Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just a blogging dog!

Mom needed some new fish for her aquarium today so I went with her to choose them and how lucky was it that the fish just happened to be at PetSmart!!!! So off we went and of coarse seeing how we were already there I thought I would check out the shelves and see what was new. Our first stop was the bone aisle....yumbo!!!!! Dog oh dog did everything just smell so good. Mom kept a close eye on me in this aisle as I have been known to help myself to the occasional treat. After that we had a look at the beds......I asked mom what they were for and when she told me, I looked over at them and thought "dogs sleep in that.....it would be sooo hot" As you can gather I am not a bed dog........ for some reason I like sleeping on the cool floor or on mom's big bed (when dad isn't home). Mom even bought me one of those fancy Cool Beds III things - thinking I would like it, but it sits unused in the corner. Next stop was the toy aisle and even though I gave mom my best 'please mom' look, she said no more toys. Gosh, I don't even have that many just my moose, big ball, little ball, dog, bone, tug toy, booda bones in two sizes, frisbee, loofa dog and of coarse there are my outside toys and my basement toys but they don't count. Can a pupster ever have too many toys??? Besides mom doesn't let me have them all at once, she rotates them each week so I don't get bored. Our last stop was to visit Paul in the grooming salon, he is my most favorite PetSmart person and my groomer too. He has known me since I was just six weeks old and he has a little girl Sheltie so he knows all about grooming my kind. Mom laughed when she saw the picture of Paul and I, as that halti thing was itching my nose and if you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see where I am trying to lick at the itch. So that was my day today filled with fun. Oh one thing that really annoys me......everyone always thinks I am a girl. Plllleeeeease - do I look like a girl? For some reason, when ever we go to PetSmart people always say "what a cute little girl can I pat her" Mom thinks it is because I am white and fluffy and she always says quite clearly to people "yes you can pat HIM". Okay enough blogging. Mom says I talk to much but I do have one last thing to say (as always).........My dad is away this week, he was Texas first, then Indiana and tomorrow in Ohio and he ALWAYS reads my blog when he travels so he can see what I adventures I am having. So ........ Hi Dad.....I miss you and so does mom!

Gotto go.......Woof-i-ty woof everyone


  1. Aww that mean mom of yours! Pups need WAY more toys than what you listed. Hope you at least got a cookie from the cashier person!

  2. 1 cookie - I have them trained better than that, I get a cookie when I go in, another one when I visit the grooming, another at the vet and another when we leave......yum yum!!!

  3. You are SUCH a cutie! And all boy!

  4. Ooo and you have a halti on too! You are so handsome in your halti! I have one too and the Mum says I look like a cute pony. I love the bone isle at Petsmart too, yum!

    Aunt Marie over at resqtails.com has a sheltie boy named Twist that everyone is always calling a girl. I don't know why, he looks like a boy to me!


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