Saturday, August 16, 2008

Icky yellow frothy stuff

I was reading on my buddy Ricky's page that he was having trouble with the "ickly yellow frothy stuff" that he sometimes throws up in the morning. I also had this problem so my mom thought it be useful to share what we found that has helped this. Mom was so worried about me doing this that she took me to see my doggy doctor (sigh....I like her....she always gives me lots of lovin). Anyway she recommended that I take charcoal tablets, but mom had trouble finding those. What she did find was "Old Mother Hubbard" Char-Tar Dog Biscuits (she found them at Petco). She gives me one every night just before bed time and since she has been doing that, I have had no icky yellow frothy stuff mornings. Mom had also been doing some reading up on this and has found it is a common problem in we Shelties. It is also why we like to drink so much water as it helps dilute the acid and at night time when we don't drink (because we are too busy chasing dream bunnies) it builds up in our tummies and come morning, splat.....icky yellow frothy stuff. The charcoal in the cookies actually helps to neutralize and absorb the acid. Mom says I should say that this is what I found helps me and that you may want to check with your own doggy doctor to make sure there is nothing else causing it. I really like my Char-tar cookies as they made with oatmeal, apples, carrots and eggs with the charcoal baked in and they also help to clean my teeth which as you can see in my photo are sparkling white. Mom really likes them too (not to eat) but because it means she doesn't have to clean the icky yellow frothy stuff off the carpet anymore!


  1. Good tips there Reilly! The yellow foamy vomit is sometimes also from having an empty tummy. So eating dinner a little bit later in the evening or having a cookie before bed (yum!) will help sometimes, too. Maybe it's all tied together with the acid build-up?

    Glad you found something that will work for you. Those cookies sound great!

    Gio and Romeo

  2. Hi Reilly,

    I get that problem too once in a long long while. Thanks for sharing. The yellow patches really left my humans a little worried. I have two meals a day, one in the morning around 8am, and another one in the evening at about 7pm. Like geerome says, maybe this would help reduce the reflux?

  3. Hey Reilly, us again!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. I would be thrilled if you added us to your buddy list. I've already added your blog to my list. I've really enjoyed reading it so far!

  4. Hey latte

    Yes, those are the times I have my meals too and I have one char-tar cookie at lunch time and one before bed.....that really helped me a lot.

  5. Thanks for your advice, Reilly! I am feeling better today. I never knew other Shelties had the yellow frothy stuff like me. But yesterday's throwing up was much worse than that. Hopefully I am over that. Mom is going to ask Dr.Jan about the charcoal but it sounds like a good idea to her. Also I do get two meals a day too - but usually at 6:30AM and 4:00PM. Maybe mom should feed me later. We'll think about it.....

  6. I am so happy to hear you are feeling better Ricky. Upset stomaches are never any fun no matter what the cause.

  7. Most excellent tip. We do that on rare occassions.

    Dog Speed,

    Essex & Deacon

  8. Hmm... sounds like my hoomans should store some charcoal cookies.

  9. Thanks for the tip, Reilly! I have problems with my stomach, too, and Ma has been wondering what's the matter with me.
    Now I need to find a New Zealand equivalent of those Char-Tar cookies!!! Keep your paws crossed for me buddy.
    Josh from New Zealand


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