Wednesday, August 13, 2008

That crazy red dot

Aaaaarrrrr, I don't like that red dot.....when I see it I just have to chase it and bark at it. Mom says it's good exercise for me running up and down the hall way, but I just want to catch it and BITE it! Mom thought it would be fun to make a video me chasing it - but personally I think its about as interesting as watching paint dry (which I have never done - so it could be interesting) though humans seem to say that a lot when something is boring. Humans have a lot of funny sayings and words. Mom is always calling me a Scallywag......I have no idea what that means either, but she always says it it in her teasing voice so I know it's okay. Do your mom and dad have funny 'pet' names for you. Mom cally me Riles, Riddley, Bubbee and Fuzzball. Good heavens, is it any wonder when I don't respond to my real name !!!!!


  1. Pawsome Reilly. We know what you mean names. Dad calls Essex sometimes Ressex or Es; and I am go by Deke or the Deacster. We think your mum got confused. She was thinking of the wrong Ekka. Check out our blog and have a Kennel Brew or Pawsters on us.


  2. Oh, Reilly, I don't think you will ever catch that red light! Dad and mom call me a lot of different names too - Rick, Licky, Ricky Barker, Feathers.....

  3. Hi Rielly! What a handsom boy you are. I enjoyed reading your blog!

  4. Hi Geerome, thank you for visiting my blog, I hope you will become a regular visitor and share of your stories and adventures.

  5. That light thing looks fun Reilly. You have such a good blog! I writing cos I wanting to give you a gold award thingy. If you look at my blog you can see it. :D
    luv Ludo.


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