Thursday, December 1, 2011

Anti Word Verification

Now some of you may remember my grumbles about this in the past but it seems I need to send out a reminder as we have noticed quite a lot of doggies using this on their bloggies again. Word Verification is very annoying and frustrating for people with vision problems and those with dyslexia - like my Mom. (Imagine how confusing ordinary words can be - and then jumble them all up - yikes!) It is also so frustrating when you have to enter those darn silly letters 3 or 4 times which the Mom has to do !!!!! If you are worried about SPAM then just set you comments to "approval needed" instead. That way you can delete any bad things before they even get on your blog. You can find this under 'Settings' and the sub tab 'Comments' if you are using blogger.


  1. I know it's hard...I'm lucky that my blog was never set up that way because I don't know if I'd be any good at going in and fixing it!

    Katie hasn't gotten to play in the snow yet as I've been at work from before dark till after dark. Hopefully there will still be snow on the ground on Saturday.

  2. Amen! Hate those things.

  3. Once I learned I could dump it I did. Even with it I still had to approve all the comments to avoid the spam I didn't want on my blog. It wasn't stopping them from posting. I don't get any more since I stopped using it.

  4. well pawed!! commenting is so much more fun without the silly verifications,


  5. Hear! Hear! I hate that duff! 90% of the time I forget which blogs have it and after I comment I click away and that comment is lost forever!

  6. We're with you!! We've even put up your badge!!

    Hope you're feeling better!

  7. I didn't know of that...I just know that the words are pretty weird sometimes and sometimes quite funny. As for reading them their are times when the letters are too close to the other letters. I usually click for another option.

  8. I very much agree. I haven't been doing any captcha or comment approval, and even though I get a few spam comments after each post, so far, they have always gone straight to the spam box. And, since I generally read over the comments every day or a few times a day, it would be easy to find and delete any spam before it was up to long if it did somehow get posted.

    I also have a reading disorder, and I find those word verification things incredibly hard to read. And it really miffs me when people have both word verification and comment approval- seriously, pick one or the other. If word verification doesn't work and you need the comment approval, get rid of the annoyance.

  9. We decided not to set up our blog using the Captcha codes - we so far haven't had a problem, but I know a few others who have!

    They are annoying!


  10. Oh yea, Mom agrees too! Mom is disabled, she uses Dragon Speak but it doesn't work on the Word Verifications. Then Mom has to use her mouth-pointer to type in the stupid words.

    Keep putting out the Anti-Word Verification!

    woos, Tessa

  11. Paws up!!!

    I never like those silly stuff!

  12. Blogger does a much better job than it used to of blocking spam and so we ditched the creepy word verification.

    Congratulations on discovering the couch. It will be easy to defend against the evil puppy as you will have the high point advantage. With luck, it will be ALL FOR YOU forever.

    As for that snow, well, not really a fan. I imagine you must get snow balls frozen to your furs since you have all that nice long stuff. But you are a hearty little dog designed to herd the flock in any weather, so just more opportunity for fun, right?



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