Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Oh Denny Boy !

G'day.....(Mommy is teaching Australian). It's me the Denny and I thought I would blog today cause the OLD big dog is to lazy too. First, let me tell you it has been sooooooo dreary here. Monday it rained non stop, Tuesday it rained non stop (we got 7.5 inches of the wet stuff). Of coarse Weilly and I are in the "Hate Water Sub -Group" of shelties and HATED the rain - can you BELIEVE there are some out there that actually like playing in it!!!!! Anyway, when we got up this morning it had finally stopped raining and we got SNOW. Three beautiful inches of it - oh I do love the snow. Sadly 6 hours later it has nearly all melted away already. Mommy took these pictures out the front of our house because it has already melted in the back - doesn't the snow look pretty on our holly bushes? This year Mommy is enjoying go Christmassee for some reason.

So how does one not go a little crazy when it is raining.... you may ask! I did try a few things to keep occupied - like emptying the little bathroom trash can 3 times. (If Mommy had been smart she would of emptied it into the big trash outside after the first round). Hhhhmmmm for some reason Mommy didn't seem to appreciate my decorating the floor for her. I then chewed one of Mommy's shoes - again she didn't seem to happy with my attempts to improve them. I then found a nice toilet roll which I shredded all over the lounge room rug - I thought it made of kind of snowy inside - but again NO, the Mommy wasn't to happy - she's very hard to please! I thought I would give her a break so yesterday for something different I chewed up Daddy's telephone holster which I 'found' on his bedside cupboard - he WASN'T very happy at all with my improvements either - parents, sometimes you just can't make them happy!

Mommy eventually found something to keep us amused - do you notice how both Weilly and I use our right paws to hold that nasty little toys that WON'T give us our treats without a lot of hard work? And do you see that EVIL bed behind Weilly - Mommy bought that for me thinking I would like it - but it is something new and different and I spent all day barking and growling at it. Today I am ignoring it in the hope that it will go away because I am CERTAINLY NOT going to place MY paws on such an evil soft thing.

So that is how our week has gone so far. Oh, we nearly forgot - Mommy was supposed to have her final surgery today but alas she has an infection again and it has been postponed. I don't mind at all as I like having my Mommy home with me - and who would pick up my 'decorating' attempts if she wasn't here?


  1. I as well don't like the rain, but I love the snow. I LOVE my treat ball. I slam that thing around and around. I know can twist it a part so it gives me all the yummies at once. hehehhe.
    Hope your MOM gets better soon

  2. It has been raining for two days here. Major bummer. But, they say it is going to turn to snow any minute! Hope so!

    Hope your mom is feeling better soon. She's had a rough few weeks :(

  3. We've been getting rain all day and we sure hope that our rain will turn to snow too, Denny! Your blog looks so pretty for Christmas!
    We hope your mom's infection goes away soon.

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. We had rain first then snow, but only a tiny little bit. Three inches would have been nice. We hear there could be more coming in tomorrow night - we sure hope so.

    Denny, be careful how much trouble you get yourself into - Christmas is coming and Santa Paws is watching.

    So sorry to hear that about Mom - crossing our paws for it to be better.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, Ciara, and Lightning

  5. I don't like the rain either. But I do LOVE the snow!

    Be very careful not to get on Santa Paws bad list!

    woos, Tessa

  6. Oh Denny! Katie loves to shred paper towels and toilet paper too! AND she loves to empty the wastebasket! She makes the rounds whenever we aren't playing with her, her way of entertaining herself. BUT BOY she can make a mess silently!

    Hope your Mom gets that infection cleared out soon!!

    Say HI to Reilly from Katie...(hi to you too, you little cutie!)

  7. It's so strange here too! We have rain everyday. Wait, it's indeed storms and really heavy rain!

    I don't like rain either as I can't go out to use my outdoor powder room.

    We hope your mom is feeling better soon.


  8. Wow Denny, youve been a busy puppy!

  9. It is tough to keep entertained during all the rain but sounds like you did a great job, Denny! LOL!

    Hope your mom is doing better soon!

  10. You guys are just too cute. I hope you are keeping your Momma some company and that she gets better real soon!


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