Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just a walk in the park

Hello, it is me, the one, the only and the cutest ever Denny!!!! Mommy decided this morning it might be a good idea for us to go on a long walk and tire me out as she says cousin Jackson is coming this very afternoon - a week early !!!! I must admit I am not sure if I remember him or if I will even like him anymore - and then there is the whole issue of his Mom too. She is also coming this afternoon - that is so scary, two NEW things to cope with - I may end up have a puppy melt down just from the stress of it all!

Anyway - back to our walk. It was so nice and cold, only 40 degrees and just perfect for us furry types. Mommy wasn't to sure about taking Weilly as he has started limping again. She rang the vets but the soonest we can see Dr W. is Tuesday. She did speak to him though and he said it would be okay to give him some pain medicine as he thinks Weilly has some arthritis in his shoulder. No silly old limp was going to stop my big brother from going to the park though - he's a tough old dude but Mommy kept a close watch on him anyway.

The lake was so pretty today, no wind so it was very calm and Mom wanted to get a picture of Weilly next to it. Of coarse I had to help. "Have you got the flashy thing at the right level Mommy, are you close enough Mommy, wouldn't you rather take a picture of ME Mommy." Of coarse Weilly wasn't being so helpful either, he was more interested in the geese and ducks and what was happening 'over there'.

We then went up through the forest path which was nice and quiet. The "Lake Walkers" as Mommy calls them tend to stick to the path around the edge of the lake, where as we like to follow the ones through the trees. But we both had to stop and stare and listen when we heard something scrattling in the bushes. I was a bit worried when Weilly said it was probably just a giant "white and tan dog" eating squirrel but Mommy said he was just teasing me. I was extra vigilant on the rest of our walkies though as you can never be too sure. I did have to wonder why they don't eat white and black doggies though?


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Reilly & Denny McRib Day

Remember how Mom got us a whole rack of beef ribs for Christmas - well this morning we got to have one each and dog oh dog were they good. Sorry the photos are a little blury - we were in to much of a hurry to take them outside and chomp on them. As you can see - the wuzster is surrounded by yet another one of his de-stuffed toys. Mom bought a couple of "tuff" toys for him - but he made short work of those too. Hey Mom - if you don't give him a bone to sharpen his teeth on - maybe he won't be able to rip his toys to shred but there would be a lot of left over ribs......I will just have to to do my best and eat them all myself- what ya think Mom????

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dad had 4 days off over Christmas and the best thing of all is that he took us the pet stores and to the park. Of coarse we loved the park the best. It was a little chilly for Mom and Dad but we enjoyed it. Here we are checking out all the geese and ducks on the lake and yes you guessed it - the Wuzster was scared of them.

Then we went to check out the dog jumping dock which Dad hadn't seen before. We enjoy being ON it but there is NO way we would jump OFF it - that would constitute us getting wet and we HATE being wet.

Our only other news is I went to the vets today and I got my stitches out. My ouchie is all healed up and Dr W. is very happy with it. Have a great week every furbody.


Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas Every Furbody

Dog oh dog - did Santa Paws bring you lots of goodies. He sure left our stockings full with toys and yummy chew bones, cookies and he even left us a WHOLE rack of real beef ribs...Mom cooked them up but she says we can only have one each day! I was so happy with my goodies...but the Wuzster - he was just scared of his new toys. I mean to say - what dog in his right mind is scared of new toys???? Check out the silly dudes videos. Oh, and Merry Christmas to all the pawparents too. Check out all our wonderful cards around the fire place. Two of them are Mom and Dad's - the rest are all ours!! Thank you so much to all our buddies.


Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cousin IT

Do you remember "IT" otherwise known as Jackson or Jackeeeeee. Well..... he will be coming back to live with us in the new year.

Didn't we just get rid of him.....ummmm I mean didn't he go to live with his Mom? Well his Mom is coming back with him too.

I guess the good thing is "IT" will keep the "Wuzster" occupied and I can back to some serious snoozin/lazy time.

Ah, I remember the good old days when I was the ONLY dog...I miss those days. Mom and I could just get in the car and she has to chase the Wuzster around for 10 minutes because he's "scared" of getting in the car. Once he is in, he's fine - he just has an aversion to actually 'getting in'. I tell you that boy is missing a few bones in the dog bowl. Mom is a bit worried how the "Wuzster" will react to Jackson. They were best buddies when Denny was little but he's older now is not at all sure about new dogs. I guess we will have to wait and see.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Me and my shadow

To celebrate my good news from the vet, the Mom and Dad took us for a long walk along my favorite path.

