Friday, February 27, 2009

Has anyone noticed?

Has anyone noticed that the area where your followers are has suddenly grown and expanded. It use to be just a nice little thing on my side bar and now the box is huge!!!! I really wish blogger wouldn't change things on on your page without telling you as it can really mess up all the hard work we put into our pages. It looks like a dull weekend for me, it is snowing AGAIN and they are fore casting 4-6"

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WOW! I have some new buddies!!!

Dog oh dog! I am so happy. After mom and I went shopping for our prizes, we went to the leash free dog park and we met some new friends. Now normally I am rather timid (okay I am a scaredee cat around other dogs) but not today. I bounced right up to them and said hello, did some butt sniffing exchanges and then off we went, running, woofing and totally having so much fun. My new buddies are Lady - she is the Airedale and is 6 years old. Red, is the Poodle and he is 13 years old (He was dark apricot in color when they got him - hense the name Red - but has gone white with age) and Zippy he's a mixed something or other and is 5 years old. Of coarse being little he was the BOSS! We also met another dog, a nice Labrador but his Mom went in the other direction. We did three laps around the park and had a great time. Hopefully we can meet them again soon.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Where is the World is Reilly?

Okay, so the mom still isn't feeling to good what with that flu thing and it has been very very cold here and I have been very very bored, so I decided I would go off and see this thing mom calls "the big wide world" and figured mom needed a vacation too.

Here are some of adventures so far - can you guess where I am? (I made these ones pretty easy because I know not many of you are world travelers like me and might not recognize them - but you can ask your moms and dads :) The places I went after these are much harder to guess. PS - If you are wondering how I got to all these places - well don't tell anyone but I have a teleportation device on my collar that can take me any where I want to go - my mom made it by accident while she messing with an electronic kit - actually she made two, she comes along to keep me safe and takes the photos :)

Yay for Ludo....clever little chap, he guessed them all - next ones won't be so easy.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Moody Monday

Me For
A Walk

Little honary cowspotdog Ludo who has been feeling rather poorly of late issued a challenge to me. It was to list things about myself and they have to be the honest truth. Hmmmm here goes.

  1. I love my dad...really love my dad - more than my mom even though I spend all my time with her and she looks after me.
  2. I get REALLY worried if someone says the "SHIT" word and go and hide behind the sofa (sorry for my my bad language)
  3. I HATE foozeball season. Dad worries me a lot then...he jumps up and down and calls the umpires bad words....I go and hide with the mom when foozeball is on.
  4. I am a big sheltie I measure 17.5" high and weigh 35 lbs
  5. I don't like cats....not at all and have to bark like crazy when I see one
  6. I don't like little boys. I will happily go to little girls for pats but not little boys. I made a little boy cry the other day because I let his sister pat me but not him.
  7. Every night I get up on the bed and have my night time cookies and a cuddle with my dad if he is home. If he's not home I just have have my cookies then curl up on the bottom of the bed.
  8. I have developed a little habit of 'borrowing' dads socks - it's his fault he leaves them on the floor
  9. I love car rides - so much so the door only has to open an inch and I am out into the garage waiting.
  10. I love going to visit my buddy Franklin the Corgi - but he doesn't really like me, he thinks I am to bouncy :(

Friday, February 13, 2009

A sad day

Mom dad and I would like to say a special prayer for all the people that died in the plane crash in Buffalo NY last night. There was 49 on the plane and 1 person in the house it crashed in to. There is lots of pups (and other furbies) who's moms and dads will not be coming home today or ever again and that is indeed a sad sad thing.

I have not learned how to hold my paws in prayer yet..... so I will post of picture of Conan a two-year-old male Chihuahua who who learned how to do this all by himself. He is the resident pup at a Buddhist temple in Okinawa and taught himself this by just watching the monks.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Mom is barking!!!

