Friday, October 30, 2009

Dad's home today

Dog oh dog - I can hardly wait. My dad is home tonight and he's going to be home for a WHOLE week. My dad is usually away all week, so this is going to be so woofitty having him home and ALL TO MYSELF - I am not even going to share him with Mini-me or Mom!! Dad has also been teaching me on weekends not to be so worried when he watches foozeball. Hopefully we can sit and enjoy it together even though I have no idea what it is. Isn't my Dad just the coolest! AND he has PROMISED to take me for lots of walks - even if it is cold and go down in my playroom and workout with me. I luvs my dad soooo much.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Small but mighty!

Can you believe it - that big hairy dog tried to keep me off HIS blog!!!! I may be small but I am mighty and I tricked him. (It's amazing how well a treat thrown outside works) Anyway, here I am in all my teeny tiny glory. MY MOM, took lots of photos to get just the perfect ones.......and I think I look very regal sitting of my colorful autumn leaves. Remember you can click on the photos to see me bigger.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Me and Mini Me

Look - it's mini-me!!!! How pawsome is this? Ludo's mom Dee made this mini-me of ME and isn't it just the cutest thing (apart from me) that you have every seen? I must admit I wasn't quite sure what to make of mini-me when mom first showed me. It kinda smelled like me because Dee used my fur to make him and it looked just like me with all the spots in the right place but I was a bit worried that mini-me was so small. Had mini-me had too many baths and shrunk, had he been out in the rain and shrunk....I was starting to get rather worried that this could happen to me, but mom said that mini-me was meant to be this small. We have some close up photos that we will share tomorrow but today we just wanted to show everydog how small and adorable mini-me is. Hmmm I wonder if I should be jealous of mini-me? Oh, I also wanted to thank Ludo's alter ego Naughty-Ludo for not chomping mini-me too because we know that sometimes he likes to chomps things his mom is working on.


Monday, October 26, 2009

Something funny is happening

Mom and I went for a walk this morning and look what was all over the path on our common. I sniffed and sniffed amongst the leaves to see if there was anything hiding in them but couldn't find anything. Mom says the leaves fall off every year but usually the wind blows them away. We haven't had any windy days in a while so now there are piles of leaves everywhere. I must admit I was a bit worried when I saw them as I thought maybe my trees were sick and I can't have sick trees because then someone would come along and cut them down and then I would have no way to check the pee-mail and see who has been passing by. I told mom we HAVE TO go out everyday to check on them just to make sure - she nodded her head and mumbled something. Have you noticed moms do that when they don't want you give you an answer.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday morning walkies

Wow, am I lucky! Mom had to drop some prescriptions off at the pharmacy and we had two hours to wait so we went for a double walk this morning - even though it was rather wet and overcast. First we went down to the river and with all the rain we have been having the last couple of day the Missouri is very high and flowing soooo fast. Of coarse mom had to take that camera and as much as I tried giving her "the butt" she kept making me sit and pose for 'good' pictures. My tongue doesn't hang out much like Martha and Bailey's do, so I can't use that technique to ruin the pictures....but I usually turn around just at the last second so mom gets only pictures of my butt! Anyway, here I am at the start of the park and then off we went. We also stopped by to look at the memory wall. All the tiles on this wall were done by Grade 3 puppies and they depict the travels of Lewis and Clarke. Some of the pictures are very funny - especially the ones of their Newfoundland dog. Of coarse after such a long walk I had to have a sit on a bench and rest and just enjoy the view (the ground was too wet)

After we got back to the car, I had a nice long drink and then mom looked at the clock and said we still had some time to wait, so she decided to drive out to the lake. It was very pretty with a soft mist hanging over it - not that I noticed of coarse, I was to busy checking out all the great smells. Okay, I did stop to enjoy for a little while, only because mom sat down on a bench and refused to move!!! Why do mom's and dad's like to stare out at the view like that? You would think they would enjoy the smells like I do....but I guess it's hard for them as their noses are so far away from the ground. I have had a great Sunday so far and I hope you all do too.


Friday, October 23, 2009

My Play Room

I thought I would share my play/exercise/agility room with you - which is actually our basement. Mom and I cleaned it all up yesterday and set up all my agility things ready for winter. When mom is feeling okay we do the treadmill together, but most time she just watches me. I have been jogging on my treadmill since I was about 3 months old and I'm not sure if it is me or the treadmill that was squeaking!!!!


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have been immortalized

Mom says I have been immortalized for all time. I have no idea what that means and so long as it isn't related to baths or nail clipping then I am happy to be immortalized. What am I barking about you ask - well look what Ludo's mom Dee made for my mom - it is a mini furry me and that is MY fur on the mini me too. Isn't this just amazing!!!! Look at that shiny nose and the eyes, the toes and my patches are perfect and the way I lay down and tilt my head. Mom can not thank Dee enough as she know she put in many many hours working on this. (Mom designed Dee's new blog Time Tamed and Dee said she would make a mini me as a thank you). Do go and visit Dee's blog because she is taking orders to make your furbabies into minis too.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Ladybugs that bite!!!

