Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dad had 4 days off over Christmas and the best thing of all is that he took us the pet stores and to the park. Of coarse we loved the park the best. It was a little chilly for Mom and Dad but we enjoyed it. Here we are checking out all the geese and ducks on the lake and yes you guessed it - the Wuzster was scared of them.

Then we went to check out the dog jumping dock which Dad hadn't seen before. We enjoy being ON it but there is NO way we would jump OFF it - that would constitute us getting wet and we HATE being wet.

Our only other news is I went to the vets today and I got my stitches out. My ouchie is all healed up and Dr W. is very happy with it. Have a great week every furbody.



  1. Whoo hoo! Glad to hear your leg is healing well! Maybe you can try dock diving next year?? :)

  2. What a fun walk! We LOVE it when it's cold!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. Isn't it great when the parents have extra days off during the week. Looks like ya all had great fun.

  4. Congrats on getting those stitches out! Whoopee!!

  5. Look at that pretty blue water! You mean you don't want to jump right in? LOL! Glad your leg is healing Reilly!

  6. Oh Man, A dog jumping dock. I am soooooo jelouse, you have a dog jumping dock.

    And water.....You have a dog jumping dock and water.

  7. Glad to hear that you are all healed up.

    Essex & Sherman

  8. All days that include walks in the park are wonderful days! So glad to hear you are healing well, Reilly!

  9. So glad to hear that there is no more ouchie, whoo hoo!!!

    The park is so beautiful!

  10. Finally catching up with you. Still visiting in California and so so busy. I'm so happy to hear that you are well Reilly. That Denny is hilarious! Loved the video. Take care you two!

  11. We're so glad to hear that your stitches are out and you're doing so much better, Reilly.
    Thank you for caring about me. Your comment made mom's eyes leak. They seem to leak a lot lately.

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch


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