Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A walk with my buddy

It was a nice cool morning so I decided to take mom for a walk. On our way we met Franklin the corgi and his mom so we decided to walk along together. We snuffled talked, checked out all the smells and just had a nice stroll. Franklin is quite old so he doesn't move too fast, but that is okay because today was just perfect that slow pace. I am really quite happy at the moment as they finished all the road work at the end of our street and now we have side walks that go for miles and unlike the side walks on our street which are basically at a 35 degree angle and hurt moms knees when she walks on them, the new sidewalks are all nice and flat. Tomorrow is PetSmart day - yippee!!!! that is when I go and say hello to my human buddies. I have been going there ever week since I was 6 weeks old and they all know me by name. I have discovered that if I bark in there it echos around the wall....so now everyone knows when I arrive. I like that!!! but mom says it is impolite. Hmmmmm moms can be so fussy sometimes......I mean REALLY !!!!! can I help it if I am happy and want to let EVERYONE know!!!!!!!! Well I am going back to my bone, it has been nicely seasoning out in the yard all week and I just bought it back in, so I off to continue my chomping. Woof woof everyone!


  1. Reilly,

    Your mum is taking you to Pet Smart to get you something special to celebrate the Ekka? From what we read that Royal Queensland Show in Brisbane is quite an event. Dad has always been interested in learning about Australia and we are too, since you made us "fair dinkum honorary Aussies"

    Essex & Deacon

  2. Mom says there are a lot of dog shows back home. She use to have a Basenji (a dog that can't bark) can you imagine that not barking! She use to show her Basenji and she was the Australian and New Zealand Champion.


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