Friday, January 29, 2010

Home Again, Home Again.

The mom is home again and doing okay. She didn't get to see the new doctor (just one of his underlings as she called him) and the only thing they told her was that she has two possibly three leaks on the suture line and not one. They say it is to soon after the first surgery to go in and fix them surgically now (8 weeks seems plenty of time of mom) so they have her on a complete Nil By Mouth (no water or food) for the next 4 weeks in the hope that they heal by themselves. Mom gets this special stuff at night time through a tube that feeds her - it goes straight into a main artery though and not her stomach because that is where the leaks are. Overall, Mom says she feels okay, but she gets exhausted with the slightest effort so there is no playing at the moment. I also have to be careful as Mom still has a 'drain' in - it's a long tube with a bag on the end and I have to be careful not to get my paws caught on it. The leaks from moms stomach caused an abscess near her left lung and the 'drain thingo' keeps the bad stuff from building up. Mom says to say thank you for all your wonderful thoughts - she appreciates them so much and we are sorry we don't have a lot of "ME" on my blog at the moment. Hopefully things will start to improve soon and I will be able to start visiting everyone again.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Some changes

I have had to change some settings on the blog and now only registered users can post messages. We have suddenly starting getting a lot of advertising messages so I have blocked those out. If I have blocked out any of my buddies as well - please email me and I will see if I can fix it for you. Peoples are SO RUDE trying to INVADE our bloggies with their advertising. Thankfully we have comment moderation on so you will never see what we see because I delete it before it gets posted. A blogging doggies work is never done!

The dad is having to keep a really close eye on me when I go out at the moment. The snow we had actually reached the top of the fence and now when I go out I can actually walk into the neighbors yards. It scared Mom when she was home and she saw she made dad promise not to let me out unless he stood there and kept and eye on me.

Mom is see a new doctor tomorrow and they are going to see if they can repair the leak she has around the internal sutures. If they can do that using a stint then she may be able to come home by the middle of the week. Mom says she knows I am annoyed that she she hasn't been there a lot lately but she also knows that as soon as she home and she picks up a box of my favorite cookies - that all will be forgiven.

Mom is back in the hospital again!!!

This is becoming really old...but yes mom is back in the hospital again. Actually I think I am becoming momless - cause I am forgetting what she looks like and she certainly doesn't smell like my mom any more. If this keeps happening I think I will be a dad only dog cause at least my dad is there, he feeds me and we play lots...and who needs a mom anyway.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mom is home again

My mom is home again but she isn't doing too well. She barely has enough energy to get out of bed and spends all the time sleeping. Dad and I are very scared and I think even mom is too, she has been giving me lots of hugs and and wanting me to stay close and has even been crying in my fur. Now normally I wouldn't accept that because I don't like cuddles - but something just isn't right and I know mom needs me now. Please keeping send good woofy thoughts to my mom, she needs every bit of help she can get. Mom also wanted me to say a special thank you to Dawn and Katie for all the wonderful cards they have been sending, mom saw them this morning and she thought they were so special. Mom says I have to send them both big hugs and lickies.


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sorry I haven't been able to woof

The mom is back in hospital again and dad and I have been VERY worried. She started running a temperature of 102.9 on Friday so dad rushed her back to the hospital. She has been on lots of medicines for an infection and today she had a blood transfusion. I am so confused as to why this happening to my mom and why she comes home for a few days and then goes away back to that hospital place. I just want my my mom to come home and stay home.


Monday, January 11, 2010

An update

Yeah, mom is still home !!!! She is still sleeping a lot and doesn't have much energy but she is doing okay. The doctors told her that it will take 3 days to recover for every day she was in hospital and she was there for three weeks !!!! That would be two months!! They don't know my mom though, she's a real fighter. Mom had to go back to the hospital today for a check up and they were able to remove one of the drains so that has made her a little more comfortable. I am spending a lot of time just snoozing at the bottom of the bed so I can keep an eye on her so life is pretty quiet in Reilly world. I do want to say a special thank you to Essex and Deacon who sent me a sheltie cookie cutter - when mom feels better she is going to make me some cookies. Also thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas cards. Mom checked the mail this morning and found some tucked away in there.


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mom is home - Mom is Home - Mom is Home !!!!

All day yesterday the doctors were trying to work out which would be best - to leave mom in hospital for another week, the send her to a nursing home or the have home nursing. There was these 'pro's and con's things' which each and just when they thought they had it sorted it they would change their minds. The problem is Mom has to be on a lot of medications and one of them is 24/7. After many phone calls they finally found out they could hook her up to a pump that would give her that at home, so that is what they ended up doing - sending her home. She has a nurse comes twice a day to do all her medicines and they are teaching Dad how to do it. She has been very tired today and sleeping a lot but I am so happy to have her home. She stills smells funny but I have let her have a couple of pats. Look at the cool photo my dad took, this snow drift is on our back yard and is nearly 6 foot high!!!!


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I made mom very sad ;(

I went to see mom last night but that hospital place is VERY scary! I was only allowed just inside the front door which was a strange revolving thing - and it really scared me. I also didn't like the smells. When mom came out she was covered with blankets to keep her warm and I didn't recognize her. I barked at her and didn't want to have a pat. She didn't smell like my mom and I just wanted to stay near my dad. Mom said it was okay and that she understood but I could see she was very very sad. She told dad not to bring me again as it just upset me too much. We are getting another six inches of snow today so dad will be staying home with me today. We have had over thirty inches in total now and it makes driving really difficult because they don't have anywhere to put it all even when they do clean the roads. Hopefully we have some good news on friday

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm going to see my mom tonight !!!!

They are letting me see my mom tonight!!!!!!!! The doctors have been so worried about my mom that they are "bending the rules" a liitle so I can go visit . I will only be allowed in the foyer by the front doors but I don't care because my mom will be there. They are hoping to let her come home on Friday but they keep saying that and it doesn't happen so I am keeping the dog napping plan in place. Mom says to say thank you to everyone for their comments as most days they the only thing she has to look forward too

Still no good news

Mom is very unhappy today and when she called I could tell she was very upset. What are those BAD people at the hospital doing that they are making my mom upset? Mom had to go have another CT scan today (her seventh in two weeks) to see if they if they could take out one of the drainage tubes but there is still too much infection. They have tried mom on five different antbiotic (dad says those are things that help fight infection - so why are they not helping my mom? ) There is simply no other option we are going to have to dognap mom. Ricky can take the lead because he is super fast and quick at finding the best way out. Martha and Bailey are next because we need their noses to find us the right way out. Katie and Morgan can be next, then Josh and Jess then finally Ludo and me because we are big strong dogs. Anyone else who wants to join in can run distraction for us. Change of shift is at 7.00pm and everyone is busy then so they won't notice us. Set those clocks guys the dognapping of mom begins at 6.30

Friday, January 1, 2010

No good news

Mom had more tests yesterday and they were not very clear as to whether the leak had healed yet. The doctors decided to let mom have some tiny sips of liquid (Mom hasnt had anything to eat or drink for two weeks now) Dad says she has these tube things in her arm and they give her food through that. Can you imagine not having any food to eat? I told dad he could take mom some of my charcoal cookies. Anyway the doctors are saying mom will have to stay in the hospital until next week now. I want my mom to come home now - she has been gone for two weeks now -- what if she forgets me? Dad says mom asks about me all the time and told him he HAS to take me to Petco tomorrow because she is worried about me not getting any outside exercise and smells. They had better send my mom home next week or I am going to sneak into the car when dad goes to see her and I am going to bite some butts!