Saturday, August 30, 2008

Just a quiet day

My dad is home and I love it when he's home cause he plays 'real' tug with me, not that whimpy tug mom plays.....but real rough and ready tugging, something I can really get my teeth into. I will even do pretend growls occasionally when tugging with the dad. First of all we went out in the garden for a game of 'skitchum' that is dad tries to catch me but I zoom around so fast I am just a blur. Even on high speed, that is all mom could get, was me blurring past her. Then it was tug time but I was kind of puffed from all that zooming around so I didn't really have enough energy left for some serious tugging. It was still lots of fun and anytime I get to spend with my dad I just love. This week he won't be traveling (yippeeeee) so I will be waiting every night at the door at 5 o'clock. Mom says it is because I hear his car coming at the end of the street........but it's doggie magic.......I just KNOW when my dad is coming home! I bet you guys know when your moms and dads are coming home too!!!! It's a gift we four paws have. The only other news is that mom is still a bit concerned about my itching, it seemed to have settled down and then last night I was having a scratching frenzy. Mom had to get up at 2 am and put that icky spray on my legs. It worked though and I went back to sleep. Of coarse mom was wide awake then and couldn't get back to sleep so she did some work instead and is rather tired this morning. It's odd how I can go to sleep anytime but the mom can't. Maybe she needs to try sleeping on the cool floor like I do!!!! I am off to so if dad is up for some more tugging.....hope you all enjoy your weekend.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Greenies - Good or Bad?

Here I am ready and waiting to go and mom pulls out that camera thing......pleeeeeease mom, we are going to the pet store, I am excited and I DON'T want to stand still for another picture......okay if you insist, but you will be getting my hypnotic "I want to go to the pet store, I want to go to the pet store, I want to go to the pet store" look. Good - that worked, now let's GO! So off we went. Now the mom being ever vigilant noticed a new stand of Greenies on display. Some where in the back of mom's mind (a very scary place she says) she remembered there being a problem with these a few years ago. Mom wondered what other puppers mom's and dad's thought about these dental treats.

Me, I was just happy sniffing all the shelves and saying hello to everyone. There seems to be quite a few new people working in the store and they are much friendlier then the old staff. I certainly like them as I got a whole big doggie type oreo cookie filled with peanut butter and I stuffed the whole thing in my mouth, not one bit dropped!. Dog oh dog was it good....I didn't even care when it was sticking to the roof of my mouth and I looked funny trying to lick it was just soooooooooo yummy. Then we went to see the likes to talk to the Sun Conure they have...I am not so fond of him, he sqwarks at me when I jump up to look at him. We also had at look at the bunnies and there was one that looked like me (white with black patches). I jumped up and said hello to the ferrets, they always come and press their noses to the isn't so fond of them, she says they smell bad. Then we checked out the fish and as mom was looking, a silly Oscar fish a couple of tanks away jumped out and landed on my back before flopping to the ground. Mom quickly scooped it up and put it back in the tank and it was fine. It was lucky I was was standing there and it had a soft landing but it gave me such a fright too!!!! I thought it might of been a dog fish trying to attack me!!!! Then we went to get a new finger tooth brush for me.....I tried to tell mom I didn't need it but she gave me one of those looks that says "mom knows best" and that was the end of that conversation. Moms can be very stubborn at times. We were going to go to the park after the pet store but with the rain we had yesterday the humidity is just terrible, in fact there is a fog like haze everywhere. The mom really doesn't like humidity and I am not so fond of it either, so although I would have liked a walk at the park, we can home. Mom did promise NOT to do my teeth until tomorrow so at least that is a good thing.
Woofitty woof

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sheltie Magic and Good Grief

I was on Josh and Jess's blog yesterday and they were saying how much it has been raining over there in NZ. I asked them if I could share some rain as my lawn is starting to look very brown. Well guess poured this morning!!!! How is that for a little Sheltie magic. It hasn't rained here in weeks and weeks and this was really not expected, but mom loved it. She took this photo but it doesn't show up very well - the water was going the road like a river! Of coarse there is no way I am going step foot out in that wet stuff, but it will make my grass nice and green and soft and that does make me happy.