It sure does look different in winter and Mom said she misses all the green. It was still pretty in a dreary winter kind of way - not that I noticed as the only thing I was interested in was the SMELLS and to be sure, there was plenty of good ones.

Of coarse the pesky Wuzster "shadow" was right there by my side the whole time. Why the little dude can't go off exploring by himself I don't know. This path leads up the lookout where you can see for miles and miles in all directions. We didn't climb to the top today as Mom was worried about my leg and she was getting pretty cold. So off we went back down the path heading for MY car and a great time was had by all.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pawsome News

We have the MOST pawsome vet, he went in last night to check on the doggies that had to stay is hospital and saw a fax with my results on it. He called Mom and Dad straight away as he knew how worried they were. My tumor was a benign basal tumor and basically nothing to worry about. Mom and Dad (and me) are so happy and so relieved.

Added to our happiness - Mom went to see the surgeon on Friday and the wound was so small that he was to do a mini surgery right there at his office to close it up. Paws crossed - that is the last surgery Mom will need and the last two years of complication will finally be behind her.

We certainly feel very blessed this weekend - but we also know there is much sadness this weekend too with the tragic events that happen to the Houston Pittie Pack. They had a house fire and lost not only their home but also 5 of there furbabies. We can not imagine how devastating this must be - so please visit them and let them know you are thinking of them.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Pop goes the weazel

The Wuzster (Denny) was very happy when I came home and last night even decided to play with his new toy - a weazel ball (the Mom spoils that boy!) It took him awhile to get use to it and he had to bark and growl at quite a bit, but eventually he figured out it would be fun to play with. I like it because it keeps him from bothering me and wanting to be close by side. I am feeling much better today I am happy to say, a little sore and still limping but otherwise good.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Ouchie & My Great Adventure

What a great day I am have had. Mom took the bandage off my ouchie this morning, made sure it was all clean and then re-wrapped it. We want to take a moment to remind everyone to take some time - (just 10 minutes) and check your furbabies all over as these nasty lumps can just appear in just a few days like mine did. You can see from the picture how big it was - that is quite a battle scar I will have!

Now Mom being the big softy she is decided I needed a treat today so off we went to my two favorite pets stores. It's a pity the Wuzster had to come along but he needs to work on his fears so I guess it is okay.

So off we went went exploring this aisle and that aisle, checking out all the great smells and new products. "How about a new Harness Mom - Oh that is right we bought one just a few weeks ago". "Well what about some Christmas goodies - look at all the things they have to choose from?"Mom did buy us some Ginger Snap cookies at Petco which made us very happy.

Next we went to our other favorite store Hollywood Feed. They have the best selection of toys but my favorite girl wasn't working today and I didn't get a treat. I wasn't too happy about that and barked loudly to tell the stingy person all about it. But I can't really complain because look at the goodies my Mom got me. Bully sticks, Veggie Sticks, my favorite Char-tar cookies, some lamb jerky and she got us some new food to try and guess what it is ???? It is Kangaroo and Red Lentil and I have already had a little taste test and give it a high four paws ! They also make a Venison Formula and a Salmon. Mom also got me the venison to try. Yes !! I could get use to being pampered just for having an ouchie.


Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My boy is home

The big dog is home !!! He is still a little groggy but he gobbled down his dinner and is now snoozing happily. It will be Friday before the get the biopsy results so it is just a wait and keep paws crossed. The vet said the tumor wasn't attached to the bone or the muscle and he checked Reilly ALL over to make sure there wasn't any others hiding under all that fur - thankfully there wasn't. We can not thank you enough - every doggie, kitty and their Moms and Dads for all the good wishes, vibes and prayers.

The Wuzster (Denny) was quite beside himself all day trying to find Reilly - he really relies on him to feel "safe and not so frightened". Sadly nothing I could do seemed to help him, I tried playing, giving him pats and cuddles, gave him a bone but he was like a "cat on hot bricks" all jumpy and nervous. I couldn't even get him to go for a walk! He is now sleeping right next to Reilly (shhh don't tell anyone but their feet are touching and they look so cute!) Thank you again everyone - The Reilly and Denny - Mom and Dad.

