Friday, January 29, 2010

Home Again, Home Again.

The mom is home again and doing okay. She didn't get to see the new doctor (just one of his underlings as she called him) and the only thing they told her was that she has two possibly three leaks on the suture line and not one. They say it is to soon after the first surgery to go in and fix them surgically now (8 weeks seems plenty of time of mom) so they have her on a complete Nil By Mouth (no water or food) for the next 4 weeks in the hope that they heal by themselves. Mom gets this special stuff at night time through a tube that feeds her - it goes straight into a main artery though and not her stomach because that is where the leaks are. Overall, Mom says she feels okay, but she gets exhausted with the slightest effort so there is no playing at the moment. I also have to be careful as Mom still has a 'drain' in - it's a long tube with a bag on the end and I have to be careful not to get my paws caught on it. The leaks from moms stomach caused an abscess near her left lung and the 'drain thingo' keeps the bad stuff from building up. Mom says to say thank you for all your wonderful thoughts - she appreciates them so much and we are sorry we don't have a lot of "ME" on my blog at the moment. Hopefully things will start to improve soon and I will be able to start visiting everyone again.


  1. Well, it makes sense that we're not talking about you at the moment. Your momma's a priority. She's been going through an extremely difficult time. She's one tough momma though! And that's a compliment.

  2. Well, Reilly, it's great news that your mom is home again!! It's not great news that she has more leaks but hopefully there is a plan (like no eating) that will heal the leaks and put her on the road to real recovery this time! She is understandably tired but as soon as she feels better I am sure she will make it up to you and play with you a lot! Give her tons of hugs from us!

  3. Oh my! We are Soooooo glad that your Mom is home again and that you have some hope of things getting better now! It still sounds difficult, but still, to be home is a wonderful thing.

    Now. What can we do to make things easier for all of you? And how is Dad doing his job that so often calls him away? Let's think about what we can do to help...

  4. So does she smell like Mom know? We hope you get better soon because Reilly needs his Mom.

    Essex & Deacon

  5. We're so glad to hear that your mom is home, Reilly! Take very good care of her and give her hugs from us, okay!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  6. We are pleased to hear your mom is home - hopefully all this leaks will heal up soon.
    We cannot imagine not eating or drinking for four weeks!
    We know your mom is still getting food but she wont taste it!!!!!
    We have our paws crossed that sleep and rest and you will all make for a speedy recovery.

  7. Good morning Reilly! It's Saturday morning and I'm hoping your Mom had a good night there at home. I know it's hard to sleep with tubes and stuff, but at least there's no people walking by the room all night long there at home! You're such a brave boy for sticking it out when things were so scary. Hope your Mom can give you a hug soon!


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