Friday, December 2, 2011

Product Review Friday - Bamboo Quick Control - Leash + Seat Belt Latch

Bamboo Quick Control - Leash + Seat Belt Latch

Recently in the news there have instances of doggies being in cars that were involved in accidents and not being harnessed or restrained in anyway they have escaped the car and been found running down the freeways. This always worries Mom so when we saw these she bought them. These are the Bamboo Quick Control - Leash + Seat Belt Latch and they come in 3 foot and 6 foot length leashes and in 3 colors (blue, black and red). These are extremely sturdy leashes with excellent stitching and would easily hold the largest of dogs. We got the 6 foot length in blue to match MY car. The leash itself has a seat belt clip that just snaps into the seal belt. It is adjustable so you can adjust it to suit the size of the dog. We leave it a little longer for Denny as he prefers to sit on the floor - where as I like to sit on the seat and look out the window. The leash also has a zippered pocket so you put poop bags or some money/id - in it if you go walking. Now we hunted the 'net' and found ours for $7.99 each and 4.99 for postage for the 2. They have them on Amazon but definitely do some hunting around for the best price and make sure you include the postage in the overall cost.

We give this product a high 5 paws as we are very impressed with the quality and its ease of use. We do recommend it for short trips and still prefer our sturdier harnesses if we go on longer trips.



  1. Thanks for reviewing this and sharing. Stewie likes to sit in my lap while driving or he likes to ride shotgun next to me. Tucker is new with the car trips and I like this set up for the backseat. Seems like our Shelties from before always preferred the floor rather than the window. I wonder how Tucker will be. At least with this leash/seat belt they can have a choice. With our Goldens I did have the harness but I wasn't always consistent with using it.

    I have friends who use crates in the rear as well, and one friend has a small dog like Stewie and uses the raised seat with harness.

    Lots to learn for travel!

  2. You guys are ready to GO!!

    -Bart and Ruby

  3. This sounds like a great deal! We'll be checking out the link. Thanks, Reilly and Denny!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  4. Thanks for the great review. We need something like this for Pip.

  5. Great review, Reilly! Glad your new seat belts work so well for you!

  6. I am torn, I don't want My Vickie to read this cause then she will go out and get a seat belt harness for me, but yet, it would be awful if we got in an accident and I got hurt or lost because of it.

    Thanks for reviewing this, I guess I better tell her.


  7. I'm with Bert, I am torn. I ride shotgun. But I would hate to be hurt or lost. Thanks for the heads up.

  8. Pawsome review!

    I think that it's fury important that us pups are SAFE when ging for bye-bye drives.

    I have my own raised comfy car seat that is seat belted in and them I am attached to the seat belt too. I gots lots of room to move around and get comfy too.

    woos, Tessa

  9. Where did you find your bamboo seat belt leash? I'm having trouble finding a new one - mine got chewed in half by another dog! Could you put up the link where you found these?
    Debby & Wrangler

  10. I've had one of these for several years and love it! In fact, I found your website while looking for a new one, but I can't even find them on Amazon anymore. I did find a comparable product, but it didn't look as nice and cost more money. I really want the Bamboo product, because it is just perfect.


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