Thursday, August 14, 2008

Monsters Everywhere !!!!

Mom has lost the plot!!!!!!!!!!!! She got up early this morning and dragged that vacuum monster out and had a grand old fight with it all around the house. She was pulling and pushing and it was growling and making funny noises. Then if that wasn't bad enough she got the steam cleaner monster out and started going all over the house with that too. made the carpet soggy under my paws!!! Now normally I would go outside when she does this, not that scares me or anything, I just don't like the noise and it makes me sneeze. Well I looked outside and there was some strange guy riding on another monster, mom said it was a fertilizer spreader. Needless to say I really had to tell him off about that, he was in MY yard. I put on my big dog voice and I really let out those deep woofs. Mom said we had to let the carpet dry and we couldn't go outside until after she put the sprinklers on to wash the fertilizer stuff into the grass. She said it might burn my paws otherwise. Hmmmmm if it can burn my paws what will it do to my grass....I was very worried about that, I love my grass. Mom said it would make the grass very green and grow better.....seems odd to me but I guess being so old she knows better then me - at least on this issue. Anyway, we ended up going down into the basement and we practiced our weave poles, tunnel, jumps and chute. In between practice we play a game called 'catch me if you can' when I grab the tug and mom chases me all over trying to get it back - she never does because I am toooooooo fast for her. After that I had a walk on my treadmill while mom did some cleaning up. When we came back upstairs the carpet was just about dry. So that was my day today......woof woof to everyone.

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  1. Haha, I've got a similar monster in my place too, drives me nuts when it goes "whhrrrrr!!!"


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