Sunday, August 10, 2008

Platt River State Park

Oh Dog Oh Dog !!!!! I have had the best day!!!! Mom was feeling better today so we went out early for a walk. Then her and dad went to breakfast at a human only place (gggggrrrrrr) but when they got back mom asked if I wanted to go the State Park - What a dumb question mom!!!!!!!! Platt River is about a 20 minute drive away and I don't mind that at all because I love my car rides and get to leave more 'snootles' on the windows!!!!! We started off near the lake where the picnic area is and there was hundreds of these things mom called 'butterflies'. (oh, if you click on these photos you can see them full size!) Some of then were almost as big as my head. I tried jumping up to catch one but they were always just out of reach. Dad said there was so many varieties of them that it was like being in a butterfly house. I think dad is silly, why would these things live in a house when they can stay at the park!!!!!! After that we went over to the walking trails which is a wooded area. It was much nicer there as there are lots of trees and lots of shade. I really appreciated that as it was quite warm. I also like the bridges. I am king of the bridge when I see them and like looking over to the creek below. I wasn't quite sure what to make of that scrattling noise I heard coming from the bushes though. Mom said it was probably a soon as I heard that I was ready to chase them but she said they are not the same as the ground squirrels that sneak into MY yard. We continued our walk and met lots of other humans and some other dogs too. I was very good, each time we met the humans and dogs dad told me to sit and wait until they went past and the humans said I was very cute and very well behaved. We finally ended up at the little waterfall and the sand was very cool, I liked that. Mom said the water was also very cool and that I should put my feet in it. NO WAY !!!! - water is also wet and I don't like wet. Dad even went to other side of the water and called me across, but I out smarted him, I bunny hopped across the rocks and barely got a hair wet!!!!! We had a bit of rest in the shade and then finally started back. When we came to a fork in the path, I went left and mom said "that way is to the water" mom and dad both started laughing because they said I stopped and looked at them with a look that said 'water - yuk' and came running back down the path as fast as my little legs could carry me. They were right, that is exactly what I was thinking!!!!! So this was my day and now I am going to go and lay on my vent and has a good snooze. Woof woof to all.


  1. What awesome photos! Looks like you had a great day, Reilly! Come on, water is not that bad - you won't melt if you get your feet wet! We like butterflies too!

  2. Hi Reilly, you are so pretty. I hear about you from my friends Essex & Deacon - I am a Sydney sheltie who was born in Texas, lived in Berlin and came to Australia (my human moves around and she always says, "nobody gets left behind" and she means it!)

    licks & slobbers

  3. It will melt my feet - I am sure of it!!!!!! is too much like having a bath and I get one of those every week! I am just a 'vent' dog at heart :)

    Hi Charlie, I visited you a while back and I am happy to meet you. Mom is an Aussie from Adelaide and when dad retires we are going to live back home in Australia.


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