Here is one of the ladybugs that we have and mom did a bit of research and found that they are Asian Ladybugs. She also found out that they bite and are stinky if squashed. The only thing I know is that there are WAY too many of them hanging around my garden at the moment.

Plague of Ladybugs

Hide, run - don't go outside!!! We have the biggest plague of Ladybugs - yes LADYBUGS happening at the moment and every time I go outside they get in my fur and hitch a ride inside. Then the mom gets annoyed because there are Ladybugs flying around everywhere and they actually make a lot of noise when they are between the window and the blinds. I think not only the weather is confused (it's 74 today and will only be 48 again Wednesday) but the Ladybugs are too. They must think it's spring and you know what else - they don't taste very nice!!! Me and mom were just outside and counted 57 of them just on the back window. Thankfully this warm weather caused one other good thing - mom felt good today so we went on a long long walk all around our neighborhood! Oh and these are orange Ladybugs not the red ones mom was use to seeing back home in Australia. Mom says red ones look prettier but I bet she wouldn't say that if there was a plague of those too!

Oh, if you have a minute go and check out the Unfurry One - Tater Tot (okay her name is Tatum - but I like Tater Tot better!!) She went sheep herding !!! with real live sheep and she did pawsome for her first try. Here is her blog


Saturday, October 17, 2009

Boring week

It has been a long and boring week. The temperatures have been hovering in the 40's all week and mom hasn't felt like taking me out for walkies in the cold because her arth-e-ri-tus has been bothering her. We do go to the pet store every other day and I have a good wander and sniff around but it's not the same as a walk in the park. And then to make matters worse my dad gave me a bath today! I was just getting a nice doggie Au De Pong going too. Then of coarse mom wanted to take a photo of me with my nice clean fluffy coat. Here you can see me saying "no no no I will not look at the camera" then mom said "want to visit Franklin" and that sort of peaked my interest, then she said "want to go for a WALK" and you can see how closely I was listening to that!!! And we did go to visit Franklin and we did go for a walk - so I guess the bath wasn't so bad. Now I am hiding out with mom in her craft room because Dad is watching the foozeball and he yells at the TV when he watches foozeball. Oh - do you notice no snow!!! It all melted away the next day.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

It's snowing

Look what I found when I got up this morning and went outside! It snowed!!!! I have been having so much fun running around in it and eating it - yumbo !!!! It is all very light and fluffy and what can I say - I love winter ! And yes - it really did snow here (mom says you can check to see where it is heading to next. They were forecasting flurries but I think we got a bit more then that. It is very early for us to be getting snow and many people say we are going to have an early and long winter so watch out Katie and Ricky !!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The sock moster returns

Did you know that the sock monster had been on vacation? I think he went to the Isle of Sockaroo. Well it appears he is back because look what I found when I went outside this morning. Not only had he taken my favorite tug toy, but my Moozle bone, my twist bone and a pair of dads socks!!!!! If that wasn't bad enough - he left them outside ALL night long in the rain!!!! Mom says she is going to have serious words with the sock monster when she finds him...but at least he doesn't chew the socks - he just likes to take them outside. Personally I think he just can't stand the smell of Dad's stinky feet BOL In other news I must say I am enjoying this noice cold weather we are having - except for one thing and that is the wind. It is now blowing right in my doggie door so mom has had to put the lock on it to stop it from flapping which means I am back to having to ring the bell to go out again and WAITING for mom to come open the door. I don't think doggie doors should ever be locked, no matter how much the cold wind blows through them.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Look what dad got mom!

Dad ordered a Cowspotbear from Vermont Bears for my mom for their anniversary because it looks just like me and it's cute and cuddly like me and has four paws like me and two eyes like me and two ears like me - but you know's not as good as me!!! Mom had to put it up on a shelf as I thought it was a new stuffie for me and was trying to play with it. The little sash on the bear says "Udderly in Love" - I think my dad is a bit mushy! Okay, I am back to planning how I can get it down off the shelf, maybe the sock monster can help me.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

We got mail!

Mom and I got a package in the mail today from Maggie and Mitch (and their mom). They sent my mom some flower seeds - she said thank you so very much she can hardly wait until spring. They also sent me a treat too which of coarse was the best thing in the package. I have never had a Moozle before but it sure smelt good, even through the wrapping and it is so light for a bone. Mom finally got the wrapping off and I was able able to sit down and have a good chomp - in fact I have been chomping on it for hours now!!! Mom says this will probably last me a whole week - but I think she underestimates the power of my teeth. Today is my mom and dad's wedding anniversary and dad bought mom something to remind her of me - I will show you the photo's tomorrow.