Thursday, August 7, 2008

Oh dog - did I have fun.

Mom and I got up bright and early and headed over to the lake. She said I was like a spring lamb bouncing around. I was just so happy to be going out. It has been so hot lately and this is the first cool day we have day in awhile so I fully intended to enjoy it. Mom parked the car at the picnic area as it was nice and shady there and she snapped this picture of me sitting by the tree. I had my long lead on and mom said it was okay for me sniff at everything!!!!! Dog oh was like my birthday again. We started off around the lake and I was running and weaving here there and every where. Mom didn't even mind when I kept getting her tangled in my lead!!!! We came to little area right near the water and that felt so cool of my paws that I decided I just had to lay down down there and cool off my tummy too!!! Then we walked some more and as you can see from this photo, the lake level is very high. The picnic table and trash can were in the water!! Mom thought it was funny as she could see fish swimming around the table.....she said they must be having a picnic today! Mom also said they looked like CATfish....I think mom is a bit confused though as cats don't live in the water and if they did, I would have to chase them away. After that mom needed a bit of a rest so we stopped and sat for awhile and it was wonderful. The air smelled so clean and fresh and the only sounds we could hear was the birds and something mom called frogs....they make a funny noises and hide in the plants along the edge of the water. I heard one close by and when I went to check it out, there was a 'splushing' noise, I didn't see anything but I barked at it anyway. Mom says frogs can swim and live in the water. I wonder if they get chased by those CATfish things. I REALLY love this lake and being on military land only people with military id's can visit it (which my mom has) . I am not sure what all this 'military stuff' is, I just know that there hardly ever anyone there when we go and I can run and sniff and just be the happiest littlest sheltie ever. Mom says I am a funny boy though, because there was a whole lake of water and I wouldn't drink from that, I waited until mom got my bowl and filled it with spring water from a bottle. I didn't think it was funny that I waited, afterall..... who KNOWS what those CATfish things might have done in the water. Finally we headed back to my car ........I am not old enough to drive yet, so I let my mom take care of that as she is reallllllllllll old (at least compared to me). Mom made me wait for a while before getting in as the fur on my legs was wet from the grass and sand had stuck to them too. I liked it....little boys are meant to get dirty when playing outside but mom had just cleaned the car so she made me wait until she could brush the dirt off me. So there is my morning at the lake, we had a great time and mom says if it still cool this weekend we will go and have a picnic there which means chicken and I love chicken at picnics.......well actually I love chicken anytime!! Woof woof to everyone hope you have a great day. Oh...... mom says she will put one on the videos on here too so check back for that.


  1. Hey there super furry one! Does it take you forever to dry if you get wet? It takes me only a little while to dry but I am not crazy about the water... but I am crazy about you! :)

    I'm glad you had so much fun!

  2. Looks like you had a great time at the lake! Fun photos and a cool video - thanks for sharing your day with us!


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