Monday, October 19, 2009

Plague of Ladybugs

Hide, run - don't go outside!!! We have the biggest plague of Ladybugs - yes LADYBUGS happening at the moment and every time I go outside they get in my fur and hitch a ride inside. Then the mom gets annoyed because there are Ladybugs flying around everywhere and they actually make a lot of noise when they are between the window and the blinds. I think not only the weather is confused (it's 74 today and will only be 48 again Wednesday) but the Ladybugs are too. They must think it's spring and you know what else - they don't taste very nice!!! Me and mom were just outside and counted 57 of them just on the back window. Thankfully this warm weather caused one other good thing - mom felt good today so we went on a long long walk all around our neighborhood! Oh and these are orange Ladybugs not the red ones mom was use to seeing back home in Australia. Mom says red ones look prettier but I bet she wouldn't say that if there was a plague of those too!

Oh, if you have a minute go and check out the Unfurry One - Tater Tot (okay her name is Tatum - but I like Tater Tot better!!) She went sheep herding !!! with real live sheep and she did pawsome for her first try. Here is her blog



  1. This summer we had a plague of Ladybugs the red ones here in Denmark. We had millions and millions of them!! I have never seen a orange you have a picture of an orange one?? By the way your looking good in your nice clean fluffy coat :o)


  2. We have those orange ladybugs too but not as many as you! What is with the weather? Crazy!

  3. That would drive my mom crazy too! We get a lot of potato bugs in our home, but not because of me, I do not know where they all come from. I was reading up and I saw that you have already gotten snow!! So very jealous now. =)

  4. Mom used to suck them all up with the sweeper! They are a real pain! UGH!

    Love ya lots,
    Maggie and Mitch

  5. Oooo Lady Bugs are weird, my brother Jet will eat them!

    Thanks for checking out my fun Herding and posting about it too! It was fun I want to do it more but the Mum says we may not be able to afford it. :(

  6. Ladybugs are cool, though we don't see many in Key West. There were a lot of them in Ohio.

    Essex & Deacon


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