Monday, January 11, 2010

An update

Yeah, mom is still home !!!! She is still sleeping a lot and doesn't have much energy but she is doing okay. The doctors told her that it will take 3 days to recover for every day she was in hospital and she was there for three weeks !!!! That would be two months!! They don't know my mom though, she's a real fighter. Mom had to go back to the hospital today for a check up and they were able to remove one of the drains so that has made her a little more comfortable. I am spending a lot of time just snoozing at the bottom of the bed so I can keep an eye on her so life is pretty quiet in Reilly world. I do want to say a special thank you to Essex and Deacon who sent me a sheltie cookie cutter - when mom feels better she is going to make me some cookies. Also thank you to everyone who sent me Christmas cards. Mom checked the mail this morning and found some tucked away in there.



  1. Couldn't get better news than that. Okay, so the amount of time the doctors predicted is long, but if you say your mom's a fighter, then I bet she'll beat every record--just don't forget to tell us when she does :)

  2. Mom and I were just thinking about you and your mom, Reilly, and look - there is an update! We're very happy that your mom is still at home! That's some progress already! And good to know your mom has that fighting spirit! We're there fighting along with her and knowing that she will get better and better with each day! Take good care of her, Reilly!

  3. I am so glad your Mom is still home Reilly! I know she isn't feeling well and probably having to keep all of us updated is a bit much. But I really appreciate that you're keeping us in the loop so to speak! Good job keeping her feet warm while she snoozes Reilly. That is bound to make her feel better!

  4. We're are so glad that your mom is healing well at home, Reilly! Our paws are crossed that it stay that way!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. We are so happy to read your post Reilly.
    We know you will give your mom special canine care that will speed up her recovery.
    Indeed it has been proven that humans with pets do far better!
    Tell her not to rush......take it easy.
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  6. Hey Reilly, sorry we haven't been around. We've been thinking of you and your Mom lots though, and we're so pleased to read this good news.
    Keep looking after your Mom, you're doing a great job xx

  7. Hoping things are going well today Reilly. Still thinking about all of you!

  8. Oh, Reilly, we're so glad that your Mom is still at home!! Now can be looked after by her favourite furboy.

    Love, Josh and Jessie

  9. It's a second sunny day here, I hope things are improving for all of you!

  10. Reilly - hope your mom is doing ok! Just tell her we are thinking about her and wishing her well!

  11. Oh man. So many days with no news, it's can't be good, can it? I hope everything is OK!


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