Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Wuzster is SCARED

Yes - the Wuzster (otherwise known as Denny) is scared. He read that Santa Paws might not visit him because he has been so naughty lately. Firstly he has no idea who Santa Paws is and that scares him, he has no idea what Christmas is - so that is scaring him - REALLY - what doesn't scare that Wuzster?

Can you believe Mom actually told ME off because I was telling Wuzster that Santa Paws was an evil huge old rabid bear that would come down the chimney during the night and eat him and that Crispmas (as we like to call it) is when naughty little dogs get thrown into the oven and cooked until they are crisp!!! Mom says the Wuzster doesn't understand my dry sense of humor and that he has a "sensitive" kind of soul and frightens easily - which really means he's a WUZSTER!

For some reason the little dude got under his blanket in his bed and hid all night - we just heard strange little whimpering sounds occasionally so we knew he hadn't suffocated under there!!!! Dog oh Dog - what can you say. That will teach him calling me an OLD lazy dog ! Actually Mom and I have been VERY busy making our Christmas cards (and a big old mess in the her craft room - sssshhhh don't tell her I shared this - she would be horrified) Chuckles - that will teach her for letting the Wuzster on my blog ! Ahhhhh...nothing like a little doggie revenge :) Oh - we got some more snow over night - sigh I am one happy boy!


  1. We got snow too!!! So much fun! And I get a kick out of your tormenting of Wuzster... I hope that doesn't put me on the naughty list! hehehe

  2. First of all I have to tell you that your Howliday theme / post page is lovely. Really brings on the Christmas spirit!

    Oh and one on the naughty list...everyone needs a good bone and toy! Time for fun and happy times.

    So no more teasing.....

  3. Uh oh, you are going to be put on the naughty list if you keep tormenting the Wuzster! I know he torments you too, though, that's what brothers are for! You two are just as cute as you can be.

  4. Poor Denny - he'll like Christmas and Santa after he gets to know what it all means!

  5. Now Reilly, we really like you a lot and we are worried about what might happen to you with this storytelling you are doing with poor Denny. Don't you know that Santa Paws is watching you too? Now do try to control yourself and be nice to that little guy:)

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  6. Snow is here too! Fun, fun!

    Poor Denny. He'll soon learn the truth about Santa. It's all good.

  7. Oh Reilly you gots to let up a tiny bit on Denny. You do know that Santa Paws does NOT care for mean brothers, right?

    You gots to be a GOOD big bro and teach Denny that he don't need to be scared of so many things.

    I just KNOW that you can do it!

    woos, Tessa

  8. You better be careful, Reilly, and be kind to Denny. Santa is watching you and he's for real!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  9. I admire everyone who is having snow! I'm already two years old but I haven't seen any snow at all, Mom said we don't have snow here. It's SO unfair!!!


  10. We're getting snow now! Did you send it Reilly? Katie is sort of happy. She likes to eat the snow but she doesn't like to get her feet wet. Silly girl! We're sorry that the Wust...I mean Denny is scared...please be a good boy and be nice to him...

  11. You keep scarying him and you are going to end up on the naughty list. The poor little guy.

  12. Hehe, if you scare Denny enough about Crisp mas maybe he will not want his presents and we can have them.

    Oh, Mum says Santa paws will hear me and that it all about being kind so you should be nice to poor sweet Denny cos we was probably scared of lots of things when we were little.


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