Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

MY little park

It has been a while (like a week) since I went to check on MY little park so we thought we would head on over there and see what is new. Come on Mom - you are such a slow poke! That bit of rain we had has made the grass nice and green.

Let's go check out the butterfly garden Mom. Plenty of flowers - just no butterflies - hey did anyone tell the butterflies over at MY other park that there is a garden here for just for them?

Check out the size of this dinner plate hibiscus - it was huge! How could a butterfly resist that? By time we got back to the car we were ready for a rest  - I even had to plop my butt down on the garden edge while Mom got me bowl of water - for some reason she thought this was quite comical when she saw it!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Musing On Monday #30 - D.A.M

Seriously !!!!!!!!!!!!!! What gives with these peeps of ours. All this photo taking and modeling stuff - can you believe the Mom made me model jewelry today - I'm a HE dog Mom and HE dogs DON'T do jewelry!!!! She rattled on about it being for a good cause .....see we participated in Frankies and Ernies raffle recently to raise money for Benny and we won a gorgeous necklace/bracelet. Frankie and Ernie also sent us a little bonus prize of some stuffies.......but a dog just has to put his paw down sometimes and so today I am starting  D.A.M (Dogs Against Modelling). So now every time the peeps grab for the camera - we can  say  "D.A.M you" and "I don't give a D.A.M" - of coarse as soon as the treats appears I really don't give a damn about D.A.M :)  Thank you Frankie & Ernie for the stuffies and thank you for Mom's necklace/bracelet too.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday Snippets

Mom has been busy painting again (and ignoring ME - okay she did take time out to take us walkies and buy us some treats - but the rest of the time - IGNORING)

Here are two of the paintings - Hamish the Scottie and Max the Boxer

Friday, July 26, 2013

OMD - Yet another dopple ganger!

Can you believe there is yet another ME out there. Yesterday while reading Diana's blog we read about her furbaby Java's brother Cowboy and guess who he looks like!!!!!!!! I am depressed (Mom - I need cookies - lots of cookies) - how can I be the one and only BIGDOG when there are all these look-a-likes out there? Do you know which one is me?

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Doghausted !

We are having the MOST beautiful weather at the moment - only 84 degrees for a high today and a cool wind so we headed off to the park early when it was even cooler and we walked and walked and walked and WALKED. In fact we did the whole 3.3 miles around the lake! We walked slow and sat and rested lots and we were SO happy we even let Mom get a couple of good photos with the flashy beast. I even agreed to sit instead of my normal laying down! Best of all I got in some great goose chasing practice - it would of been better if I didn't have the Dweeb being a dead weight but where I go he HAS to go. (Check out the video at the end)

Here I am having one of rest stops and check out this beautiful butterfly - it was almost as big as Moms hand and there were so many of them fluttering around. Mom wishes she could of got the iridescent blue on it's wings to have shown up better.

At the end of our walk Mom had a big bowl of nice cool water for us. If you click on the photo you will see something you don't often see - did you know doggie tongues turn backwards when we drink. It makes a scoop then puts the water into our mouth. When we got home Mom had another treat for us - we each got a nice cold frosty paw treat.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Denny's Pet Rock

The conversation went like this.....

Denny outside - Bark bark bark
Mom from inside - Denny
Denny outside - Bark bark bark
Mom from inside - Dennnnnnnnnnnnnny
Denny outside - BARK BARK BARK
Mom - grumble grumble - better see what he is barking at
Mom - outside - Denny what ya barking at bubby?
Denny - Mom Mom Mom - I found a big rock and it moves and it's playing with a golf ball!
Mom - What?
Denny - come one - follow me Mom - BARK BARK BARK
Mom - follows Denny - Oh - that is what your barking at
Denny - it's my new pet rock Mom
Mom - Denny Wenny - that is a tortoise and that is a mushroom
Denny - Can I bring them inside Mom
Mom - No sweetie - they needs to be out here
Denny - BUT BUT BUT - it's my pet rock - I found it!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Musing on Monday #29

Mom has been busy painting up a storm this past weekend - she gets this way - obsessed with something she is doing and forgets all about ME! Oh sure, I still rubs, pats, treats, and she plays tug with me - but what about MY walkies in the park huh? She says it is to hot - yeah I know it is in the 90's but I would suffer that for a walk - but NOOOOOO she stays home and PAINTS. Now admittedly I didn't mind her painting the likeness of ME - I am after all the BIG DOG, the MOST handsome one and it was my birthday - but then she goes on and does a painting of the Dweeb - the Wuzster - that thing that calls himself my brother - how could she sink so low. BUT  that isn't even the worst of it - she then goes on to paint "IT"  - that Dweeb cousin Jackson - that is the lowest of low Mom - the lowest of low!!

