Friday, December 10, 2010

I have a twin !!!!

The picture on the left is of Bing - a happy and I must say rather handsome six year old. The picture on the right is me - also a handsome 3 year old. Bing also has a spot on his back like me but doesn't have the one on his tush like I do. It is amazing though, he has the same flop down ears, the little white fuzz around the nose the same brown on the face and the same kind of look in his eyes. I bet his mom and dad love him just as much as mine love me - how could they not? Do you have a twin somewhere in the world?

In other news Mom has been thinking about getting me a friend and has been checking out Puppyfind. She was quite sad to see the number of older dogs for sale (4-6 years old) that are no longer 'useful' for breeding. She doesn't understand how you can keep any doggie for that long and then just sell it, don't they deserve to be loved and cared for what they provided? These are not just puppy mills she is talking about either but well known and reputable breeders as well. What are your thoughts on this?



  1. You and Bing do look a lot alike, Reilly!
    A sissy or brother would be such fun for you!
    We think it's so sad that people just toss out their pets like they toss out the garbage. It breaks out heart to think about how the poor animal feels.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. Wow - Bing is totally your twin!

    I don't like it either when I hear about breeders who sell off adult dogs who are no longer useful to them as breeding dogs. It's not right in my mind but apparently breeders have a very different mindset. My own breeder gave my dog mom away when me and my two sisters were 7 weeks old. And then they gave my dog dad away shortly after I came to live with my human mom because the puppies my dog dad was fathering were too small.

  3. Katie's breeder sold Katie's Mom when Katie was two. I so much wanted to buy her, but we just can't handle two dogs. I know that in Katie's breeder's mind she was looking for a very good home for the Mom, because she emailed us to see if we would take her. I hope Katie's Mom went somewhere that totally spoiled her, because I don't think being a breeder dog is a very good life.

  4. We are okay with a breeder selling off an adult to a furever home. That happened to Buddy.

    We finally got our new puter back up and running.

    Essex & Deacon

  5. Oh we must have missed this post - Bing does look like your twin.
    We cannot understand how people get rid of their dogs at all but hey look at us!!!!
    Bailey and I are of course absolutely adorable......!!!
    For some humans breeding dogs is just a job.
    Our own mum luckily says she could never part with us cos it is hard getting used to a new home.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  6. ps thank you very much for the offer to fix our blog - to be honest we are 'chasing our tails' at the moment so will leave it as it is for the moment.
    We appreciate your kind offer - hopefully we will get our other one back after Xmas cos we just love it too.
    Martha and Bailey and Mum xxxxx

  7. The Mum says breeder people do have a very different mind set. they don't really fall in love with their pups like our Mums and Dogs do. I don't know how they can't, though, we are so wonderful! I think it'd be so cool if you got a buddy to stay with you!

    Your twin is super cute too! I have a twin too, but he's a boy, I have some pictures of him someplace, I should post them up!

  8. I love colorheaded shelties.

    This is my girl, 1 year and three months now.


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