Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Just a little itchy

Mom has been washing my legs and feet using a soothing shampoo and with the spray the doggie doctor gave me the itching has just about stopped. I know it helps but the 'mini' baths are still hard to take. Mom says I am very good about it (even though I give her my best sorrowful look). I just stand there quietly until she finishes and then I have a mad dash around the house to dry off. Today I have also been busy watching the door. For the last couple of days we have had little sparrows getting caught between the fly screen and the sliding glass door. Mom thinks they are baby sparrows that are just leaving the nest but is not sure why they keep flying between the two sliding doors. Yesterday one flew right into the glass door and hit it so hard it died. This upset the mom when she saw it. I sniffed at it but didn't find it very interesting. Hope everyone had a good day.
Woofitty woof

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  1. Oh I hope you don't have to endure shampoo on your feet much longer. Bleh. I hate when anyone touches my feets!


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