Monday, December 6, 2010

Out exploring

What a busy day I had yesterday. First I had a bath and a good brushing, then I got my nails clipped and then when I was all handsome off we went in the car exploring. Dad had found a new State park for us to go and look at and it was okay but certainly not the greatest. The lake was very brown and muddy looking and there wasn't any good walking trails but I enjoyed sniffing around anyway. We did come across a huge white goose that honked at us loudly, I don't know what it's problem was but it sure seemed to have a lot to say about us being there.

After the park we went on a drive and we saw some of the cutest Shetland ponies. Mom says they originally come from the same place I did. We also saw some of the most beautiful horse ranches and Dad says we will have to drive through there again in spring when it is all lush and green again. Poor mom found the car ride a bit difficult as we were driving through the Ozark Mountains and the roads were up and down and up and down - she ended up feeling a bit sea sick (ga-woof ga-woof) It was good to get out though and we enjoyed our day.



  1. It's great that you got out and explored a new place with your mom and dad! Even if there weren't good trails and stuff it is always fun to smell new smells! Sorry the driving made your mom feel sick! My mom gets car sick on winding roads too!

  2. Hi Reilly, that sounds like quite an adventure.
    We wonder what the goose was trying to tell you - maybe he was telling you this was his place.....!
    The car drive sounds nice but not so good if your mom felt car sick.
    We trust she feels better now - hopefully you helped your Dad make her a nice cup of tea once you were back home.
    Nice to see you out and about exploring and also just lovely to see you blogging.
    Much love
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. Adventures are usually good Reilly! In less of course they make the Mom feel sick! But the goose and the horses sound fun! It's always so much fun to explore a new place.

    PS: We'll send you some snow! We have enough already!

  4. Hi, there.

    Your dog has a twin.

    Well, not really, but they do look pretty similar.

    We came across your site and thought, "Bingo!?"

    Here's our 6-year-old Sheltie:


    Stoneham, Mass.

  5. I'm glad you enjoyed your day! Those big gooses can be loud and icky! Give your Mum licks for me.


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