Sorry I haven't been around much. The mom has been acting very strangely this week. She is constantly pulling tissues out the box (if I did that I would be in trouble) and making these strange hooting sounds. When she is not doing that she is making these awful barking noises......I get so worried sometimes because I can see it is hurting her. So anyway, I have just been laying quietly on the bed with the mom....she is snoozing as much as me at the moment!!!!! She tells me not to worry and that it is a cold like dad had last week.....but last week mom was there to look after dad and dad is away so there is no one to look after mom but me and I can't reach the big cupboard to make her some tea. I tried bringing her one of my chew bones.....but she didn't seem very interested and I bought ALL my toys into her room and left them strategically where she would step on them (so she would know where they are) but she didn't seem interested in those fact she even grumbled about it a little. It's tough being the dog of the house when the mom is sick.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Mom - How Could You!!!!

My mom has been a total crazy person today, she cleaned out the garage, washed all the floors, cleaned the bathroom, washed the sheets and quilt, vacuumed, cleaned the blinds, dusted everywhere and GAVE ME A BATH!!!!!! Personally...... I thought I was just getting a nice doggy pong going and I only had somewhat dirty fur.....okay, so I played in the mud a little but it was giving me a nice grunge look. But was the Mom happy with all my hard work NO!!!! And then on top of it, she had to take photos.......the indignity of it all! And just when I thought in in-dog treatment was over, I got blow dried and brushed all over!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Ouchy ouchy ouchy

Shhhhh don't tell anyone, but when I get a bit bored I like to go outside and chew on the tree branches. Well last night the tree got me back!!! Mom was watching me shaking my head and rolling around and called me inside....and I was pawing at my mouth and shaking my head. Mom somehow knew straight away what was going on (Mom here - it's not the first time). Anyway, mom eventually got hold of me and after a bit of prying got my mouth open, and yep, there it was, a small twig jammed in between my back teeth going right across the roof of my mouth. (Mom here - in exactly the same place it was last time!!!) She pulled it straight out and dog oh was such a relief as this time it was really diggin in and even bled a little. Mom also says she I should have learned from the last time.....but what is a dog to do when it's cold and he is bored and there are tree branches hanging down where I can reach them (if I jump high enough). Anyway, here I am afterwards looking rather sheepish under the computer table. But you know what the best thing is......when mom went shopping this morning, she bought me a big yummy marrow bone to chew on instead !!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!

It's my mom's birthday today and she be soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo old I can not even imagine. But I am going to be a good boy today and make sure she doesn't eat all her birthday cake by herself.....mmmmmmm frosting tastes so good!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunshine!!!!!!!! and a new Challenge

Not a lot happening this way mainly because the dad is sick with a bad cold, so is the other house resident (she who is never seen). Mom was not well yesterday but today is back to her normal self today. The good news is, yesterday it reached 58 degrees and most of the snow melted......and look!!! underneath is my grass, it is all brown and yucky looking but I was so happy to see it anyway. Mom did manage a quick game of fetch and tug with me, but most of yesterday, I just lazed outside, enjoying the fresh air. Today, I took mom for a walk so she could get all those nasty germ things out of her lungs. Oh...I should explain about "she who is never seen" - that is dad's hooman daughter and she when she is not at work, off visiting her friends or at school, she spends all her time in her room and hardly ever comes out - even when she is well.

Okay....I have a new challenge for everyone this week. What are some things you done that upset your mom's and dads. Now of coarse we consider these things to be normal play....but for some reason the mom's and dad's tend to think they are a little naughty.

I will go first. I have only been what the mom considers 'naughty' twice. My first, actually both of them, happened when I was little and teething. Mom was busy doing something and suddenly thought ...."hmmm, it's very quiet - where is the Reilly" She found me and she was not very happy. To sooth my gums I had started licking at the wall and licked a hole the size of a tennis ball..... almost right through it!!! That was the first time I heard that tone......."REILLY!!!!!" Mom wasn't angry, just surprised and then worried about the wall that might be in my tummy. She rang the vet straight away, but they said I should be fine and just to bring me in if I started being sick. I wasn't......but I didn't lick the wall anymore.

The second time I heard that tone was when mom had been cleaning and she left some artifical flowers down on a low shelf, they were normally up high out of my reach, but she forgot to put to put them back after dusting. Well of coarse I had to investigate what they were and then because my gums were still sore, I thought I would have a bit of a nibble. When mom came home all the flowers were pulled apart all over the floor. I just sat in the middle of them looking totally innocent....but she knew......and there was that tone again "REILLY!!!!!"

So come on buddies.....fess up, what have done to hear that tone?