Monday, December 12, 2011

An update

I took Mr Reilly to the vets and the news so far is not good. The lump is not any kind cyst and the biopsy they did showed abnormal and unusual cells that "look" cancerous but until a full biopsy of the entire lump is done, they won't know for sure. Reilly will be going in tomorrow morning at 8.00 a.m. for surgery to have it removed. The good news is that it isn't attached to the bone but it has left quite an indentation in the muscle. The only thing we can do at this point is wait, worry and pray for our beautiful boy - please keep all your paws crossed for him. He means the absolute world to us and we can not bare the thought of loosing him.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Limping and a lump

Last night Reilly started limping and it got to the point where he couldn't put any weight on his right front leg. This morning he seemed a little better but over the coarse of the morning it has got worse again. I checked his foot, pads, knee and shoulder last night multiple times and couldn't see anything wrong. He was moving them fine and didn't show any response when these were light squeezed or touched. This morning when I checked though I found a large lump up on the top part of his leg. It feels kind of squishy. It is so worrying an unfortunately the earliest we can get him into the vets is tomorrow. Please keep your paws crossed for my beautiful boy - we will update as soon as we have some news.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Side by side

We noticed quite a few buddies mentioned how 'cute' the Wuzster looks walking next to me. I dread to say this but he does this ALL the time. He is so scared of everything that he is basically glued to my side when ever we go somewhere. And to make things worse he even 'nuzzles' me as we we are walking .....eeeeewwww puppy cooties how gross! A dog can't have a decent sniff without him sticking his head in the way. So is it cute that he walks right by my side ALL the time - I certainly don't think so !


Friday, December 9, 2011

We LOVE our Mom !

Even though it is only 40 degrees here today, Mom put on a double layer of clothes and a nice warm coat and took us to the park. Dog oh Dog - have we been waiting for this. Here we are waiting for Mom to hurry up and let us get to sniffing part - she is so slow, first she had to put her gloves on, lock the car, then get the camera out....and all the time we were waiting very impatiently ! Silly Denny was wondering where all the 'green' had gone - he just doesn't grasp the concept of winter yet!

Eventually we got moving and of coarse the Wuzster (Denny) was his normal woozie self. He was scared of Mom's scarf and tried to hide behind a tree and then was scared because the tree "grabbed" his lead and wouldn't let go. One really has to wonder about that boy!

Even he couldn't resist the tantalizing aromas to be found in the park and Mom was quite pleased that the little dude is actually starting to enjoy smells now (before he would just walk and never took any interest in the delightful waftings occurring in the air). Here we are checking out this lovely pile of leaves. I don't know what it was in those leaves - be we didn't want to leave them. We asked Mom if we could scoop them and the smell up - and take home but she just glared at us and mumbled something about "what a mess that would be". We continued with our walk, wandering along the lake edge but with the wind blowing across the water the Mom was getting chilled so we headed back to the car. What a terrific walkies and day we have had - hope yours is as good.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Wuzster is SCARED

Yes - the Wuzster (otherwise known as Denny) is scared. He read that Santa Paws might not visit him because he has been so naughty lately. Firstly he has no idea who Santa Paws is and that scares him, he has no idea what Christmas is - so that is scaring him - REALLY - what doesn't scare that Wuzster?

Can you believe Mom actually told ME off because I was telling Wuzster that Santa Paws was an evil huge old rabid bear that would come down the chimney during the night and eat him and that Crispmas (as we like to call it) is when naughty little dogs get thrown into the oven and cooked until they are crisp!!! Mom says the Wuzster doesn't understand my dry sense of humor and that he has a "sensitive" kind of soul and frightens easily - which really means he's a WUZSTER!

For some reason the little dude got under his blanket in his bed and hid all night - we just heard strange little whimpering sounds occasionally so we knew he hadn't suffocated under there!!!! Dog oh Dog - what can you say. That will teach him calling me an OLD lazy dog ! Actually Mom and I have been VERY busy making our Christmas cards (and a big old mess in the her craft room - sssshhhh don't tell her I shared this - she would be horrified) Chuckles - that will teach her for letting the Wuzster on my blog ! Ahhhhh...nothing like a little doggie revenge :) Oh - we got some more snow over night - sigh I am one happy boy!