Now, I can not believe mom made me 'model' this. Good grief mom !!!!!! what will the other guys think. I did make her promise to put only a small image on by blog. Mom was a little bored this morning and decided to make Tatum Tot (the pink princess) her own little tiara/crown. I think she will look very cute in it.......BUT I DON'T MOM!!!!! I am probably going to have to go into doggie counseling to overcome the trauma of wearing pink, even if it was only for 3.7 seconds! Mom did give me an extra cookie for modeling so I guess it is okay. Hmmmm NO IT'S NOT - IT'S PINK AND GIRLY and I don't look good in it!!! The things we pupsters have to do to keep our moms happy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just a little itchy

Mom has been washing my legs and feet using a soothing shampoo and with the spray the doggie doctor gave me the itching has just about stopped. I know it helps but the 'mini' baths are still hard to take. Mom says I am very good about it (even though I give her my best sorrowful look). I just stand there quietly until she finishes and then I have a mad dash around the house to dry off. Today I have also been busy watching the door. For the last couple of days we have had little sparrows getting caught between the fly screen and the sliding glass door. Mom thinks they are baby sparrows that are just leaving the nest but is not sure why they keep flying between the two sliding doors. Yesterday one flew right into the glass door and hit it so hard it died. This upset the mom when she saw it. I sniffed at it but didn't find it very interesting. Hope everyone had a good day.
Woofitty woof

Monday, August 25, 2008

Itchy Scratchy Gnaw Gnaw!!!

AAArrrrrffffff...... I don't know what I touched yesterday but it has made my front legs very itchy! Mom thought it might be poison ivy or poison oak, but dad is highly allergic to both of those and we were playing together all yesterday afternoon so if I had that on me, he would be scratching too and he isn't. Mom took me to my doggie doctor this afternoon (sigh, I like her, she is always so gentle and she thinks I am adorable) and she couldn't see anything on my skin and it wasn't even red even though I had been licking at it. Anyway she gave mom some anti itch spray to put on my worked great but dog oh dog does it taste bad. Poor mom had to get up in the middle of the night and wash my legs for me, she used a soothing shampoo and that helped a lot too. I guess I will have to be a little more careful but it is so hard when I go for walks.....I just love all the smells and jump in the middle of plants and bushes without even thinking they might be bad for me.

Woofitty woof

Sunday, August 24, 2008

My Favorite Place

It was such a beautiful morning, cool with just a nice gently breeze and I felt like a spring lamb bouncing around. Finally mom said okay, let's go to the lake. I knew if I pestered her enough she would give in :) And best of all Dad came too!!! So we got in my car which I let mom drive and off we went. Mom has a blanket on the back seat that is the same color as the car but at the moment it more Reilly color because I am shedding my puppy coat at last!!!! I was just so excited. I love it when my dad comes with us, although he does walk a lot faster than my mom does. Mom drove around to the "island" today, it's an area in the lake where they built a little island connected by a path. Mom spent most of her life living near the ocean (I don't really know what that is, she said it's like a lake but the water is salty and smells very good). She misses the ocean thing a lot and the lake is her favorite place because it remind her a little of that ocean thing. She also loves all the trees and the green around the too!!!! It is so full of interesting smells. Mom and dad thought it was funny when I picked up the scent of something in the grass and followed it around and around. Mom said she hoped it wasn't a skunk!! I don't know what one of those is either, but mom says they smell like the worse thing imaginable, so I guess they smell like doggie shampoo because that is the worse thing I have ever smelt !!!! It's odd though, mom thinks the doggie shampoo smells mom is obviously weird when it comes to smells. When we got to the end of the island I laid down on the cool sand near the edge of the water. Dad was worried I might go in it and get all wet ...HA HA don't know the Reilly that well!!!! Reilly doesn't do wet water!!!! Mom liked watching all the baby fish in the lake and said it is a very healthy lake as there are lots of fish and there is no algae blooms the water. I wish I knew what all these things are that mom talks about ..... but I am still only a pupster and I just know it is a great place for a long walk and I love it there.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The power of chocolate

