Friday, August 22, 2008

Ohhhhhh how cool is this ?

Dad was cruising around on the 'net' and came across this neat site that works out a dogs age in human years based on breed, on how active it is, what it eats, exercise and everything. It take awhile to go through the questions but I am happy to say I got good results and I am 8.2 years in human years. It is something your mom or dad might like to, I am just a puppy at heart and always be!!!! You can check out this site here

PS - I have been nominated for the photo of month over on dogs with blogs, so please wander over and check out the entries and vote for the one you like. Here is the link, you need to a member of the dogzone to vote.


  1. Hey, thanks for the tip. We'll go and check it out!

  2. We'll have to check out the site. We already cast our vote for your photo.

    Essex & Deacon


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