3 feet. It was the pumped up adrenaline that allowed me to do this of coarse - I HAD to protect MY fence line and MY Mom and Dad of coarse.

And yesterday - when Mom and Dad took us to the park - NOT for a walk but just to let us sniff - the sheer JOY of being out dulled my immense pain and allowed me to walk around on all 4 feet and sniff to my hearts content - until Mom and Dad said 'let's go home now' and then I had to limp my way back to the car and wait for Dad to pick me up and put me in MY back seat.

Now some of you implied I should "milk" my injury for all is is worth - but would I do that - REALLY?  Would YOU do that?  (heck YES) NEVER!  I am after all an educated dog - a dog of integrity and I would NEVER take an opportunity such as this to get extra treats, attention and pampering. If you believe that - I also have this awesome swamp to sell ya - perfect for building a city on!

{Note From Mom} Reilly's leg is much better today - he still has a bit of a limp but at least he can walk on all fours now - as long as thinks I am not watching him :)


  1. OK Reilly, YES WE DO MILK IT!!! Cause us Terriers are extremely smart and we learned form a puupy stage how to be served! Heeheehee

    Your Pals
    Susie & Bites

  2. We are glad your leg is better as for milking it .....go on! Have a marvelous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Definitely Milk it, I'd demand Chicken and rice too :) BOL.. xxooxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  4. That's great news Reilly! Soon you will be able to chase that dog over the fence all the way home!
    Do you and the Dweeb-Denny play with Mom's cool train set? I mean in a sophisticated way, not a doggie-play way!) And have you heard from the second Dweeb recently?

  5. Maggie started limping on saturday also, did you to get together and plan decided she has learned to jump down from the chair, and probably hurt her little foot. At first tho she thought I had done it!!! Hope you are feeling better.
    stella rose

  6. Woof! Woof! No easy cure but REST it. Ask for more treats ... Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Careful not to milk it to long so you know who doesn't bring you back to the V-E-T
    Benny & Lily

  8. We KNOW you're in excruciating pain and NEED lots of treats and pampering to get better. You probably won't be well for ages.

    XXXOOO Daisy, bella & Roxy

  9. Hey Reilly, listen dude. Even though I can get around extremely well with my wheelchair and pretty much when I'm out of it as well. My mom and dad as well as our "dog walkers" all take extra time with me. I get lots of treats, daily massages, petting, walks and general all around "sucking up" that I'm telling you to "milk it" big time. That's BIG TIME, Reilly.

  10. I would milk it. No question. Have the humans given you a nice relaxing foot massage yet? X

  11. Why are you making them feel bad limping when they are watching you. Are you mad because they left you alone? You should be nice to your peeps, they love you.
    Thanks for being a friend
    Sweet William The Scot

  12. Reilly, I do hope your leg is better. Nice job on milking it and keep it up as long as you can. That is what I would do. The more you limp and look pitiful, the more treats and general loveys there are.

    Loveys Sasha

  13. Hi ya Reilly and Denny!

    Reilly so sorry you sprained your foot :( Very glad it's feelin better! :) So do you get extra pets when you milk it? ;) Too funny you are :)

    Waggin at ya,

    PeeS: I looked on Dogs with Blogs butt only could find their shop with the DWB products on it - nothing for all the Pet Bloggers with their own shops. Did I miss something?

  14. We are so happy that you're feeling better, Reilly! Keep improving, buddy!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly


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