Mom had a couple pieces of chocolate last night and this morning was full of energy !!! (Of coarse I wasn't allowed any as chocolate is not good for doggies....even though it smells sooooooo good. ) Anyway, it was nice and cool so off we went on a nice long walk and mom said she was feeling so much better. First off we checked out some flowers that were growing along the path. They smelt kind of funny to me and made me sneeze four times in a row. I looked up at mom and asked her "what was that all about - why did they make me sneeze like that?" Mom said it was the pollen.....I have no idea what that is but I don't think I like it very much. We continued out walk and one of the best things about where we live is that we are right on the edge of our city and there is nothing but rolling green fields of farmland and trees. So we walked and walked and I sniffed and snuffled and checked out every tree. I even scared a bunny from its hiding spot and that was fun because then I got to bark at it. Eventually we followed the path around the back of the school and behind the soccer field. Mom said I am the coloring of a soccer ball so she thought it was fun to get a picture of me there. I also have a big fluffy soccer ball toy that would be so much fun to bring down onto this field to play with. Mom said we might bring it with us next time. We continued on our walk and I got a nice compliment from some ladies walking by, they said I was such a pretty dog and so well trained. Mom has told me ever since I was little pupster that I should always stop at sit when we come to a road and I always do this because mom knows best about roads and cars. We made it home and I had the biggest drink and mom made my breakfast which I had worked up a real appetite for. And that is my day so far.......and there more adventures to come. I am such a lucky Reilly!
Woofitty woof!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Ohhhhhh how cool is this ?

Dad was cruising around on the 'net' and came across this neat site that works out a dogs age in human years based on breed, on how active it is, what it eats, exercise and everything. It take awhile to go through the questions but I am happy to say I got good results and I am 8.2 years in human years. It is something your mom or dad might like to, I am just a puppy at heart and always be!!!! You can check out this site here

PS - I have been nominated for the photo of month over on dogs with blogs, so please wander over and check out the entries and vote for the one you like. Here is the link, you need to a member of the dogzone to vote.

Darn - mom is feeling better

Okay, the mom is feeling better which is a good thing because it means we can go for walks again, but it also means back to daily brushings. Here I am this morning complete with my sorrowful "why me" look" and the 'tribble' that mom combed out of me. For those to young to remember mom says to tell you all that a 'tribble' was this ball of fluff creature off the old original Star Trek series. She says my combed out fluff reminds her of them. Tribbles fed of off electrical energy and mom says if she doesn't spray me down with water before combing that is how my fur reacts, it sticks to her static energy and the walls, the dryer, the floor ......hey what can I say, I like sharing. Okay, we are off for a car ride so have a great day and weekend...oh my dad came home last night and I was soooooooooooooooo happy to see him.
woofitty woof

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do

I have been busy 'mom sitting' today - no not sitting on her, but curled up next to her. Mom and I went to bed last night (he heee! dad is away so I got to sleep on the big bed) and everything was fine last night but when mom went to get up this morning she could hardly stand and she was in a lot of pain. So I made her stay in bed most of the day and laid quietly with her letting her stroke my ears and head and rub my tummy when she was awake and snoozing when she snoozed. It's a tough life but a dogs gotta do what a dogs gotta do ......and I must admit my mom is always taking care of me so a day relaxing with her and keeping her company isn't too bad.

PS (Paws Stop) Mom if feeling a little better now.

Woof-i-ty Woof

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a blogging dog!

Mom needed some new fish for her aquarium today so I went with her to choose them and how lucky was it that the fish just happened to be at PetSmart!!!! So off we went and of coarse seeing how we were already there I thought I would check out the shelves and see what was new. Our first stop was the bone aisle....yumbo!!!!! Dog oh dog did everything just smell so good. Mom kept a close eye on me in this aisle as I have been known to help myself to the occasional treat. After that we had a look at the beds......I asked mom what they were for and when she told me, I looked over at them and thought "dogs sleep in would be sooo hot" As you can gather I am not a bed dog........ for some reason I like sleeping on the cool floor or on mom's big bed (when dad isn't home). Mom even bought me one of those fancy Cool Beds III things - thinking I would like it, but it sits unused in the corner. Next stop was the toy aisle and even though I gave mom my best 'please mom' look, she said no more toys. Gosh, I don't even have that many just my moose, big ball, little ball, dog, bone, tug toy, booda bones in two sizes, frisbee, loofa dog and of coarse there are my outside toys and my basement toys but they don't count. Can a pupster ever have too many toys??? Besides mom doesn't let me have them all at once, she rotates them each week so I don't get bored. Our last stop was to visit Paul in the grooming salon, he is my most favorite PetSmart person and my groomer too. He has known me since I was just six weeks old and he has a little girl Sheltie so he knows all about grooming my kind. Mom laughed when she saw the picture of Paul and I, as that halti thing was itching my nose and if you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see where I am trying to lick at the itch. So that was my day today filled with fun. Oh one thing that really annoys me......everyone always thinks I am a girl. Plllleeeeease - do I look like a girl? For some reason, when ever we go to PetSmart people always say "what a cute little girl can I pat her" Mom thinks it is because I am white and fluffy and she always says quite clearly to people "yes you can pat HIM". Okay enough blogging. Mom says I talk to much but I do have one last thing to say (as always).........My dad is away this week, he was Texas first, then Indiana and tomorrow in Ohio and he ALWAYS reads my blog when he travels so he can see what I adventures I am having. So ........ Hi Dad.....I miss you and so does mom!

