Wednesday, February 25, 2009

WOW! I have some new buddies!!!

Dog oh dog! I am so happy. After mom and I went shopping for our prizes, we went to the leash free dog park and we met some new friends. Now normally I am rather timid (okay I am a scaredee cat around other dogs) but not today. I bounced right up to them and said hello, did some butt sniffing exchanges and then off we went, running, woofing and totally having so much fun. My new buddies are Lady - she is the Airedale and is 6 years old. Red, is the Poodle and he is 13 years old (He was dark apricot in color when they got him - hense the name Red - but has gone white with age) and Zippy he's a mixed something or other and is 5 years old. Of coarse being little he was the BOSS! We also met another dog, a nice Labrador but his Mom went in the other direction. We did three laps around the park and had a great time. Hopefully we can meet them again soon.


  1. Hey Reilly, that's great that you've made new friends!! We're so happy for you. Who knows - you may even get to play bitey face with one of them!!!

    Josh and Jessie

  2. yes - that's fun to go to the dog park and met up with new friends. I haven't been there for a long time. got to tell mom to get going on that. wish i could drive!
    Your pal, Morgan

  3. Dog parks are the best. We love going to ours.

    Essex & Deacon


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