Monday, August 4, 2008

102 degrees!!!

It has been so hot the last couple of days, to hot to go for a walk, so I dragged mom to the car, made her turn the air-conditioning up high and off we went to PetSmart. It was nice and cool in there and we got to see Paul....I like him alot as he always gives me pats and he thinks I am so cute. He also has a little girl sheltie named Meeka that he brings around sometimes for me to play with. She is one hyper pup though and I just tend to sit and watch her race around the yard. I guess I can't blame her, she is an apartment pup and having a fenced in yard must be so much fun for her, she can run without a lead on. Paul has just finished his training as a groomer, so he is going to do my baths from now on. My dad normally gives me a bath but he complains because it take five towels just to get me partly dry and then I run around shaking the rest of the water off - normally over him!!! I sit there looking at dad so innocently but we really know that shake is payback for the bath....hey, if I have to be wet all over, why can't my dad be wet too!!!!! Hopefully we get some cooler weather soon, I know mom misses the walks and I know I certainly do. There is only so many times you can sniff the same squirrel hole in the backyard before it gets really boring.


  1. Wow, Reilly, 102 is HOT! I sure don't envy you! Thank goodness for a/c!

  2. Hey Much-Too-Furry-One! It takes so many towels to dry you because you have so much fur! If you had less fur like me, then it would only take one... and you could still strategically shake water on your Dad like I do! Bahahaaa!

    I like to run around and around too without a leash but we have a nice yard to do it in! I would love to run with your sheltie friend!


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