Gotto go.......Woof-i-ty woof everyone

Monday, August 18, 2008

The Mighty Missouri River

Mom was feeling better today so I took her for a walk down by the Missouri River. Along its banks is the Lewis and Clark Park. Mom says they were the guys who mapped this area.....I am not sure what that means but I sure do like their park. Mom had me on my long lead today which I really like because I can run and sniff, but she also had that horrible halti thing on my nose which I DON'T LIKE. We use that when her hands are sore because I don't pull when I am wearing that. We started off our walk at the Gazebo thing (that is what mom calls them) and as you can see it is a beautiful day with clear blue skies. Mom was a little disappointed that the park is not in good condition, the grass was over grown and not very green and yet last year every time she went it was so pretty and well kept. Anyway, after I stopped there and had a good sniff around we went on the two mile loop. This path follows the river and it is nice walking along there. We saw lots of holes in the ground and mom wondered if they were moles or something else. I sniffed at them but didn't like the smell, it made me sneeze. The river was moving very very fast so mom wouldn't let me get to close to it if she needed to is water and water is wet and I don't like wet! We saw some big branches floating by and I barked and barked at one because there was a goose sitting on it! Mom wondered why people would take their boats on the river as there is a lot of debris in the water. (As we dogs already know, people are not always the smartest cookies in the box). We continued on and it was starting to get quite warm. We stopped to check out the boats in the dock area and I got to bark at some more geese. I don't know why I like to bark at geese but I do........and I have this overwhelming urge to go and herd them, but I am a sheep dog not a goose dog, so that just wouldn't be right! These were noisy geese too, the honked and hissed at me. Mom said it was because they were protecting their babies. I just barked louder at them after that because I ALWAYS have to have the last word. Mom sat for a while on a bench and I jumped up next to her and we just watched the geese and the boats. I even sat quietly when two joggers went by, mom was very proud of me for that. I was starting to get very warm so we decided to head back to the car. When we got there mom got my bowl out and filled it with water and I had a big big drink, then I flopped down in the shade to have a rest. I really wanted to keep walking and the other side of the trail is all under big trees and shady but mom remembered the nasty prickles that got stuck in my paws the last time we went that direction so we decided that was probably enough for today. I am all rested now from my walk so mom and I are going to practice some agility. Hope everyone has as good a day as I have had.
Woof woof

PS: I hope Ricky is feeling better today

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Left at home - Air Force Week

Spot the Reilly (he he - you can't keep a good dog out of the picture!!!!!!!)
It just wasn't right I couldn't go with mom and dad, so I put myself in their pictures....can you see me ?

Mom and dad went over to Offutt Air Force base today and they had to leave me at home...... I go over there all the time with mom but this weekend there are no dogs allowed.....hmm what did they think I would do, jump in one of those whoosh whoosh things and fly off. I really don't understand why so many places are so dog is so unfair!!!! Anyway, mom got lots of photo and I must say, I am glad I didn't go....check out that big monster with it's mouth wide open!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is enough to scare any pupster. Dad said that the other pictures are of something called jets and that they can fly faster then I can bark. (I think dad probably got a wee bit too much sun today) as nothing is faster then my bark!!!!! Dad also got to see his P3 plane which is what he flew when he was in the Navy. He was quite surprised how different it looked inside. I wouldn't know seeing how I DIDN'T GET TO GO! (pout pout) Mom didn't go inside as she couldn't climb the steps today. Mom also said that there were men jumping out of those plane things and parachuting to the ground. I am not exactly sure what that is, but I wish one had landed in my yard....I could of barked and barked at him and told him how mean it is not letting me go with my mom and dad. Mom wasn't having such a good day today so they didn't stay long. If it is nice weather tomorrow and mom is feeling better she said she will take me to the park so that will that make up for not being able to go today. Oh, just as a side little buddy Ricky still isn't feeling so good today, I have my paws crossed for you and if it will make you feel better, you can borrow my favorite tuggy toy to snooze with.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Icky yellow frothy stuff

