Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Invasion of MY park!

We got up early and headed to the park for yet another beautiful day of adventuring - but MY park has been INVADED - YES - INVADED I SAY !!!!!!!!!!

As if it isn't bad enough that those nasty horrible tourist types have parked  in MY PARK - they bring their Shrunken Humans (kids) with them who scream and run around like banshees!!!  They even speed along on MY paths on those two wheel contraptions even though there is signs saying NO two wheel contraptions (bikes) allowed!

And then there is the Canadian Geese - which I HATE !!!!   Now I won't even look at the ducks or the white geese - but those Canadian geese - dog oh dog they ruffle my furs! And today there was hundreds of them - biggify the photo and you will see them all - and this was just one flock! LET ME AT THEM MOM!!!!!!!!!! Mom had to tip toe between all the goose poop on the path (which was quite a sight to see - Mom tip toeing that is - not the poop)

And NOW - as if all of this isn't bad enough they have roped off parts of MY park and put signs up everywhere because they are having "Music in the Forest" tomorrow night. There are also all kinds of tents and food stands and weird smelling tall blue boxes that Mom called Porta-Potties.

Okay I don't mind the food stands - in fact I would be happy if they left them there - nothing like a nice snack after a long walkies  but the Pony Rides and bouncy blow up things - for the Shrunken Humans to play on - why encourage them to come to MY park I ask and encourage them to scream like banshees even more?

And what is with the sign - that is a whole lot of NO's. Personally I think those Shrunken Humans should be on leashes and not us dogs!

The Dweeb of coarse was shaking in his paws at the sight of all these weird things - Mom even had to give him one his chill pills when we got home. Even the Tree Rats were hiding in the top of the trees today - come down you little buggers - come down!


  1. Could not agree with you more on containing those shruken humans!!! BOL!

  2. LOL us too. If it not the shrunken people screaming, it is the music festivals and then don't talk about the picnicers or peeps will be here all day moaning. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. we had to laugh hard about the comment of the shrunken heads, cos we have 8 that visit our house quite regularly...they love us and are kind but they are rather extra loud and run around like crazy.
    stella rose

  4. Shrunken Humans and Porta Potties and all that other YOUR park. Just not RIGHT. We think you need a SIGN of your OWN...
    Keep outta OUR Park!!!
    THIS is not the way to celebrate stuffs... who wants Canada Geese and their Poops and rubbery bouncing off the walls rooms.. SHEEEEEEESH.
    It ... ALMOST... makes winter seem Good.

  5. We have Egyptian Geese down these parts & they drive us CRAZY!!! We are not big fans of shruken humans either.
    Happy 4th of July for tomorrow.

  6. Well parks seem to always be invaded around holidays, don't they? It is too bad! :)

  7. Oh that really stinks. How dare they invade your territory. Poor Denny :( Oreo would have been a wreck.

  8. The relatives of your invaders are here too!!
    Benny & Lily

  9. So much for a nice quiet walk at the park. Ack!!

  10. We are totally with you about the shrunken humans on leads!

    You should have put up your own sign-Reilly and Denny's Personal Park, Admittance by Permit only!

    But on the plus side Pony Rides might mean good smelling stuff to roll in when everyone leaves.

    XXXOOO Daisy, Bella & Roxy

  11. Hey Reilly! Can you ask your Mom what the Dweeb's 'chill pills' are? And how they work, cause Katie could use some during thunder storms. Does she think they'd work for that?

  12. I am with you!!! Shrunken humans? Only good for dropping food. Bicycles? Only good for barking at (like a lunatic). And Canadian Geese? They just poop everywhere. You need to get them all out of your park!

  13. Good thing my MOM works on the 4th. There will be no trips to the invaded parks around here.

  14. BOL! Oh, I agree with you guys...I don't like invaders! And, Ma doesn't like steppin' in poop either (I don't mind, butts that's another story...).
    I hopes the shrunken humans don't make a mess of your beautifuls park!
    and tell those tree rats to come down, it's safe.....hehehe
    Ruby ♥


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