Saturday, October 3, 2009

We got mail!

Mom and I got a package in the mail today from Maggie and Mitch (and their mom). They sent my mom some flower seeds - she said thank you so very much she can hardly wait until spring. They also sent me a treat too which of coarse was the best thing in the package. I have never had a Moozle before but it sure smelt good, even through the wrapping and it is so light for a bone. Mom finally got the wrapping off and I was able able to sit down and have a good chomp - in fact I have been chomping on it for hours now!!! Mom says this will probably last me a whole week - but I think she underestimates the power of my teeth. Today is my mom and dad's wedding anniversary and dad bought mom something to remind her of me - I will show you the photo's tomorrow.



  1. that looks really super yummy good! What a nice friend you have. :)

  2. Happy wedding anniversary to your Mom and Dad!! :) That Moozle thing looks interesting - hope it won't upset your tummy... :)

  3. Hi Reilly
    We can't wait to see your mom's present!
    Wonder if it is a lovely picture of you - that would be nice.
    How kind of Maggie & Mitch - we will look forward to seeing your floweres although we know we have to wait for the planting ...... then the growing!
    Enjoy your treats!
    Our mum was trying to get our blog backgound to have our picutes - a bit like yours.
    She was up until 2am!!!!
    We cant begin to tell you what a mess she got our blog into.......
    lots of love
    Martha & Bailey xxxx

  4. We're so glad you like the moozle, Reilly! We do too! Mom wishes it would last us for more than an hour!
    Happy anniversary to your mom and dad!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Yum - that bone looks so good!!! Did you prove your mom wrong and finish it in one day?

    Happy Belated Anniversary to your mom and dad! Hope they had a nice day together!

  6. Hi Reilly
    That was very kind of your mom - we would love help!
    Let us know what we have to do - we just wanted something like you have that would be personal to us.
    We prefer the stretch background as it lets us loads bigger pictures however happy to settle for whatever - which is what we now have!
    We looked up how to do and tried to change the template but got into all sorts of difficulties.
    Then we managed it but you couldn't see any of the posts cos the picture just kept repeating with no middle section. Also cos it was the same picture it kinda made you dizzy!
    There is no rush - tell your mom to enjoy her anniversary!!!
    Thanks again
    Martha, Bailey & Mum xxx

  7. That Moozle looks fun! Happy Happy Anniversary to your Mom and Dad!

  8. Hope your Mum had a Ruffy Hamaversary. That bone sure looks good thing you are an only dog.

    Essex & Deacon


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