I was reading on my buddy Ricky's page that he was having trouble with the "ickly yellow frothy stuff" that he sometimes throws up in the morning. I also had this problem so my mom thought it be useful to share what we found that has helped this. Mom was so worried about me doing this that she took me to see my doggy doctor (sigh....I like her....she always gives me lots of lovin). Anyway she recommended that I take charcoal tablets, but mom had trouble finding those. What she did find was "Old Mother Hubbard" Char-Tar Dog Biscuits (she found them at Petco). She gives me one every night just before bed time and since she has been doing that, I have had no icky yellow frothy stuff mornings. Mom had also been doing some reading up on this and has found it is a common problem in we Shelties. It is also why we like to drink so much water as it helps dilute the acid and at night time when we don't drink (because we are too busy chasing dream bunnies) it builds up in our tummies and come morning, splat.....icky yellow frothy stuff. The charcoal in the cookies actually helps to neutralize and absorb the acid. Mom says I should say that this is what I found helps me and that you may want to check with your own doggy doctor to make sure there is nothing else causing it. I really like my Char-tar cookies as they made with oatmeal, apples, carrots and eggs with the charcoal baked in and they also help to clean my teeth which as you can see in my photo are sparkling white. Mom really likes them too (not to eat) but because it means she doesn't have to clean the icky yellow frothy stuff off the carpet anymore!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Whoooooosh - boom

My goodness, I thought the sky was falling or there were huge monsters stomping around in the clouds. Mom says it is okay though as it is Air Force week and they are having the Blue Thunder jets doing a show. I am not sure what they are......they must be up in the sky as mom has been outside watching them and when dad came home they went over to Offutt Base to watch them practice. Mom didn't have her good camera with her so she could only get a couple of photos with her cell phone. You can just see them in a 4 diamond formation in this photo. Of coarse, I can tell you right now they are not very good - because I am not in them!!!! Dad was very excited to see a P3 plane there which is what he use to fly. They have retired them now which made him a bit sad but he is looking forward to getting up close to one again tomorrow. I really don't know what all the fuss is about, these jet things are very loud and when they fly over my house, they make the windows rattle and then I have to bark at them and tell them to go away. I think it is also very mean that only humans can see the show tomorrow. I LOVE being with humans and there will be so many there. Maybe mom can get some better photos tomorrow to share with everyone. It is times like this I wish I was a Chihuahua, then mom could pop me in her bag and no-one would know I was there.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monsters Everywhere !!!!

Mom has lost the plot!!!!!!!!!!!! She got up early this morning and dragged that vacuum monster out and had a grand old fight with it all around the house. She was pulling and pushing and it was growling and making funny noises. Then if that wasn't bad enough she got the steam cleaner monster out and started going all over the house with that too. made the carpet soggy under my paws!!! Now normally I would go outside when she does this, not that scares me or anything, I just don't like the noise and it makes me sneeze. Well I looked outside and there was some strange guy riding on another monster, mom said it was a fertilizer spreader. Needless to say I really had to tell him off about that, he was in MY yard. I put on my big dog voice and I really let out those deep woofs. Mom said we had to let the carpet dry and we couldn't go outside until after she put the sprinklers on to wash the fertilizer stuff into the grass. She said it might burn my paws otherwise. Hmmmmm if it can burn my paws what will it do to my grass....I was very worried about that, I love my grass. Mom said it would make the grass very green and grow better.....seems odd to me but I guess being so old she knows better then me - at least on this issue. Anyway, we ended up going down into the basement and we practiced our weave poles, tunnel, jumps and chute. In between practice we play a game called 'catch me if you can' when I grab the tug and mom chases me all over trying to get it back - she never does because I am toooooooo fast for her. After that I had a walk on my treadmill while mom did some cleaning up. When we came back upstairs the carpet was just about dry. So that was my day today......woof woof to everyone.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That crazy red dot

