Thursday, December 30, 2010

More gfawing

Jackson's mom went out yesterday and bought him a set of booties so his feet wouldn't get wet when he went out - WHAT A WUZ!!!!! He stood there in his new booties too scared to move and when he finally did he looked like a duck waddling! I have never laughed so much it was just so dog-gone funny. As for Maggie and Mitch mistakingly calling me queen of the house, you have adding insult to injury by now calling me the femine version of my name Riley - my name is Reilly. It is just lucky I have a soft spot for you two, so I forgive you :)

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Gfaw gfaw

Chuckle chuckle tee hee - Jackson called mom GRANDMA today!!!! For some reason she didn't seem very impressed. It is pouring down with rain here today and Jackson has stepped up "one" in my opinion as he doesn't like getting his feet wet either and any dog that dislikes water as much as I do can't be all that bad - that being said he still has a long way to go before I will accept him as part of MY family. Oh and I must point out to Maggie and Mitch that I am KING of my home not queen!!!!! Please, it's bad enough that humans think I am a girl but my furry buddies doing the same - sigh!


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Meet Jackson

May I present the latest addition to our family. Meet IT - oopps I mean Jackson. As I mentioned before he is a miniature wire haired dachshund of about 7 months of age and weighs 8 pounds. Now even though he has the tiniest legs I have ever seen, don't be fooled for this little guy can move. He is like a speeding bullet, he runs around like crazy! As you can see in the photo, his tail never seems to stop wagging either! Mom can't help laughing at him as he has of gray fur on his head that looks like a little mowhawk (what ever one of those is). She says this will get more pronounced as he gets older. He is a spunky little guy and not at all phased about me - I on the other hand am certainly bothered by him and this constantly wanting to play business. It is kind of fun and kinda scary too - and can you believe it MY DAD called me a "wuz" because I keep running away from Jackson. I mean to say - who knows what damage those sharp little teeth could do!


Monday, December 27, 2010

What a day

What a day I had yesterday. First I had a bath, then I got blow dried all over. After that mom trimmed the fur on my feet, around my little boy bits and under my tail. THE INDIGNITY OF IT!!!!!! Then mom cut my toe nails and dog oh dog did she feel bad when two of them started to bleed. They bled for nearly hour and mom was getting quite worried. Now admittedly it was my own fault as I tugged my foot just as she went to cut them but we are not going to let her know that are we. Mom put some gauze and a sock over my foot after she cleaned it all as I was leaving little bloody footprints on the carpet. Of coarse it finally stopped but I had to take advantage of the situation and kept giving mom my best "you hurt me" look which also means "you had better make this up to me by playing" Isn't it wonderful how expressive our eyes can be and what we can get when we use them to our advantage :) This morning I am just fine but I will remember that trick next time I want something. Oh, mom did put styptic power on my toes (which is suppose to stop bleeding) but it didn't help at all.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

They were forecasting a little dusting of snow for last night but sadly we didn't get any. Oh well, it is cold and I love the cold so I can't complain. I do want to wish every doggie and their humans a very Merry Christmas, have a wonderful day and don't forget to share with us some of that yummy Christmas dinner - it is Christmas after all and we deserve a treat. Also don't forget to be thankful on this day, I know I am. My mom is home this year instead of being in the hospital and is getting better with each passing day. My dad comes home to me every night now (instead of travelling with his old job) and we play every night and I get lots of cuddles. I have a new house with a huge yard that I can run around in and we have a beautiful park just 10 minutes away. Santa gave me everything any cowspotdog could ever want and I am happy!!!! Blessing to all and have a wonderful Christmas day.


Monday, December 20, 2010

I don't like IT

"She who is hardly seen" (dad's human daughter) recently moved in with us again. On Saturday Dad and she went grocery shopping but instead somehow ended up at the humane society and the next thing you know there is small furry thing wandering around MY home. His name is Jackson and he is a miniature wire haired dachshund of about 7 months of age. Mom was a bit upset as she had been wanting to get me a sheltie brother or sister and now she won't be able too, but at the same time she is glad that Jackson isn't in that bad place anymore. Dad said that although the people worked really hard there, it smelled bad and the cages were quite small. Anyway, this little thing has been following me around, stealing my cookies, running underneath me and I don't like IT. I have been growling at it and trying to get away from IT, but it just doesn't seem to take any notice. "She who is hardly seen" has gone to Tennessee for Christmas and took IT with her but when she gets back Mom will post some pictures. Mom is a little worried about me though, as I got myself very stressed out when IT was here and that upset my tummy and I got a bad case of the jelly poops. Hopefully I will get use to IT being here eventually - just so long as IT stays away from MY Dad.


Monday, December 13, 2010

My house

As most of you know, I have a new house and here it is. Mom finally got the camera out and took a photo - yeah mom! We had a very quiet weekend and didn't do anything at all. It was bright and sunny but also very very cold but as you can see, no snow for us. Mom is still contemplating over getting me a buddy, we have found one that we think will be perfect but it would mean a 14 hour round trip drive to go and get him and mom is not sure she can handle that. The other thing is mom would prefer to get me a sister but there just doesn't seem to be many girls available at the moment.


Friday, December 10, 2010

I have a twin !!!!

The picture on the left is of Bing - a happy and I must say rather handsome six year old. The picture on the right is me - also a handsome 3 year old. Bing also has a spot on his back like me but doesn't have the one on his tush like I do. It is amazing though, he has the same flop down ears, the little white fuzz around the nose the same brown on the face and the same kind of look in his eyes. I bet his mom and dad love him just as much as mine love me - how could they not? Do you have a twin somewhere in the world?

In other news Mom has been thinking about getting me a friend and has been checking out Puppyfind. She was quite sad to see the number of older dogs for sale (4-6 years old) that are no longer 'useful' for breeding. She doesn't understand how you can keep any doggie for that long and then just sell it, don't they deserve to be loved and cared for what they provided? These are not just puppy mills she is talking about either but well known and reputable breeders as well. What are your thoughts on this?


Monday, December 6, 2010

Out exploring

What a busy day I had yesterday. First I had a bath and a good brushing, then I got my nails clipped and then when I was all handsome off we went in the car exploring. Dad had found a new State park for us to go and look at and it was okay but certainly not the greatest. The lake was very brown and muddy looking and there wasn't any good walking trails but I enjoyed sniffing around anyway. We did come across a huge white goose that honked at us loudly, I don't know what it's problem was but it sure seemed to have a lot to say about us being there.

After the park we went on a drive and we saw some of the cutest Shetland ponies. Mom says they originally come from the same place I did. We also saw some of the most beautiful horse ranches and Dad says we will have to drive through there again in spring when it is all lush and green again. Poor mom found the car ride a bit difficult as we were driving through the Ozark Mountains and the roads were up and down and up and down - she ended up feeling a bit sea sick (ga-woof ga-woof) It was good to get out though and we enjoyed our day.