Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Did you know !!! Pet Meds Can Cost Less - Super Sluethe Reilly - on the job!

Okay - did you know that here in the USA - there is an RX card just for us furbabies? Mom has been grumbling a lot lately because all of our medications are costing nearly $350 a month when she buys them through our local pharmacy but the other day she was watching some info-mmercial that stated you can use all RX cards to buy pet medicines if they are also people medicines ....so of coarse Mom and I went researching and found out it is TRUE !!!!!

See.....The discount is given on the medicine - not on the person or furbaby taking it.  Anyway to get to the point - my Gabapentin normal costs $86 for a months supply at out local publix pharmacy (they don't accept discount cards though) so mom took the cards and had our prescriptions transferred to Walgreens and Mom got such a shock - today when she picked up my prescription - it was only $32.95 - that is a HUGE savings. And Denny's kidney medication dropped from $68 down to $30.

The card we chose is called Pet Drug card and this is their web address https://petdrugcard.com
There is no cost to use it, no joining or giving email address, you just enter your pets names and print out the card. We had no trouble using it at Walgreens. They list all the pharmacies you can use it at and what medications they cover. If they don't have your pharmacy or medication then check out some of the many other free RX cards as different ones offer different things. Remember - you must have a proper prescription from your Vet for the medicine - they can either print one out for you at the vets office or ours just sends it directly to the pharmacy.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Good news

The news is good and so is my nose. We were starting to worry when it took so long for the results of my biopsy to come back but it turns out I have a bacterial skin infection in one side of my nose and they had to do a culture on it to find out exactly what kind of bacteria it is so they could match me up with the right antibiotics. Needless to say we all gave a big sigh of relief as thoughts of me without a nose and not being able to read the pee mail was just awful. So for the next two weeks I have to have this yucky ointment in my nose twice a day and have to take tablets twice a day too. Power of the Paw worked again - thank you every doggie you are all awesome !

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Power of the paw

We are needing some power of the paw - Mr Reilly had a biopsy done on his nose yesterday. Over the last 6 months we have been keeping an eye on a pink patch that developed on the side of his nose - in the last week it seemed to get bigger so his vet decided it was time to do a biopsy on it and find out what it is. Here he was when he came home - all tired and woozy from the sedation. He had one stitch in his nose which he will have out in 10 days. We now just have to wait until we get the results of the biopsy back.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Down the lazy river

When Aunty Dawn and Katie came to visits - she and Mom went out one day to do some exploring and Mom found a new park we hadn't been too - so yesterday she took me over to it so I could claim it and add it to bark ranger patrol. Now this is only a tiny park with mainly a picnic area, boat ramp and a small walking path - but what it does have is about a mile of river front that we can walk along. The river is actually the St Johns river and it where are all the big ships go through to reach the Port of Jacksonville.  Across from the park there is also BAE Systems - this is a ship yard that does retro fitting for a lot of the military ships and also private ones too. Check out that Yacht behind us (actually there were two - one in the water and one behind it in dry dock) - Mom says either one would be perfect for us to cruise around the world on - dream on Mom - dream on !

Tuesday, April 10, 2018

A date with my girlfriend

Guess what - MY beautiful princess Katie came all the way to Florida to visit me again !!!  Is that pawsome or what!  Now sadly due to arthritis in my feet I can't really take her and show her many of the sights but yesterday was a good day so our moms decided to take us the Arboretum and Gardens. I was able to walk with her about half way and than the Mom picked me up and put in my walking wagon. We had such a wonderful time - although we REALLY didn't need that dweeb brother of mine being there as a chaperone. 
Smile Everyone (Left to Right - Katie, Reilly Denny)
Good Grief -they want more pictures
Katies Mom - she loves me !
My Mom- she loves me and loves Katie too
Me in my wagon
Comeon Mom - we gotta get up that hill.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Getting Old Sucks !

You know - for years we have listened to Mom complaining about being "old" and how her knees or back hurt after a long walk - but now WE understand. Getting old is no fun at all. I the Reilly dog have jippy feet (and I can't even wear my boots anymore )  and I have bad arthritis in my spine and back hips. The last time Mom took me for a 'real' walk I only got about a 1/4 mile and flopped on the ground and couldn't move. Thankfully by big human sister was with us and was able to carry me back to the car. Then on the weekend Mom and Dad took us to the beach - and before Dad could pick me up to carry me down the steps I tried to go down them myself and my back legs gave way and I tumbled down 4 steps. Needless to say I scared the bejeebers out of the folks but I was actually okay - just my dignity was a little hurt. Mom will now only take me places with no steps and a flat surface so she can put me in my wheelie cart (which I HATE) but it is better than nothing. I do enjoy my bike cart though - it is fun watching Dad huff and puff and do all the hard work :)

Now we also have had some scary news about my Dweeb brother the Denny. At his last yearly physical a few weeks ago -  his blood tests showed his kidneys were not working properly and his liver function was a little high. They decided to repeat the test one month later to make sure it wasn't just a faulty reading - and sadly the numbers came back slightly worse. So yesterday the Dweeb went off to the vets and had his belly shaved so they could do an ultra sound of his kidneys and sadly they showed he has "significant" kidney disease. He hasn't been showing any symptoms of anything being wrong. We are still waiting for some more tests to come back to see what kind of disease - and hopefully it can be treated with medications and a special diet - that will as the vet optimistically said - "keep him going a few more years"

We are also happy to report that after 8 months of living with us - cousin Max and his Moms are moving out tomorrow - they have an apartment about 7 minutes away but the big galoop will still be coming to doggie day care when his Moms are both working so we will still see him.  We are certainly NOT going to miss his tail though - both Denny and I squint and put our heads down any time he walks near us because we are so use to getting wacked in the face with that tail  And poor Mom has long whip like bruises on her legs from his tail....... she says can understand now why people dock boxers tail although she doesn't like the idea as there is nothing better then seeing a happy tail wag - unless it is knocking the coffee cup of the coffee table for like the 100th time :) :)