Aaaaarrrrr, I don't like that red dot.....when I see it I just have to chase it and bark at it. Mom says it's good exercise for me running up and down the hall way, but I just want to catch it and BITE it! Mom thought it would be fun to make a video me chasing it - but personally I think its about as interesting as watching paint dry (which I have never done - so it could be interesting) though humans seem to say that a lot when something is boring. Humans have a lot of funny sayings and words. Mom is always calling me a Scallywag......I have no idea what that means either, but she always says it it in her teasing voice so I know it's okay. Do your mom and dad have funny 'pet' names for you. Mom cally me Riles, Riddley, Bubbee and Fuzzball. Good heavens, is it any wonder when I don't respond to my real name !!!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A walk with my buddy

It was a nice cool morning so I decided to take mom for a walk. On our way we met Franklin the corgi and his mom so we decided to walk along together. We snuffled talked, checked out all the smells and just had a nice stroll. Franklin is quite old so he doesn't move too fast, but that is okay because today was just perfect that slow pace. I am really quite happy at the moment as they finished all the road work at the end of our street and now we have side walks that go for miles and unlike the side walks on our street which are basically at a 35 degree angle and hurt moms knees when she walks on them, the new sidewalks are all nice and flat. Tomorrow is PetSmart day - yippee!!!! that is when I go and say hello to my human buddies. I have been going there ever week since I was 6 weeks old and they all know me by name. I have discovered that if I bark in there it echos around the now everyone knows when I arrive. I like that!!! but mom says it is impolite. Hmmmmm moms can be so fussy sometimes......I mean REALLY !!!!! can I help it if I am happy and want to let EVERYONE know!!!!!!!! Well I am going back to my bone, it has been nicely seasoning out in the yard all week and I just bought it back in, so I off to continue my chomping. Woof woof everyone!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Platt River State Park

Oh Dog Oh Dog !!!!! I have had the best day!!!! Mom was feeling better today so we went out early for a walk. Then her and dad went to breakfast at a human only place (gggggrrrrrr) but when they got back mom asked if I wanted to go the State Park - What a dumb question mom!!!!!!!! Platt River is about a 20 minute drive away and I don't mind that at all because I love my car rides and get to leave more 'snootles' on the windows!!!!! We started off near the lake where the picnic area is and there was hundreds of these things mom called 'butterflies'. (oh, if you click on these photos you can see them full size!) Some of then were almost as big as my head. I tried jumping up to catch one but they were always just out of reach. Dad said there was so many varieties of them that it was like being in a butterfly house. I think dad is silly, why would these things live in a house when they can stay at the park!!!!!! After that we went over to the walking trails which is a wooded area. It was much nicer there as there are lots of trees and lots of shade. I really appreciated that as it was quite warm. I also like the bridges. I am king of the bridge when I see them and like looking over to the creek below. I wasn't quite sure what to make of that scrattling noise I heard coming from the bushes though. Mom said it was probably a soon as I heard that I was ready to chase them but she said they are not the same as the ground squirrels that sneak into MY yard. We continued our walk and met lots of other humans and some other dogs too. I was very good, each time we met the humans and dogs dad told me to sit and wait until they went past and the humans said I was very cute and very well behaved. We finally ended up at the little waterfall and the sand was very cool, I liked that. Mom said the water was also very cool and that I should put my feet in it. NO WAY !!!! - water is also wet and I don't like wet. Dad even went to other side of the water and called me across, but I out smarted him, I bunny hopped across the rocks and barely got a hair wet!!!!! We had a bit of rest in the shade and then finally started back. When we came to a fork in the path, I went left and mom said "that way is to the water" mom and dad both started laughing because they said I stopped and looked at them with a look that said 'water - yuk' and came running back down the path as fast as my little legs could carry me. They were right, that is exactly what I was thinking!!!!! So this was my day and now I am going to go and lay on my vent and has a good snooze. Woof woof to all.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Blogs and Kangaroos?