Mom is thinking of doing pet portraits and would love to hear your thoughts and get some feedback. These paintings are 20" x 16", done in acrylic on canvas (it is stretched on a frame). Do you think $60 + what ever the postage is - is a fair price? It costs $10 for materials - Canvas and paint and she spends about 6-7 hours on each painting.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday - Part 3

Final installment of my birthday was getting a big box in the mail. It came from Wyatt and Stanzie and was a whole collection of neat Frosty Paws goodies that we won in their giveaway. Dog oh Dog we love this and how perfect that it arrived on MY birthday!!! There is in insulated backpack, insulated foodibles box and water container plus a portable water bowl and poop bag dispenser. There was even a coupon for a free box of Frosty Paws and Mom went and got those for us yesterday. Now here is the funny thing - Mom has bought those for us before and we didn't like them - sniffed them - wouldn't even give them a lick and walked away..... but yesterday we slurped them down lickitty split! These are the original flavor an the ones we tried before were the peanut butter ones. Either way - we loved them and a BIG thank you to Wyatt and Stanzie for making my birthday perfect

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Part 2 of MY Birthday

I had the best day yesterday for MY birthday. Dweeb had to go to the Dogtors for his annual checkup and shots so we did that first - I had to go in and hold his paw the big wuzster. I got lots of lovin from my gal pals that work there and from Dogtor W plus I got treats cause it was MY birthday - score!!!!! Next we headed off to the pet store and dog oh dog it was like heaven! So many smells - so much to look at many treats to choose from. We scored a bagful of goodies and then Mom took us to MY other favorite pet store where I got even more lovin and treats!

I got dried venison sticks, venison treats, some special oil stuff to put in my dinner that is salmon flavored, cookies (carrot and ginger), trachea chews, some Sentinel worm treatment (this is the new Interceptor) and some other stuff Mom forgot to put in the picture - YES - I was spoiled. What I don't understand is why Mom say I have to share MY stuff with the Dweeb. Mom says we are celebrating his birthday too because she FORGOT his back in April - blah blah blah. When we got home MY cake was ready - check this out Peanut Butter and Apple Cookies layered with soymilk yogurt and frozen so it was nice and cold.

Can you believe the Mom said we could only have a little slice - I am like - "MOM - GIVE ME THE WHOLE CAKE NOW!!!!" She wouldn't budge though and Dweeb and I enjoyed ONLY a teeny tiny  slice of frozen yumminess. We also got a pawsome box that came in the  mail for ME US - we will share what was in that tomorrow. I can definitely say this was the best birthday day EVER - can I have another one tomorrow Mom and can I have some more cake NOW?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Six years ago today.....

Six years ago today the BIG dog came into the world as the little dog! Today is MY 6th birthday!  Time for a little flashback - here I am just 1 hour old (darn I was cute) - I was number 4 in litter and although I look like a big puppy in this photo I was really small. And darn if I didn't just get cuter and cuter - this it me at one month of age - am I adorable or what!!!!

Mom started the birthday celebrations off on the right paw - she got up at 5.30 and made me MY Birthday Cookie Cake - it is in the freezer setting at the moment. Then at 6.00 we headed off to MY park and dog oh dog it was perfect. We had some storms come through last night and it was a beautiful 74 degrees, cool and the lake was all misty with steam coming off it! Mom said we have to enjoy it because the next 10 days isn't going to get below 94 and we have just had the last 10 days at those temps! Is winter coming soon?

