Sunday, January 24, 2010

Mom is back in the hospital again!!!

This is becoming really old...but yes mom is back in the hospital again. Actually I think I am becoming momless - cause I am forgetting what she looks like and she certainly doesn't smell like my mom any more. If this keeps happening I think I will be a dad only dog cause at least my dad is there, he feeds me and we play lots...and who needs a mom anyway.



  1. Oh Reilly, this is really bad news. Please don't forget how much your Mom loves you! She loves you more than she can explain, especially right now. No wonder she was crying, she probably feels really bad about how confused you are. But she loves you!! We will pray that this time the doctors find the right way to fix what's wrong inside her. You pray too, OK?

  2. Reilly, we are sorry, we know how much you and your dad miss your mom.
    How we wish we had a magic wand and we would make things all better for you all.
    Paws crossed things get better and stay better soon.........
    love you lots
    Martha & bailey xxx

  3. Oh no! I hope your Mom is feeling better soon! And she's going to need lots of healing lovies from you, so don't abandon her!

    *kissey face*

  4. Don't say that, Riley! Your mom wants to be home with you but she needs to get better first! We are sending major AireZen! We want your mom home to stay!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. I hope you get rid of this post before your mom gets well 1000000% and kicks your furry bum, or perhaps your dad might get to you first.

  6. Yes, definitely don't say that Reilly!!! Your mom wants to be home with you more than anything in the world - she loves you so much! You be a good boy. We will keep sending your mom tons and tons of good healing thoughts! She WILL get better and come home soon!!

  7. Banish the thought! We are so sorry your mom is back in the hospital, but we are rooting for her recovery and return to you.


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