Is it just me, or have others noticed that the blogs are looking and acting all weird? I went to visit my zoom zoom buddy Ricky and just got a page with nothing but text on it, it looked like a Google layout!!!! It was all of Ricky's text blogging but no photos. I was thinking 'what the woof' and then saw a link at the top, clicked on and then it went to Ricky's REAL page. I was much happier seeing that as I wanted to see Ricky's camping adventure pictures as well as read about it. Then I went to visit Tater Tot, the unfurry one - and there was NO pink page!!! There was no side menu or anything and I couldn't even find the link to leave her a message. Mom thought maybe it was just the browser, so we tried it in Explorer and Netscape and it was still weird. She even rebooted the computer. Even my blog was loading funny yesterday, the side menu was missing, the titles were there but all the links were gone.......they were back this morning but that had me worried as I couldn't see my buddies list. It was very odd. Essex and Deacons page loaded fine and mom smiled when she saw them wearing their Australian Caps. They also got a toy kangaroo to play with so mom thought she would show them MY kangaroo. When I was a tiny pupster I use to sleep between her feet all the time, it was my cozy spot. When I started chewing on her tail mom put away and yet she tells dad kangaroo tail stew is often eaten back home so I don't know why I couldn't chew on Roo's tail! Hey Essex and Deacon, you should ask your dad to take you Petsmart, they have quite a few Aussie themed toys. Gotta woof.....have a great day everyone.

PS : Deacon and Essex wanted to see me as a pupster sleeping with I am at six week old ....what a cutie I was and still am!!!!! the way those didgeridoo things that dad plays they are good to chew on too but he growled a lot when I did that so I learned to leave them alone - at least while he wasn't looking!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh dog - did I have fun.

Mom and I got up bright and early and headed over to the lake. She said I was like a spring lamb bouncing around. I was just so happy to be going out. It has been so hot lately and this is the first cool day we have day in awhile so I fully intended to enjoy it. Mom parked the car at the picnic area as it was nice and shady there and she snapped this picture of me sitting by the tree. I had my long lead on and mom said it was okay for me sniff at everything!!!!! Dog oh was like my birthday again. We started off around the lake and I was running and weaving here there and every where. Mom didn't even mind when I kept getting her tangled in my lead!!!! We came to little area right near the water and that felt so cool of my paws that I decided I just had to lay down down there and cool off my tummy too!!! Then we walked some more and as you can see from this photo, the lake level is very high. The picnic table and trash can were in the water!! Mom thought it was funny as she could see fish swimming around the table.....she said they must be having a picnic today! Mom also said they looked like CATfish....I think mom is a bit confused though as cats don't live in the water and if they did, I would have to chase them away. After that mom needed a bit of a rest so we stopped and sat for awhile and it was wonderful. The air smelled so clean and fresh and the only sounds we could hear was the birds and something mom called frogs....they make a funny noises and hide in the plants along the edge of the water. I heard one close by and when I went to check it out, there was a 'splushing' noise, I didn't see anything but I barked at it anyway. Mom says frogs can swim and live in the water. I wonder if they get chased by those CATfish things. I REALLY love this lake and being on military land only people with military id's can visit it (which my mom has) . I am not sure what all this 'military stuff' is, I just know that there hardly ever anyone there when we go and I can run and sniff and just be the happiest littlest sheltie ever. Mom says I am a funny boy though, because there was a whole lake of water and I wouldn't drink from that, I waited until mom got my bowl and filled it with spring water from a bottle. I didn't think it was funny that I waited, afterall..... who KNOWS what those CATfish things might have done in the water. Finally we headed back to my car ........I am not old enough to drive yet, so I let my mom take care of that as she is reallllllllllll old (at least compared to me). Mom made me wait for a while before getting in as the fur on my legs was wet from the grass and sand had stuck to them too. I liked it....little boys are meant to get dirty when playing outside but mom had just cleaned the car so she made me wait until she could brush the dirt off me. So there is my morning at the lake, we had a great time and mom says if it still cool this weekend we will go and have a picnic there which means chicken and I love chicken at picnics.......well actually I love chicken anytime!! Woof woof to everyone hope you have a great day. Oh...... mom says she will put one on the videos on here too so check back for that.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Okay, am I growling, snarling and being a big bad dog that scares all who come near? Okay stop snickering everyone......... I admit it, I was actually just licking my lips after having a nice chomp on a marrow bone mom got me today. But you have to admit I do look a little ferocious. And you also have to admit, I have some nice white teeth there too!!!!! Mom says chomping on a marrow bone is really good for my teeth and helps keep them clean. Me, I just like the oh dog, they are good. Mom didn't even know she had got this photo until she loaded them on the computer for me, then she laughed! Hmmm moms can be silly sometimes, but she made me feel better when she said I looked ferocious. And she got this other camera thing out yesterday and put it on to charge (what ever that means). She said it's a video camera and that we are going to take some video when we go to the lake tomorrow. Yippeeeeee, we are going to the lake....we are going to the lake!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

