Sunday, August 17, 2008

Left at home - Air Force Week

Spot the Reilly (he he - you can't keep a good dog out of the picture!!!!!!!)
It just wasn't right I couldn't go with mom and dad, so I put myself in their pictures....can you see me ?

Mom and dad went over to Offutt Air Force base today and they had to leave me at home...... I go over there all the time with mom but this weekend there are no dogs allowed.....hmm what did they think I would do, jump in one of those whoosh whoosh things and fly off. I really don't understand why so many places are so dog is so unfair!!!! Anyway, mom got lots of photo and I must say, I am glad I didn't go....check out that big monster with it's mouth wide open!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is enough to scare any pupster. Dad said that the other pictures are of something called jets and that they can fly faster then I can bark. (I think dad probably got a wee bit too much sun today) as nothing is faster then my bark!!!!! Dad also got to see his P3 plane which is what he flew when he was in the Navy. He was quite surprised how different it looked inside. I wouldn't know seeing how I DIDN'T GET TO GO! (pout pout) Mom didn't go inside as she couldn't climb the steps today. Mom also said that there were men jumping out of those plane things and parachuting to the ground. I am not exactly sure what that is, but I wish one had landed in my yard....I could of barked and barked at him and told him how mean it is not letting me go with my mom and dad. Mom wasn't having such a good day today so they didn't stay long. If it is nice weather tomorrow and mom is feeling better she said she will take me to the park so that will that make up for not being able to go today. Oh, just as a side little buddy Ricky still isn't feeling so good today, I have my paws crossed for you and if it will make you feel better, you can borrow my favorite tuggy toy to snooze with.


  1. Hey Reilly, Thanks for the comments on my blog.

    Careful with those marrow bones. They are often called "wreck bones" as they do a really good job at wrecking dog teeth. Tell your mom never to give you a bone that comes from a weight baring bone of a large animal, like the marrow bones from cows. They are way too hard for our teeth and can cause lots of damage. Also, never microwave a bone. Heating it changes the chemical composition of the bone, altering the digestibility and making it VERY dangerous for us to digest. Heated, cooked, smoked, etc. bones can wreak havoc on our intestines.

  2. Thanks, Reilly, for offering me your snuggle toy! I am doing better now, I think. Mom has been emailing my vet this weekend and she has given us advice and doesn't seem too worried. Mom also went and got me those charcoal biscuits you told her about, so we'll try them as soon as we know that my stomach is settled down. Sorry your mom isn't doing well today. Arthritis? Hopefully she'll feel good tomorrow and you'll get to go to the park!


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