Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunshine!!!!!!!! and a new Challenge

Not a lot happening this way mainly because the dad is sick with a bad cold, so is the other house resident (she who is never seen). Mom was not well yesterday but today is back to her normal self today. The good news is, yesterday it reached 58 degrees and most of the snow melted......and look!!! underneath is my grass, it is all brown and yucky looking but I was so happy to see it anyway. Mom did manage a quick game of fetch and tug with me, but most of yesterday, I just lazed outside, enjoying the fresh air. Today, I took mom for a walk so she could get all those nasty germ things out of her lungs. Oh...I should explain about "she who is never seen" - that is dad's hooman daughter and she when she is not at work, off visiting her friends or at school, she spends all her time in her room and hardly ever comes out - even when she is well.

Okay....I have a new challenge for everyone this week. What are some things you done that upset your mom's and dads. Now of coarse we consider these things to be normal play....but for some reason the mom's and dad's tend to think they are a little naughty.

I will go first. I have only been what the mom considers 'naughty' twice. My first, actually both of them, happened when I was little and teething. Mom was busy doing something and suddenly thought ...."hmmm, it's very quiet - where is the Reilly" She found me and she was not very happy. To sooth my gums I had started licking at the wall and licked a hole the size of a tennis ball..... almost right through it!!! That was the first time I heard that tone......."REILLY!!!!!" Mom wasn't angry, just surprised and then worried about the wall that might be in my tummy. She rang the vet straight away, but they said I should be fine and just to bring me in if I started being sick. I wasn't......but I didn't lick the wall anymore.

The second time I heard that tone was when mom had been cleaning and she left some artifical flowers down on a low shelf, they were normally up high out of my reach, but she forgot to put to put them back after dusting. Well of coarse I had to investigate what they were and then because my gums were still sore, I thought I would have a bit of a nibble. When mom came home all the flowers were pulled apart all over the floor. I just sat in the middle of them looking totally innocent....but she knew......and there was that tone again "REILLY!!!!!"

So come on buddies.....fess up, what have done to hear that tone?


  1. Wow - 58 degrees!!! That's a real heat wave!

    We'll think about your new challenge and see what we can come up with. I'm so good it might be hard to think of anything :)

  2. Wow, we thought you were perfect Reilly. Hold on that is Tosca that is perfect.

    We will have to sleep on this one.

    Essex & Deacon

  3. Hi Reilly - I'm having a great time with your game! Thanks for the grrrreat ideas. Have a furry week!


  4. Glad you got your grass back.

    You has only beed 'naughty' twice? I hears 'that tone' nearly everyday. BOL!
    ~lickies, Ludo

  5. Hey Ricky! Katie is pretty darn good...yet I remember calling her the "devil dog" when she was a I will think about this challenge and see what I can recall...

  6. oh heck. I meant REILLY! HEHE!

  7. The Mum doesn't use the mean voice with me too often because she thinks I'm too cute even though I'm sassy!

    Hey your grass is icky looking, we still have lots of snow!

  8. Oh geez - I get that MORGAN!!thing about every day. I especially like to get into the cats potty box, and teasing them - thats fun.


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