My little cousin

I thought I would share a bit about my cousin Dhugal back home in Australia. Dhugal shares his home with my mom's sister and he is a poodle/pomeranian but really 99% poodle and 1% pom which is just the big fluffy tail. His mom was a white poodle and his dad a ginger colored pom - which is why he has ginger colored ears!!! Dhugal will be 20 years old in September - yes you heard right......20 human years!!!! Dhugal was 6 weeks when my mom heard that he needed a mom and as it was her sisters birthday she thought it would be a perfect match.....and it has been. Now Dhugal could be a real yapmister...basically if it moved he would yap at it and he has also had his share of medical problems including a bowel obstruction which required some major surgery but he has always been a little fighter in spirit. Needless to say he doesn't yap so much now and he doesn't move as fast as he use too. His mom has to pick him up and put him on the bed at night and he has been known to have little accidents of late due to his wobbly legs not quite getting him outside in time. He does sleep a lot....what doggie doesn't !!!! but he sleeps a lot more then he use too. Sadly I don't think I will get to meet him which is soooo sad as I am sure he has some great tales to tell. Mom and Dad are planning to retire in Australia in a few years from now and of coarse I will be going with them.....but I don't think Dhugal will be around by then. I am not sure if I ever want to be as old as Dhugal, but I know my mom will do everything in her power to make sure I live a long and wonderful life.

Monday, August 4, 2008

102 degrees!!!

It has been so hot the last couple of days, to hot to go for a walk, so I dragged mom to the car, made her turn the air-conditioning up high and off we went to PetSmart. It was nice and cool in there and we got to see Paul....I like him alot as he always gives me pats and he thinks I am so cute. He also has a little girl sheltie named Meeka that he brings around sometimes for me to play with. She is one hyper pup though and I just tend to sit and watch her race around the yard. I guess I can't blame her, she is an apartment pup and having a fenced in yard must be so much fun for her, she can run without a lead on. Paul has just finished his training as a groomer, so he is going to do my baths from now on. My dad normally gives me a bath but he complains because it take five towels just to get me partly dry and then I run around shaking the rest of the water off - normally over him!!! I sit there looking at dad so innocently but we really know that shake is payback for the bath....hey, if I have to be wet all over, why can't my dad be wet too!!!!! Hopefully we get some cooler weather soon, I know mom misses the walks and I know I certainly do. There is only so many times you can sniff the same squirrel hole in the backyard before it gets really boring.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Tooooooo Hot

With the temps in the middle 90's this week and even for the next few days, it's just tot hot for a fuzzball like me to be out. Unlike my buddy Ricky......I don't enjoy playing in the sprinklers so I can't get cool outside. All that water is too much like having a bath!!!! Instead I take mom to cool air conditioned places and today it was Petco. We don't like it as much as PetSmart but it's closer. For some reason the humans at Petco are not very friendly and I hardly ever get pats or treats. When I go to PetSmart though, they all know my name and I get lots of attention and pats from everyone. Boy do I have them trained there....treat at the checkout, treat at the vet, treat at the groomers and another treat on the way out!!!! Anyway, back to Petco, they had the Cesar Milan products on display. For some reason mom just stood there shaking her head and mumbling something about $2.80 for a 2 pint bottle of water. Yes, the dog whisper has his own brand of bottled water for dogs. Me, I like my tap water. We had a bit of a wander around and I said hello to the ferrets (they sure are smelly) and a cockatiel and then I picked out a nice treat from the shelf while mom wasn't looking. (How smart of them to put them on a low shelf so I could help myself!!!) Of coarse by time she noticed I had slobbered all over it so she had to buy it....luckily it was 49 cents!!! She made me carry it out to the car myself which was okay because it did taste good. Then we came home and it was so nice and cool and I guess this is basically where we will stay. I am really starting to hope winter comes soon....I sure do like that white stuff that covers the ground.