Then we came home and Mom gave me the first of my pressie. I got TWO giant cookies, a cow trachea and look what Mom painted - she made a portrait of ME !! I am IMMORTALIZED! Now as some of may remember Mom FORGOT the Dweebs birthday so we are celebrating his day too (Mom is painting his portrait too (Don't know why - he isn't nearly as handsome as ME and he is a Dweeb after all. Mom made him a Birthday Cookie Cake too and got him presents!)  Mom says we are waiting now until the pet store opens and we are going SHOPPING - woo hoo - I love birthdays - especially MINE.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Thirsty Thursday

Like so many places we are sweltering under the heat wave (ours has been going on for 10 days already) so the Mom has been getting up early to take us to the park. This morning though - even at 5.00 am the humidity was oppressive so Mom said just a short walkies around the neighborhood. We don't mind - a walkies is still a walkies and pee mail is still pee mail - no matter where it is  :)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Tuesday Tips

As many of you are aware - our dear old Google Reader had disappeared into the blogis-sphere.... never to be seen again. Did you know over 800,000 people signed a petition to keep it - guess they needed 800,001  though - sigh.

Now there are a few replacements out there for it including Feedly and Bloglovin. We have been trying both for the last couple of months and are leaning to bloglovin as our replacement. It works well on the Ipad and the Computer.

BUT - we have found the occasional quirky thing with it. So we thought we would share what to do if you encounter this.  Now for some reason these tend occur only on certain blogs - one for us being Frankie and Ernie Furters page - (you guys just have to be different don't you psssss - hope you don't mind us using your pics as our example). When we go to leave a comment on their page ....Bloglovin  goes blank and doesn't load their page - so how do you overcome this?

It is actually quite easy. As the page tries to load you will see the Bloglovin tool bar on the top - simply click on the "X" in the corner to close the Bloglovin frame - then the page will load properly. We have found 3 blogs this happens with but as we say - it is an easy fix.

Next - for those of you who have the PitaPata Tickers on your blogs - have you checked them lately? We noticed ours had stopped working - it was simply a matter of recopying the code  and they show the correct count again.

Oh look - some doggy is having a birthday in a few days ...hint hint hint !!! Actually we will celebrating both our birthdays because SOME Mom FORGOT the Dweebs birthday - she is trying to blame it on Pita Patter not working and therefore not reminding her - but we know it is really old age and an even older memory. BAD MOM ..... BAD MOM!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Musing on Monday #28

There is a fine art to being a goose chaser EXTRAORDINAIRE of which I happen to be one! So today I am going to share my VAST knowledge of Goose chasing with you.

Step 1 - It begins with a indifferent attitude - making the Geese think they are not even worthy of being looked at. Note the indifferent gazing to the left and thought projecting a "ho hum attitude" which lulls the Geese into thinking you haven't even noticed them.

Step 2 - Next, you nonchalantly start sniffing the ground and pretending not to notice them .....slowly work your way closer to them - you can even pretend you are trying to avoid stepping in Goose poop like Mom does!

Step 3 - Finally - give a humungous bark (which literally does scare the poop out of them) and then lunge - barking and stamping your booted (or unbooted)  feet at them! Make sure you hold your tail high up in the air - it makes you look even bigger and scarier.  Ahhhhh there is nothing better than hearing that frightened squawking and flapping as they head for the water - YEAH that will teach them Geese to stay off MY land! A job well done - you can then proceed on your walk while feeling pretty darn proud of yourself.

Ranger reminded us that today is National Cow Day - this one is for all the crazy cow lovers out there :)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Thank You Ruby

We recently pawticipated in the Auction to raise money for the pups of Moore, Oklahoma after that terrible tornado hit. Many doggies were in need of vet care or just needed a place to stay and foodibles for their tummies and we were happy to help in what little way we could.

We placed a bid on an item that Miss Ruby the Airedale had donated and it arrived in the post yesterday. Inside was 3 pawsome toys and a bag of treats. Dweeb of coarse was too scared of the box to come close to check out the toys - but not me - I saw that bag of treats and I couldn't wait. Open the bag Mom - open the bag YUM!

Once Mom got rid of the box Dweeb was quite happy to play with the green rabbit tug toy - he picked up the red duck but when it made a funny noise he got scared of it....I seriously wonder about that dweeb sometimes!