Friday, August 8, 2008

Blogs and Kangaroos?

Is it just me, or have others noticed that the blogs are looking and acting all weird? I went to visit my zoom zoom buddy Ricky and just got a page with nothing but text on it, it looked like a Google layout!!!! It was all of Ricky's text blogging but no photos. I was thinking 'what the woof' and then saw a link at the top, clicked on and then it went to Ricky's REAL page. I was much happier seeing that as I wanted to see Ricky's camping adventure pictures as well as read about it. Then I went to visit Tater Tot, the unfurry one - and there was NO pink page!!! There was no side menu or anything and I couldn't even find the link to leave her a message. Mom thought maybe it was just the browser, so we tried it in Explorer and Netscape and it was still weird. She even rebooted the computer. Even my blog was loading funny yesterday, the side menu was missing, the titles were there but all the links were gone.......they were back this morning but that had me worried as I couldn't see my buddies list. It was very odd. Essex and Deacons page loaded fine and mom smiled when she saw them wearing their Australian Caps. They also got a toy kangaroo to play with so mom thought she would show them MY kangaroo. When I was a tiny pupster I use to sleep between her feet all the time, it was my cozy spot. When I started chewing on her tail mom put away and yet she tells dad kangaroo tail stew is often eaten back home so I don't know why I couldn't chew on Roo's tail! Hey Essex and Deacon, you should ask your dad to take you Petsmart, they have quite a few Aussie themed toys. Gotta woof.....have a great day everyone.

PS : Deacon and Essex wanted to see me as a pupster sleeping with I am at six week old ....what a cutie I was and still am!!!!! the way those didgeridoo things that dad plays they are good to chew on too but he growled a lot when I did that so I learned to leave them alone - at least while he wasn't looking!


  1. That's so weird about the blog issues - I haven't seen anything like it - hope google fixes whatever it is. Cool kangaroo!

  2. We had some wierd blog stuff yesterday too. Tell your Mom she needs to post a puppy picture of you between that big Roo's feet. We think it would be pawsome.

    Most importantly, Happy 8-O-8-O-8

    Essex & Deacon

  3. Oh, we forgot to say, all the good pet stores are up on the mainland and that is about a three hour drive north. Argggg.


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