Thursday, May 11, 2017

A Serious Disconnect

So Mom says we are going to have a nice "Spa Day" today and I am thinking - pawsome - trip to the beach, lounging in a chair - a nice hamburger patty (hold the bun), beach umbrella, gentle breeze, waiter bringing cold water and cookies when ever I want them - sigh!  Instead this is what I got - feet trimmed, nails done, butt shaved (Oh the indignity of it!!!!) ear cleaned and BRUSHED so much I barely have a hair left on my body!!!!! Mom - we have a serious disconnect when it comes to this whole communication thing about what constitutes a spa day !  Revenge is sweet though - she was so tired after doing all this and still had to start cleaning up and vacuuming !!! And YES - Denny got the spa treatment too !

Friday, May 5, 2017

Just taking it easy

Mom went to the beach this morning WITHOUT us!  Okay okay - so it is the ONLY beach where Mom finds the shells she needs but it is also the beach where we dogs are not allowed ...... which in itself is SOOOOOO wrong. Anyway - on her way back she came across this guy - a Gopher Tortoise (so named because they dig and live in burrows in the ground) Mom felt sorry for him as he was heading straight for a sand dune and she knows how hard they are to walk over for her - can you imagine how hard it is for a tortoise!!!!  Now although Mom was tempted to help him - she knows they are a protected species and are not to be touched so she left him alone - apart from sticking a camera in his face that is :)

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I told Mom......

I told the Mom that as much as I LOVE my deck it is starting to get a bit hot out now's (we have been in the 90 for the past week) I also told the Mom "I need shade - get me an umbrella woman" and she said "Yes Mr Reilly, Right Away Mr Reilly"  Okay - so it didn't QUITE go like that .....but Mom did get us a very fine Canter Lever Umbrella that we can tilt it all different directions to keep us cool when we want to be outside on hot days.

Now we must apologize for not being around much - Mom joined a new shelling art group on Facebook and has been undated with orders - so much so she hardly has time to take us walkies. She tells us that it is important though as Mr Denny continues to have problems with his back leg and it has got so bad we have had to put down rugs everywhere as he can't hold his footing on the wood floors. Mom thinks he might have to have surgery on his leggie so she is squirreling away as many pennies as she can.